The Isagenix Opportunity

The Wellness Revolution

How to invite a person to attend the presentation

Physical Posture:
sly.jpgStand tall, head held up, eyes focused and chest held boldly and confidently. Practice this posture by looking in a mirror

Energy Level:

Prior to making the invitation look into mirror and begin to move; jump up and down, dance to music and repeat out loud “I am full of energy!”

The best way to influence another is with posture and energy!


Specific audience sample script:

Start Group (age 18 to 30);

“You know how we are always talking about getting rich and doing some crazy things, I was turned onto a way we can. I learned where the economy is going and how we can latch onto it and follow a distribution model like Walmat and Fedx and make something happen. I want you to attend a presentation with me from a very successful entrepreneur who is making this work. It’s an invitation only meeting and I’ve been given a few seats to invite some of my friends. Let’s do this!”

Adult female:

A – “You know how you were telling me that you needed to lose weight but didn’t even know were to begin? I’ve found some answers and frankly I was kind of upset to learn what society is doing to keep us all overweight. Would you attend a meeting with me that explains how we can lose weight and get out of this crazy overweight society? It’s invitation only and I was told I could bring one guest.”

You can replace the words “lose weight” with “more energy”, “better athletic performance”, etc.

B – “I’m kind of sick of the whole health care sickness game. Food sucks and no matter what I try nothing seems to get me better. My friend explained to me that I was not alone and how society is actually geared to keep us sick. It was kind of shocking to actually learn how the government’s policies contributed to obesity in America. I was invited to a presentation from an expert in wellness who can help us get out of the whole unhealthy world and gain health. It’s invitation only and I can bring a guest. Would you come with me?”

robbinMale (over age 30, generally):

“You know how you were telling me that you’re not happy in your employment [or looking for some kind of business opportunity, or not happy with how my weight has gotten away from me]?” I was turned onto a concept backed up with some good research about where the economy is going and how people are tired of being controlled by the sickness industry and that wellness is the next trillion dollar industry. It really interested me. Some of the early things my friend shared with me about how government policies contribute toward American’s obesity. It kind of shocked me. He also told me a financial opportunity exists too to earn some decent money part time by helping people embrace wellness. In fact wellness is the next trillion dollar industry. I was invited to attend a meeting presented by this successful entrepreneur who has research this and is making a real financial difference in his life and those who are joining him. I can bring one guest to this invitation only meeting. Would you attend with me?”


After you make the invitation and they accept you’ll need to follow up this way;

  • Ask them what their day looks like the day of the presentation. Help them see their day and how they will have to alter it to attend.
  • Ask them if they would like you to remind them the morning of the event. If they say yes, the morning of the presentation text, “Hey [name]. As you requested I’m reminding you of the invitation only event. I’ve saved the seat for you. Starts at 7pm. See you there?”
  • Ask them if they’d like you to swing by and pick them up.


The presentation as of March 5, 2017


The entire presentation slides and hand out.

Self assessment survey each participant will be asked to fill out at the beginning of the presentation

The complete presentation (not to be distributed)