Why I’m hooked on ketones!


I’m insulin resistant. 

That’s why I’m on a ketogenic, low-carb, high-fat diet.

My Story

Over the last 4 years I’ve gained weight. I’m 60 years old. My weight gain was odd because I was training and participating in seven Ironman triathlons during that same time. My race weight before the gradual weigh gain has always been around 188 to 192 pounds. I’m 6’5″. Then in 2013 to December 1, 2016 it rose to 208 pounds (see photo above).

In each of my last seven Ironman triathlons I also bonked. I’ve bonked in many of the fifteen I’ve finished. In each of those bonks the “experts” gave me different reasons. I now believe they were all wrong because of their bias toward carbohydrates.

I’ve discovered the vast majority of the sports nutritionist are bias toward carbohydrates and/or ignorant regarding fat as a fuel source. I’m sure they are well meaning but haven’t they ever worked with a insulin resistant athlete?  Just today as I was leaving my gym and over their loud speaker system the promotion announced, “Right after working out it’s best to eat a meal of 60 grams of carbohydrate with 25 grams of protein. Limit your fat content.” I almost started to laugh. Everyone is programed to believe that carbohydrates are good and fats are bad for you.

May the Force Be With You! It’s where Ketosis comes from!

What I’d been told about carbohydrates from all the endurance sports coaches and nutrition experts turned out to really suck and now with this information I realize that it helped me underperform for the past umpteen years.

Well perhaps it may have worked in the past. I started racing the Ironman triathlon at age 50. From then to age 58 I maintained a decent race weight. Then in 2015 things changed rapidly for me. I gained weight even though I was doing everything the same. While training fulltime for the Hawaii Ironman World Championship I put in weeks of 20+ hours of training and I could not release 8-10 lbs around my mid section. I was also starting to have more inflammation and my performance decreased as well.

After some soul searching and asking the right questions, I switched to a high-fat low-carb diet and my health and endurance performance as an Ironman triathlete is returning.

Below is an article that says it better than I ever could. I’ll share my take at the end.