children-playing-outdoorsChildren seem to never run out of energy. You’ve probably thought if you could package up the exuberance of a child and sell it you’d make a gazillion bucks. Children go, go, go and then all of a sudden, crash and fall asleep where ever they are. You’ve probably imagined what it would be like to have half the energy of a child. You’d be more productive in your work or your creations. You’d have more fun and be able to do more, increase your activity level and improve your wellbeing and wellness.

An Energetic Life is Feeling Alert, Awake, and Focused

Youthful energy is a by-product of gaining health. In fact, as the body is flooded with super dense nutrition; minerals, vitamins, amino and fatty acids and complex carbohydrates, it can be the miracle it was intended to be. Energy is really not a function of age. It’s a function of health.

Youthful energy is a created when these three variables work as a partnership.  Their percentage contribution to overall health may surprise you: nutrition 90%, movement (exercise) 5%, and sleep (recovery) 5%.

What you put in your body is the single most important variable that will contribute to your overall wellness.


The Science of Healthy Energy

The best way to give yourself a pick me up is to have stable blood sugar. If you have roller coaster blood sugar levels;  high at times with good energy but when rolling downward you feel like taking a nap, controlling it is the key to sustained energy.

Generally, blood sugar is stabilized by allowing your body to access your fat for fuel instead of always being dependent on glucose, or blood sugar. The main cause for most people of unstable blood sugar is a situation called insulin resistance. Insulin is the fat burning hormone. If insulin doesn’t work well for you, don’t think you are alone. About 50% of Americans suffer from some level of insulin resistance. Basically, those who are insulin resistant have a harder time at metabolizing blood sugar for energy and they almost can never access their fat for fuel.

What is Insulin Resistance?

I’ve prepared an informative guide that explains insulin resistance and a quick test you can do at home to determine if being insulin resistant is the cause of your low energy levels. Click here or the photo to download the informative guide: Guide Key to the Fat Burning Hormone.

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Also, read my extensive article titled: Are You Insulin Sensitive or Resistant?

Exercise Energy

Being Healthy and FIT is another way to access your best energy. A healthy body is 90% a function of what you eat. When a healthy body can process glucose well and gain access to fat for fuel, it will almost always be energetic. Being fit and healthy is a bonus. The more fit you are the higher your metabolism will be. A higher metabolism creates more energy. Exercising and movement create a higher level of fitness and is a key to added energy.

Yet, even in the most healthy and fit bodies, at times, having a boost of quick energy is needed. In these times there are several strategies that work great.

Some Quick Energy Solutions

blog-featured-photoCreating overall health with the right nutritiously dense food, moving and exercising on a regular basis and getting rest, such as 7-9 hours of daily sleep, will help you access the energy fuel in your body; fat! Burning fat is a function of controlling insulin.

However, even the fittest and healthiest people need periodic energy boosts, some on a daily basis. Below are several solutions that have worked great for millions of people.

Curb Cravings & Increase Energy with IsaDelights

Decadent chocolate works well to increase energy quickly. If you are insulin resistant, low or sugar-free chocolate is a must. One such chocolate is IsaDelights.

Read this post on an extensive study of chocolate; both the benefits and negative aspects. 

One of the Most Innovated Energy Drinks: e+™

The energy drink market is full of competing products. The downside to the vast majority of them is the amount of sugar they add. Of course, the sugar is added to the caffeine to boost low blood sugar levels. This sugar will spike your insulin levels and you’ll stop burning fat. After the glucose is consumed you’ll get a major drop in blood sugar and will be tired all over again. Then of course what these companies want you to do is drink another energy product, over and over again. Eventually, if you ride the energy roller coaster all day, you’re going to want off to rest.

In my opinion, Isagenix has created the best energy drink product on the market today. It’s low on sugar (less than what is contained in 1/4 of an apple) but its innovation is the source of caffeine and the adaptogens (see videos below)! Many professional athletes are turning to e+ because it is certified safe through

Coffee: The Historical Favorite Energy Booster

Coffee has been a staple of most peoples diets for ages. It has just recently been enhanced with a concept called “Bulletproof Coffee.” When you add fat, especially MCT oil, to your coffee, the caffeine helps suppress the pain receptacle in your brain and the fat containing medium chain triglycerides (MCT), passes through your gut and is immediately metabolized by the liver to produce fuel and ketone bodies. Ketones are a source of fuel for your brain.  Its a dynamic duo! I told you we were going to be right next to Superman!

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