Because of the prevalence of obesity and overfat Americans and others across the globe, weight management is the number one issue I deal with to help others. Weight issues have a high correlation to the number 1 and 2 killers in America; heart disease and cancer.

The Key Issues of Weight Loss

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry and unfortunately has at least a 93% failure rate. Most diets work for the short term, however, can’t be sustained for the long term. Most people have tried and failed about 3 times before I begin to work with them. I hope this is your first attempt at losing weight.

Most dieters and the so called weight loss professionals subscribe to a false belief that the body has only one storage compartment for calories. This false belief leads most to think that losing weight is, therefore, a “Eat Less. Move More.” proposition. Most if asked if weight loss is a net calorie in, calorie out game, i.e., if I consume fewer calories than I’m eating I have to lose weight. If this were true, why can’t this diet be sustained and has at least a 93% failure rate?

The truth is weight loss is a hormone issue and no weight loss professional even addresses it. The hormone that needs to be controlled is insulin. 

The absolute starting place before you start any diet is to determine if you are insulin resistant or sensitive.

Are You Insulin Sensitive or Resistant?

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Read how to determine if you are insulin sensitive or resistant.

Download the Guide: The Key to Unlocking Your Fat Burning Hormone

From the Guide: The Key to Unlocking Your Fat Burning Hormone you now understand the importance of determining your body’s response to insulin. You also understand why the one compartment myth of calorie storage creates a 93% failure rate. And now you know the truth about why the “Eat Less. Move More.” strategy inadequately addresses insulin, Once you determine this key you’ll be posed to make the right decision regarding the number of carbohydrates in your diet.

Carbohydrates are the Gatekeeper to Fat Burning

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You learned in the Guide: The Key to Unlocking Your Fat Burning Hormone how to begin to determine the number of carbohydrate grams that are right for you in order to unlock the power of insulin to control fat burning.

The lower the number of carbs in your diet the more predictable your diet results will be. Why is that? The lower the number of carbs you consume, the lower the amount of insulin and the greater the amount of fat burning and weight loss. The higher the number of carbs, the higher the amount of insulin and the possibility that fat burning will be turned off.

The lowest carb diets create a state of ketosis in your body. Click here to learn more about ketogenic low-carb high-fat diets and ketosis.

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