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Reprinted From Dr. Jason Fung 

I am honored to share my story with your many followers. I hope my success will encourage others to start doing something, or stick to what they have already started. It is difficult to stick to something even if you do not feel like you are seeing results at the moment, but the end result is very much worth the perseverance and discipline.

keto-resultsFor a majority of my childhood I as overweight and or obese. I was the fat kid in school, and was often times teased for that reason. I was always so confused as a child because from what I could tell I was not really eating different than any of my friends. I did grow up in what I would consider to be poverty (I did not really have that concept then, but

Ketone Magic for the Average Joe, Couch Potato and “I need to lose weight!” Citizen

Ketone Magic

You’re probably like me and heard of ketosis, the Adkins® diet and making your fat burn but didn’t understand really what it was. Up to a few months ago I had only a cursory understanding of the low-carb approach. Many years ago I actually thought I was doing the Adkins® diet and gave up carbs for meat. I failed on the diet because one, I was eating way to much protein and two, the Adkin’s flu, also known as Keto Flu or Ketogenic Flu made me feel like crud and I decided it wasn’t worth it.

During 2013 to 2015 I started to gain weight and worse perhaps was I bonked on the bike in each of my Ironman triathlons. Bonking means that my glucose (sugar) stores in my blood dropped so low my brain was worried it wouldn’t have what it needed and said, “You’re done racing hard. I’m shutting you down to a snail’s pace.” I didn’t know it at the time that that’s what was actually happening.