You already have all the potential you need. It’s already inside you. A superb coach’s role is to help you see it, unlock it and live it. When you FEEL the power that comes with results, you’ll start creating one magnificent win after another!  Michael Lantz


I’m The GOYA Coach™

(Get Off Your Ass)

Would you rather be comfortable within restrictive walls or creating a life you love without walls?

I help you create a life you love by helping you move your a$s by feeling uncomfortable.

Every life that is loved has at least these three attributes:

  1. Healthy Body through the right nutrition, the right exercise and the right attitude (Weight loss, more energy, better body composition)
  2. Strong Mind will allow you accomplish any goal you set
  3. Rich Experiences are those experiences we seek to feel good!

I Excel At Coaching These Individuals (to Get Off Their A$S)

You’re here because you have some challenges that are keeping you from doing something you care and dream about.

jill birthWorking or Stay At Home Moms Who Want to Make a Contribution and to Feel That The Life They Love Includes the Feeling of Being Significant to Their Loved Ones, Friends and the Community

Working or stay at home moms who have fallen into the health trap and have gained more excess weight and are concerned about their health. Many feel shameful for how they look. Their relationships with their spouse, significant other or friend is lacking and he doesn’t pay attention anymore.  They want to give back and have a measure of significance in their life, to have meaning and contribution.

I help moms to gain control of their health and feel energetic and really confident! They look great too and others take notice!


WorriedCoupleReadingBills_skynesher_E-56a1def05f9b58b7d0c40358Couples Who Know a Life They Love Secures Their Financial Future. They Also Want to Grow Their Relationship of Love and Support

Couples who are worried about their finances and see no way to ever retire. They stay up at night worrying if they will be able to make it when they are no longer able to work.

Many couples want to further their relationship by working together and serving others in a business setting.

I help couples to stop worrying about money. I teach them how to make money while they are sleeping and gain a leg up on their retirement.

Perseverance-is-a-Major-Key-to-a-Life-of-SuccessYoung People Who Desire to Become Entrepreneurs and Who Want More Out of Their Life and are Willing to Create the Life They Love

Young individuals who want more out of their lives are challenging their parent’s paradigm of Play Less. Work More. Young people are redefining the status quo and are creating: Play More. Work Less.

I help young people who are working hard gain fulfillment and results that would help them Play More. Work Less. and make bigger contributions to society!

IR_2Athletes Life They Love is About Excelling and Having the Time Freedom to Devote to Their Excellence

Athletes who what to maximize their performance and improve the results of their workouts and training. Many also want a life where their employment doesn’t get in the way of their training. They are seeking more time freedom.

I help motivated athletes reach their goals of winning! Many learn how to create a residual income that is not tied to hours worked. This allows them to train like a professional athlete and really feel like they belong as an athlete on the field with their top competition!

My role as your coach is to make you discover what’s already inside you and move you to feel uncomfortable. I act as your mirror, echoing the sometimes revealing discoveries about yourself.  You can achieve anything you desire. As you discover the mental or physical blocks that are holding you back, you’ll know instinctively how to overcome them and move forward.

You’ll find that 90% of the time we spend together will be you expressing your thoughts and feelings from the many probing questions I’ll ask you.

What’s the Process all About

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The 5 Break Free Strategies™ are the strategies taught in The 5-Week Reset & Turnaround™ and Live Your Dream programs.


My Unique Process

Most coaches:  Spend 90% of the time “telling” you what to do and then “telling” you what you did wrong.

Me: Spend 90% of the time listening and asking you what you think you’re doing and allowing you to become “aware” and therefore enlightened.

Who is the student and coach in this illustration?

My Unique Coaching Context

I’ve discovered that all breakthroughs in human accomplishment followed an intuitive process in an exact order. They are:

  1. Commitment
  2. Courage (feeling uncomfortable)
  3. Confidence
  4. Capability

My unique coaching method, The GOYA Coaching Method™ (Get Off Your Ass), allows you to understand these phases that you must pass through to gain the outcomes you seek.

My Professional Certification to Coach You

I’m a member of the John Maxwell Team and have earned a Certification as a Coach, Professional Speaker, and Leadership Professional. Click here to learn more.

The Universal Premise

The answer is already inside you.

Your best already exists inside you. It’s incumbent upon you answering the wise questions that will unlock your potential. The power is in the questions you ask of yourself which lead to awareness and discovery.  Your best is awaiting you to unlock your potential power and use it to accomplish your desired dreams.

No Ego Coaching

Be aware of coaches who attempt to make you their clone. A coach that uses this method is allowing his or her ego to get in the way of your greatness. A coach who locks you into their ego is in reality not allowing you to be greater than their own level of growth and success, even when it may be highly successful.

A coach, like me on the other hand, will remove his or her ego and allow you to grow into your own greatness, regardless of the accomplishments of the coach!

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. Dr. Seuss

Success Defined Only By You

My coaching method starts with you setting the objectives and coaching agenda. My only objective is seeing you accomplish your goals and living your dream.

My Areas of Coaching Mastery


blog-featured-photoMany have retained me to help them simply lose weight or gain the health they desire. While I do not coach people toward an athletic goal, like running a marathon or doing a triathlon, I do coach you to stay engaged in your quest. As a serious athlete myself, when asked, I’ll provide you the knowledge I’ve acquired so you can become aware and be able to individualize it for your own needs.


blog-featured-photoI’ve been retained to help others become better at their business. From being an entrepreneur to rising up the ranks in your corporate employment. As a former CPA and owner of a large CPA firm, before leaving to unlock my own full potential, I have a unique perspective on the mindset and methods of highly productive people.


blog-featured-photoSome of the greatest transformations have come from those who retain me to help them improve the quality of their life. I, myself, had to overcome a huge hurdle in my own life and recover from a lifelong addiction and I have great empathy and compassion for anyone wanting to conquer their own hurdles.

Network Marketing Professionals

slyMany who embark on a career of building a large network marketing team enjoy The GOYA Coaching Method™.  As they themselves grow into a Level 4 Leader, are able to grow a Level 4 Leadership team. That’s a team of Level 4 Leaders who constantly find and grow others into Level 4 Leaders. Click here to understand what a Level 4 Leader is. 


Your Inspiring Story!

Make each day your masterpiece! You can be the best you can be and move forward even if just a little each day. Only you can determine if you had a masterpiece day.

One person was quoted as saying, “Everything I could do, I did. I accept the outcome because I did everything I could do, today.”

You’ve heard, “There are no shortcuts to success.”

I’ve always said, “The fundamental of all success is to be your best inside. What are the fundamentals and principles to make you your best? They are probably different for each person and therefore a comparison of success is not wise.”

Perhaps this analogy might shed light on serving others and helping them be their best.

If your vessel is empty you won’t be able to fill another person’s vessel who’s lamp is cold. You can only pour from a full vessel.

It takes a great deal of courage and works to become a great leader because it’s a lifetime quest to fill your vessel. Many people I’ve talked to suggest that completely filling their vessel is impossible. Why would it be impossible? It’s not impossible because as your vessel begins to be filled, the container get’s larger! A larger container will hold more and allow you to fill other’s empty vessels!

What fundamentals are missing from your life?

What level of hope do you possess about your ability to be a great professional with a great home business?

The joy is in the journey. If you’re only thinking about winning or what you deem being a success would be, you miss the opportunities to grow. We get distracted by the final outcome and miss the growth experiences that the journey teaches us.

The focus each day, therefore, is not to obtain the end but to prove the quest is worthy of your best self.

My Coaching Prices

Everyone asks me this question first. I think they do that to pre-judge themselves or perhaps me. Our relationship is the price. Your conscience is the price. What you and I decide will be unique to us. As an example, if you decide to become a distributor on my Isagenix team your only price is your actions to be uncomfortable to build YOUR income stream.

Those I’ve coached who can’t afford much,  this is the amount they pay.

Those I’ve coached who can afford to pay more, pay that amount.

I let you decide. If you want great success you’ll value the approach and our relationship more and you’ll set the fee higher.

Neither one of us has to negotiate. You set the price just as you set the agenda. That’s the price you’ll pay. If you set a price that you deem unfair, only look in the mirror to chastise and complain about it. If you set the price way low, even lower than what you think is fair, you’ll ultimately feel guilty and may have a tough time reaching your goals. As we work together the initial price may be to low for the value delivered and you’ll change it. I’ve never had a situation that the price was too high and later was changed to a lower amount.

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