The starting place to improve your health is to assess where you are at and more importantly where you want to be. If you have serious health issues I highly recommend you begin by seeing a licensed health care practitioner. They have the medical knowledge and have been trained to help you.

Your Present Health State

The wonderful attribute of health is that you already know if you’ve lost it. You don’t feel good. You may be tired most of the time. You can’t seem to find the energy and motivation to even perform daily functions. Perhaps you ache (a sign to see a doctor). Many who have lost basic health do not sleep well either. You may have added weight and can’t seem to get rid of the excess. You may even worry that something is wrong (another sure sign to see a professional).

Assess if your health state has noticeably deteriorated rapidly or has it slowly been deteriorating over a longer period of time. If it has rapidly declined I recommend you see a professional health care practitioner soon.

What Are Your Health Goals

A wise person was quoted as saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any path with take you there.” Perhaps you’re here because you know you don’t want your present state of health and want to improve it.

How do you want your health to be? Do you just want to sleep better? Would you like to lose weight to relieve what seems like excess pressure on your knees and joints? Do you want to stop smoking? Whatever your goals are I recommend you write them down in the form of an affirmation.

The form starts with, “I am [fill in the blank].”

Some examples: I am full of energy. I am at a weight of 135 lbs and physically tone and look and feel amazing. I am the best sleeper and always awake refreshed and ready to start my day. Click here for a complete discussion of affirmations.

You’ll notice these affirmations are as if you’ve already achieved the goal. What the affirmations really do is place your mind and belief in the “state” of health you desire. Your subconscious mind then will work tirelessly to move you toward it.

Many state a goal as “I want [something].” This is not a goal or affirmation. It’s only a wish. And honestly, by stating “you want,” you’ve already achieved it; just the ‘want’ of something. Read more about affirmations.

Who Is Your Accountability Partner(s)

Sharing your health goals and journey with an accountability partner(s) will substantially improve your results. The act of sharing and feeling worthy of the goal, being able to be safely heard, is a large part of complete self-love and acceptance.

Those that work with me and are on Facebook, will be added to a private FaceBook group and you’ll have thousands of others who are on a similar journey. If you’d rather not share your journey with complete strangers, creating a team of supportive people to help you will be an integral part of your success.

Who is Your Nutrition and Intermittent Fasting Coach

I have a strong belief in nutrition and intermittent fasting. Both have extensive evidence that they work to improve health. The body is a miracle that only needs the proper nutrients to function well. Having a supportive person you can rely on to help you navigate the many choices you’ll have is important. As you wade in the dark and start to feel the effects of change on your body, especially the uncomfortable change of healing, you’ll want to be able to lean on them and confirm you’re on the proper path.

The Choice of a Doctor

I always hesitate to talk about your choice of a doctor, if you need one. It’s such a private choice and perhaps you are limited by the choices listed on your health insurance panel. Here are some criteria I’ve found to be the best.

  1. They will take the time to understand you completely.
  2. They believe that nutrition is the first course of healing the body and only resort to pharmaceuticals if nutrition has failed.
  3. They are healthy and fit.
  4. They also participate in your chosen activities. For example, if you are a runner, your doctor and/or physical therapist is also a runner.
  5. They are not linked in any way to the pharmaceuticals they prescribe. See article on how doctors are paid a commission to prescribe drugs to you.
  6. I highly recommend using a Chiropractic Physician for many of your health related issues. Their background and training support a natural healing process and most have stronger beliefs in the power of nutrition over pharmaceuticals. Although all Chiropractors are not the same and you’ll want to explore the right one for you.
  7. Consider the use of a physician that practices in the field of Applied Kinesiology.


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