What can you expect in starting a ketogenic diet

What You Can Expect When You Start a Ketogenic Lifestyle

What can you expect when you start a Ketogenic diet

You can’t change until you start here

I met with a great long time friend last night. He’s a serious student of fitness. He’s 68 years old and looks 40 with 6% body fat. During his day he was a great marathon runner who has a Boston Marathon finish.

Then, unfortunately, developed a condition and had to have a knee replaced. That ended his running career.

Now he’s changed his focus to building muscle. He’s a self described gym rat.

He declared to me that he’s always wanted those “six pack” abs but that goal has been elusive. I asked him why he can’t do it.

He said he needs to give up a few of his bad nutrition habits he’s had for years.

He’s hooked on ice cream and sugar.

I asked him why he can’t quit.

He said, “I’ve tried. I’m hooked on it. If I could eliminate that from my diet, I’d lose the weight and my abs would show.”

Then I introduced him to the 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program that I run for our church. He looked at me kinda strange and shocked. But he listened. He never considered that the reason he can’t give up ice cream and sugar is that he is addicted to them.

I told him Step One is where you start.

The first step is Honesty. It reads, “Step 1: Admit that you, of yourself, are powerless to overcome your addiction and that your life has become unmanageable.”


Change always starts with with being honest. Most people who can’t change have excuses why. Excuses are deflections from some emotion inside that they do not want others to see.

Looking in that mirror of life and seeing the true reflection of yourself and affirming with complete honesty that you can’t change, you don’t know how and need help, is the first step to change.

Being honest is change and it’s the first step forward.


AMP Up Finding Solutions & Opportunities | The LOOK Factor (Episode 029)

Ever find something and say, “That’s exactly what I was looking for!?” Ever see something you passed on only to find a friend used it later with great success? Why do some people seem to find all the great solutions and opportunities?

Highlights of today’s show:

  • The key to finding is “looking” correctly
  • Why doesn’t everyone do this simple concept?
  • A millionaire who first threw the opportunity away and gained it back
  • The 3% at Harvard who did this one concept and had a combined net worth of the other 97%
  • The right people are in your life but you may not see them

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Look in the Mirror | You Must See Value In Yourself And Add Value to Yourself

The Law of the Mirror; You Must See Value in Yourself & Add Value to Yourself. You’ve probably said to someone sarcastically after they made a mistake and blamed someone else to “Go look in the mirror” and there they will see the real cause. But what do you see when you look in the mirror? What is your self image? What is holding you back and does it reveal itself to you?

Today I’m covering The Law of the Mirror from John Maxwell’s book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Highlights of today’s show:

  • Hear John Maxwell discuss the Law of the Lid
  • Review what Potential really is
  • Steps to build identity and image
  • Comparison is the thief of joy
  • Increase your self image by serving others
  • Practice small daily discipline

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Hope: The Awesome Sauce! | Struggling in the New Year? Put on some hope! (Episode 027)

artwork-templetHope is a healing emotion. Hope is the connection between you and joy. If you’ve lost hope this podcast is for you. If you need more, this is the awesome sauce you need!

Highlights of today’s show:

  • How to gain hope
  • Hope and self compassion and love are deeply connected
  • Expectation is the enemy
  • How a penny on the sidewalk ties into hope
  • When you make a mistake doesn’t make you a mistake

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