What is The FINANCIAL Wellness Formula™?

The Financial Wellness Formula

The FINANCIAL Wellness Formula™ is a method to help you build a noticeable income in the pockets of your life. The base three levels build your most important asset; YOU. You’ll never make more money than your level of personal development. Most people are not born with the money gene because we all come into the world the same. The money gene has to be developed.

While you are building YOU, you’ll begin to build your business; your top four levels. You can start from ground level and begin earning income while learning the skills needed to gain productivity and huge results.

Laura (watch her video below) started out with nothing but a desire to finally make something she really desired. She’s excelled at developing each of these levels. Success leaves clues and you’ll be given a personal mentor to help you navigate each of these levels, just like Laura had.

Watch Laura’s story. She slays the problems most mom’s face; uncertainty, fear, and debt.

As she said, the business isn’t hard to understand, but it’s work and following the system made it doable for Laura while raising her three children while her husband was deployed.

What did you like about Laura’s story? I’d like to hear from you. What’s your biggest challenge you seek to overcome?

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(Did you see me riding my bike at 4:09 in the presentation? If you did, you’ll know my answer to ‘What if this is the answer I’m seeking? I didn’t want to be 5 to 10 years down the road with regret or worse yet, at the same spot I’d been in forever; tired, unfilled and retirement broke.)


What is Financial Wellness? How does money work?

The dictionary defines “wellness” as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. Money itself doesn’t create wellness but the owner of it can. We know that the “love of money is at the root of all evil.” Many think money is the root.

Being in possession of money is, in reality, the accumulation of excess value you’ve delivered to others before you are compensated.

Let’s consider both sides of this equation:

Amount of Valued You’ve Created for Others in Exchange for Their Cash


The amount of Value You’ve Consumed and Paid for with Your Cash


Your Wealth You Currently Enjoy


Money in our society is really just a medium to exchange value. Before societies created money people would exchange barter, or actual goods or services, for value. Money makes the exchange of value much easier. A dollar is only worth what it will buy. Money is finite. The creation of value to receive money is endless.


What is the source of money? That’s probably been debated since the beginning of time. People compare themselves to others and ask how someone else can create money and they can’t. We all know that being smart doesn’t always equal more money. In fact, many who have accumulated a lot of wealth are not book smart at all. Just as being book smart doesn’t guarantee a man to be wise or with common sense.

Let’s consider, for a moment, how anything is really created. How can a building be erected where once there was only vacant ground? Perhaps you may think that the person who will own the new building already had a lot of money and it was easy to erect. Yet, if that were always true, then how does one of impoverishing means create wealth when they were poor? If only the wealthy could create buildings, businesses and the like, then who was the first one to create wealth? How did they do that? Why are there more and more millionaires created today than twenty years ago? Did all the new millionaires somehow receive an inheritance?

Wealth is really created by following a certain way.

Wealth is a product of following the principles offered by the Light.

Anything that has ever been created was first thought. It first resided inside a person’s mind and felt in their heart. Think of anything you’ve ever accomplished or created. You first had a thought to accomplish it. The person who builds a building first must think about it and see it their mind. I knew I was going to be a CPA 7 years before I finally was awarded my certificate.

The thinking part is really easy because we are created to dream. It’s the feelings, commitment and courage part that is harder.

Think of yourself and place a vision in your mind that you’d like to enjoy. Do you want to own a bigger home? Maybe you’d like a promotion at work to enjoy more income. Maybe you want to travel on a great trip and see parts of the world. Place that vision in your mind.

This is where the Light comes in. I believe its the Light that allows you to dream outside of your present state. To dream big too. The Light has illuminated these pictures and imprinted them in your mind’s eye.

EdisonThomas Edison first had a thought and envisioned creating a light blub. At first, it was far-fetched because no one else ever thought it was possible. If anyone would have heard Thomas Edison was working on a light bulb they might have scoffed at him. You couldn’t blame them for thinking that way because, after all, there was no electricity to power it. Yet Thomas Edison took his thought to the next level. He knew he could do it even though he didn’t know how. We all are blessed today with light by his commitment and courage. He once was asked why he didn’t quit after he had had so many failures. To Mr. Edison, they were not failures. He said, “I now know 3,000 ways how not to make a lightbulb.”

Have you ever had really big dreams that you thought were not possible, so you dismissed it? We probably all have. The next level after dreaming it and seeing it is the level of belief that you could have it and do it. It’s this level of belief that creates the feeling of accomplishment before you even begin to start to achieve it.  This is the second level that most people never get to and thus why only a few really create abundant wealth and enjoy financial wellness.

The Light is also the author of this second level. If the light is the author of the first level and allows you to dream it, the Light also will provide a means to achieve it.

The Light is available to everyone. The uneducated man who creates massive wealth has learned how to create belief. It’s this feeling of belief that moves a person to action and the next level; commitment and courage.

Commitment is the promise you make to yourself to protect your dream and vision and it’s accompanying feelings. Commitment simple stated is “I’m not going to stop ‘until’ I’ve accomplished my dream.”

jimmy butcherMy friend Jimmy Smith is called “The Butcher.” Jimmy was forced to retire as a butcher because of a bad back at age 56. Jimmy was not educated. He really couldn’t do manual labor after retiring from being a butcher.  He knew that no one was going to hire an uneducated 55-year-old man with a bad back. What Jimmy had that most men facing this situation didn’t have; a vision and dream of one day being wealthy. He wanted to educate his many grandchildren and pay for their college. He wanted to retire all his children so they could all spend more time together. His family was his vision.

He stayed with this vision, trying many different things, when he was introduced to the only vehicle that an uneducated man could use to add value to thousands of people and be justly compensated. He started in network marketing in the health wellness industry. At first, his wife was totally against it. Jimmy started out because he realized he could get nine rejections for one yes and become rich. As Jimmy says, “When I found out I could fail 90% of the time and become rich, I can do this.”

He found a company at age 75 and now at age 89, only 14 years later, he’s earned over $55 million. He has paid for all his grandchildren to attend college. All of his children have joined Jimmy in the business and each of them has also become millionaires.

People never fail. They just quit.

Jimmy Smith

You see, Jimmy had belief and he felt his dream were possible. He didn’t listen to the naysayers throwing their fears upon him, including his lovely wife. He protected his dream with action. Today Jimmy has blessed the lives of thousands with better health and many with financial security. He allowed the Light to pass through him to bless others. He got out of the way of the Light because he was humble and didn’t have an ego. Many people stop the Light from helping others because they succumb to the fears of others with there own pride and ego. Jimmy always dismissed the negative thoughts, “Jimmy, you can’t do that. You’re 75 years old. Give up and live in a retirement home.”

Jimmy’s Interview with Eric Worre

Jimmy had to exercise courage. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s the presence of fear and still going into battle. Any person who has ever created wealth had to follow these steps of the Light:

  1. Vision
  2. Belief and feeling
  3. Commitment
  4. Courage

Financial Wellness

To achieve financial wellness is the state where you’ve delivered light to others over and over again and trust that the Light will provide you more abundance, joy and peace, than you could ever acheive on your own.

Michael Lantz

It’s exercising faith in the power of the Light to help you achieve financial wellness, a.k.a, financial freedom. The freedom by having the faith that the Light will deliver to you the abundance needed to achieve financial security after you’ve helped many others achieve their own dreams first.

Many think financial wellness is only created by accumulating a lot of money. Money is finite. The Light is endless. Your thoughts and actions are endless ripples in an ocean of service to others. By understanding how light works and using its truth will help you achieve financial wellness and the peace and joy that comes with it, faster than any other source. Jimmy “the Butcher” Smith, is one of many to prove it works.

It’s achieved following the four steps above. Raymond Holiwell, from his book Working With the Law, calls this The Law of Compensation which states, “You’ll receive what you want in life, only after you’ve helped others achieve what they want in life.” I believe the Light will always deliver more to you than you delivered to others. I’ve seen that work over and over again in my own life and in other successful people’s lives too.

Holiwell says, “the Law does not need to change. Success or prosperity does not need to be made, it always is. But you, in turn, must change. Where do you change? Well, the seat of all movement, the controller of all activity is your thought. “The key to every man is his thought,” says Emerson. Why do prisoners strive to get the warden’s keys? That they may gain their freedom in the outer world, because there is no other way out. Neither can you be free of your bonds except through the key, through the right use of your thought. The key to successful living is the right adjustment of your thoughts.”

He goes on to admonish us, “The unfailing Resource [the Light] is willing to give, it has no choice in the matter; if you continue to pour out your thought into this substance, this will prosper you. If you want a better home, make the one you have as nice as you can. If you want a position or a new one, get yourself in readiness to fill that position or improve the one where you are. Hence, your failure to meet your demands of life is not a failure within youself of the lack of understanding or lack of application. No matter what your problem is, the Law [the Light] can work it out but you must adjust your thinking to work with the Law [the Light].”

Finally, he teaches us, “If you are not succeeding, if you lack any good thing, look more closely at the cause. It is not outside; it is somewhere within. See where you fail to use the Law [the Light] correctly or where you fail in your consciousness to think rightly.”

He mentions three parts of everyday life that fall into a snare and a delusion.

  1. Do you expect something for nothing? Does it make you feel good, pleased, when you get something without paying for it? If so, you are violating the Law of Compensation and it will not work for you.
  2. Do you hunt for things that are called cheap? Are you a bargain hunter? Cheap thoughts can only bring cheap returns. You who wait for bargain days will always have to take bargains, but remember, there are no bargains in life.
  3. Do you begrudge spending money? Do you hate to pay your bills? Release your money cheerfully even if it be the last dollar you have. This is compliance with the Law. When we begin to hold back it’s like closing the faucet, limiting the supply from pouring into you.

It takes a great deal of faith and courage to believe in and trust the Light. The Light is shielded from us when we allow our fears and the fears of others to be a dark barrier to the Light. We’ve all been taught the live with the fears of others and accept them as truth, “Get your own because no one is going to give it to you.” The Light would teach it as Raymond Holiwell. The Light says, “Come follow me and I’ll take care of you.” Financial wellness is created when we follow the Light.

Final Thoughts

I don’t know how the Light works. I just know that it does. Why would anyone not follow it? It would be complete madness to turn from it yet the vast majority do. If you study closely the principles of joy and peace and the creation of wealth together, people who’ve achieved both, follow the principle of the Light.

I’ve recorded a longer presentation on the Light and what it is and how it helped me. Click this link to listen. I’d love any thought you have.