by Seth Godin

Nothing ever is. Nothing is flawless, optimized and suitable for everyone.

Instead, all we can hope for is, “the best we could hope for, under the circumstances.”

But, because there are circumstances, whatever happens, is exactly what the circumstances created. Whatever is happening now is what’s going to happen now. There’s no way to change it. Perhaps we can change tomorrow, or even the next moment, but this moment—it’s exactly what it was supposed to be, precisely what the circumstances demanded.

Which, if we’re going to be truthful about it, is perfect.

In the long run, we can work to change the circumstances. We can start today, right now. We must. It’s the only way to make perfect better.

The hardest thing to trust

I often wondered when I saw certain people who seemed to have what I wanted say that they just gave all that they could and was blessed with their abundance.

What? They gave all that they could and then they received?

“What principle is this?” I asked.

I thought it was about me “getting” my abundance. I couldn’t imagine just giving and giving. I thought once I gave it away it was gone forever. After all, men are just in life for them self.

Then something changed for me. I learned that this principle might be true.

Then I had that moment of test, “I’m on the edge of the cliff and if I want to fly, I have to jump off.”

I had to trust in something I couldn’t see. I’ve learned it’s called faith.

I grew up with the attitude that I couldn’t really trust anyone. Now, at the edge of the cliff, I had to bury that belief and jump.

Thankfully, I didn’t die after I jumped. I was scared though. I still am.

Have I successfully executed my test? Have I received more than I’ve given like people have shared had happened to them?

Yes, I have. I have been rewarded with self worth. I have been rewarded with the belief that I’m worthy of being the person who can be trusted. I’m equal in every way with all men and that abundance can be mine.

Imagine that? It’s all about trust. I learned that the reason I couldn’t trust this principle or trust others is because I didn’t trust myself.

Today I do trust. I don’t trust man. I trust the Creator of all. The more I give, the more I receive. In that order is the only way to make it work. That is the test.

Will it be scary for you at the edge of that cliff?

To the least degree to the most

When I was a little boy I’d receive little inexpensive toys and take care of them. When they broke I would be sad.

I learned to take care of the little things.

I’m sure because I took care of those things that were least, I was able to learn to take are of the things that were the most.

Today, I’m blessed with thousands who I’ve been entrusted to lead, serve and help have a great experience.

But truthfully, the person I most care about is the one just starting out who can only afford a small offering of our products. I hope I always treat the least with as much respect as I treat the most.

I suppose if I treat the least in an unjust way, I would treat the most that way too.

It’s funny, today I treat my big expensive toys just like I did the small ones. I’m grateful when I’m treated justly by all. I don’t do business with those that don’t appreciate even my small orders. It’s also funny that many of those that treated me unjustly are out of business.

What can we learn from birds that don’t have a lot of stuff?

Why do we have to have big homes and then storage barns? Some of us even rent storage units for our “extra” stuff.

We need nice storage units to put our stuff that we don’t use.

Do we need all that stuff? What is the purpose of all our stuff? Does it bring us security? Satisfaction?

Have you ever seen a bird have a big nest to store it’s stuff? Birds don’t have stuff. They don’t sow and reap either and seem to be well cared for.

Who takes care of the bird’s needs? Does that same being take care of our needs?

People who seek more and more stuff may not ever have enough stuff.

People who seek truth seem to have more than enough stuff. They also allow the being that takes care of the birds to also take care of their needs. I guess when you have truth, what stuff you have doesn’t get in the way of gaining abundance.

What I like about not have a lot of stuff is that I don’t have to worry about forgetting where I put it.

Playing small is life less than you’re capable

I’m reminded of what Nelson Mandela said, “There is no passion to be found in playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

I’ve been guilty of thinking that what I wanted was beyond my capability. Don’t be guilty of it too.

I think most people may fall in that category. After all, most were never taught that our capabilities are limitless. We are incapable really of anything limitless but when we let our Creator do it for us, the combined capability, you and Him, is really big!