The GOYA Power Protein Shake; (Get off your a$s)


Energy Boost Anyone? 💪🏻⛷

GOYA (Get Off Your A$S)
Family & Kid Friendly👩‍👧‍👦🙎‍♂️👶

Ingredients 🎬

1 Medium Avocado🥑 (100 g +/-)
60g (4 C) Arugula (frozen)
2 scoops Isagenix Vanilla IsaPro (whey protein)
1-2 tsp Cinnamon powder (rev weight loss)

The ONE Attitude to be the BEST Mom (or dad) Ever!


martianThe trouble with earthlings is their early adulthood. As long as they are young, they are lovable, open-hearted, tolerant, eager to learn and to collaborate. They can even be induced to play with one another. Most adults, however, are mortal enemies. The only educational problem earth has is how to keep them young. For life, evolution, progress, and adaptation to new situations, they are useful only as long as they keep their youthful qualities. But the funny thing is that in all the educational institutions I visited the object was to hasten maturity instead of delaying it. Surely your history can teach you that only the races with the longest childhood were able to remain in the cultural mainstream. The ideal should be to prolong childhood up to sixty years.

How do you inspire a loved one to gain better health? Three Hacks that will work!!!

You have good health. You work on it. You eat right and appreciate how you feel. You have loved ones in your life that may be struggling with their health. You want them to gain the blessings of health that you enjoy.

You’ve tried and tried to get them to listen to you. But your message falls on death’s ears.

How can you inspire them to gain health?

Method One

Identify if the reason you want someone to have better health is because of your insecurity. Many people simply are not comfortable with something they accept and do unless others accept it too. If your ego and insecurity are the diving force in “getting” someone to change, they will feel your insincerity, feel hunted by you and turn and run.

On the other hand, dropping your ego and insecurity will open up your compassion to others. This will cause you to listen more. You’ll be able to step into their shoes and can feel as they feel. This is called empathy. Others then will open up to you because they know you care about them.  The secret then is to ask questions that would cause them to ponder.  You’ll help them unlock their own inspiration to make healthy changes on their own.

Method Two

I believe you can’t motivate anyone to change. Change always comes from within a person and rarely from external sources. Look back to when you made changes. Were you pestered to make the changes from a loved one? Probably not. Something inside you changed. Then after your shift in mindset you may have sought someone who you admired and began to follow them.

Understanding this fact, you’ll unconditionally love others and accept them for who they are. If a loved one is unhealthy, you’ll accept it. This will drop any barriers that you are actually creating for them. A barrier we often create for others is the barrier of shame. They don’t feel good about them self and you may unconsciously be supporting that feeling by how you talk to them or even how you look at them.

Method Three

Be the best you can be. Helping someone to change starts with you changing. Trust me when I say that they have noticed your positive change. If you humbly continue to focus on your own health, and almost staying quiet about it, your transformation will speak louder than your words will ever speak. Again, this is a part of dropping your own ego and gaining compassion for others. In time, loved ones may have an event that causes them to look inside and will discover they need to make changes. This is when they will approach you especially if they feel safe to do so. If you have any ego or have caused any shame for them, they may not feel safe to approach you. They may seek the help of someone other than you. If that does happen, praise them! After all this isn’t about your health. It’s about their’s.



Who should not fast

There are many wonderful benefits to fasting. However let’s add one big caveat: fasting is not for everyone. There are risks when normal amounts of vitamins, mineral, and other essential nutrients are not ingested.

According to Dr. Jason Fung, MD in The Complete Guide to Fasting, said,

“Some people absolutely should not attempt therapeutic fasting, including:

  • Those who are severely malnourished or underweight
  • Children under eighteen years of age
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women

Others should be cautious when fasting but don’t necessarily need to avoid it. In the following situation, it is wise to seek the advice of a health-care professional before attempting therapeutic fasting:

  • You have gout
  • You are taking medications
  • You have type 1 or type 2 diabetes
  • You have gastroesophageal reflux disease”