Improve In-town Gas Mileage 13% | Insanely Simple Startegy

2012-kia-soul-fuel-gauge-photo-442119-s-1280x782I had a goal to improve in town gas mileage so I started playing around with a few different methods. I think I have the secret and of all things I discovered this by using a concept of visioning; looking  a head. You may have some anxiety you’ll have to overcome but for me that was an inexpensive price to pay to improve gas mileage about 14% and reduce the wear on my brakes all the while getting to my destination at or before the same time!!!


  1. Look a head to the next light. If you just passed through an intersection begin NOW to look a head to the next intersection with a light. If you see that the light is red, take your foot off the accelerator and begin to coast. You’ll gain experience in learning when to begin your coast. For me I coast at the right time allowing me to be slowly rolling as the light turns green so I do not have to apply any brake pressure. It’s fun too! It’s almost a game for me now! It’s also fun to include my grandchildren in the decision to begin to coast! “Now papa! Now!”
  2. Go 5 mph slower than the speed limit at any speed limit over 35 mph, i.e., if the speed limit is 45, go 40. If the speed limit is 35, go 35.


As you begin to coast you’ll feel anxiety because the cars behind you are still in the “I’m in a hurry and don’t you dare slow down!” mode. They may honk at you to hurry up. Expect some of them to pass you and give you a dirty look.

Ignore their poor behavior. When you coast up to the light right behind them as the light turns green you’ll validate how friggin smart you are! You’ll be proud you saved gas and didn’t put more wear on your brakes.

As you go through this intersection repeat the two steps above.


  1. In my experience I gained a 13.6% better fuel economy. I went from gas mileage of 22 miles per gallon in-town to a whooping 25 mpg! I figure over the course of the year that will save me about $225. It may save you more or less depending on how many miles you drive in town.
  2. I will be able to go more miles before I have to get a brake job. I don’t know the savings but I know I will.
  3. I’m way more calm driving. I get to my destination with less stress knowing that the cars behind me will also save.