Caffeine and Ketosis; Fat burning in a cup of Joe (New study confirms)

According to a Canadian study consuming caffeine can accelerate fat burning by acting as a ketogenic agent. The study found that ingesting 2.5 mg of caffeine per kilogram (1.14 mg per pound) of body weight increase ketone bodies by 88%. By ingesting twice the amount, or 5.0 mg/kg (2.27 mg/pound), can increase ketone bodies by 116%.

The Study’s Abstract

Brain glucose uptake declines during aging and is significantly impaired in Alzheimer’s disease. Ketones are the main alternative brain fuel to glucose so they represent a potential approach to compensate for the brain glucose reduction. Caffeine is of interest as a potential ketogenic agent owing to its actions on lipolysis/ lipid oxidation but whether it is ketogenic in humans is unknown. This study aimed to evaluate the acute ketogenic effect of two doses of caffeine in healthy adults (2.5; 5.0 mg/kg) during a 4-hour metabolic study period. Caffeine given at breakfast significantly stimulated ketone production in a dose dependent manner (+88%; +116%) and also raised plasma free fatty acids. Whether caffeine has longterm ketogenic effects or could enhance the ketogenic effect of medium chain triglycerides remains to be determined.

The peer reviewed study found here.

Why is  this important?

The brain is dependent on glucose and can not use free fatty acids (FFA) for fuel like other organs and muscles. Thus, in the absence of glucose, the brain can only use

Eating Chocolate & Coffee is a GREAT Weight Loss SOLUTION

While it sounds too good to be true, research continues to suggest coffee and chocolate can be useful weight-management tools. Yes, you read that right!

Two of your (and arguably everyone’s) most craved and beloved foods might actually be able to help you lose a few pounds—if you work them into your diet the right way.

Both of these foods have been given a bad rap in the past. But accumulating evidence finds that regularly enjoying these two foods, while not directly causing weight loss, are indeed associated with a lower body weight.

Chocolate as a Weight-Management Tool

Not all chocolate products will do. The most widely available versions aren’t really chocolate at all but are little more than chocolate-flavored candies—low-quality, calorie-dense, sugar-laden treats that are often combined with an array of artificial ingredients

Drink Coffee with Heavy Cream to Burn More Fat!!! Shut up!!!!

20150818-coffee-beans-shutterstock_71813833Clearly coffee can be an amazing fat-burning elixir when used responsibly and combined with healthy fats. Could there be any more pleasurable and tasty component to a healthy diet?

By Dr. Phil Maffeton, DC

Caffeine and fat are potent metabolism stimulators

Properly roasted well-brewed organic coffee is high on my list of life’s pleasures. The smell of aromatic beans as I carefully remove them from jar to grinder each morning brings a smile of excitement. It continues with the intense taste of the first sip, through the last drop, and beyond. The therapeutic effects on my brain and body still continue to amaze me. My recent article on the Dr. Phil’s Fat-Burning Coffee Menu generated some further questions and comments about this wonder food which I hope to address here.

Drinking Coffee

Coffee is among the most studied food in science. One of its well-known actions is its ability to promote fat-burning. As the food highest in caffeine, it has been shown to reduce stored body fat, especially belly fat, and lower the risk of diabetes, liver and colon cancer, cardiovascular disease and chronic inflammation.

Coffee polyphenols — naturally occurring phytonutrients in the bean — also can help regulate body-wide fat metabolism, improving regulation of insulin and glucose, and helping to reduce the tendency toward fat storage and cardiovascular disease as well.

But this does not mean adding coffee to a diet of junk food makes it healthy. Refined carbohydrates will easily negate the potential health benefits from good food and exercise, not to mention ruins a great cup of coffee.

Of course, too much caffeine can be a problem, and some people are much more sensitive than others. It can over stimulate the brain and adrenal glands, revving up the sympathetic nervous system too much, creating an autonomic imbalance. These problems can quickly lead to reduced health. Consuming coffee wisely — drinking the amount that has positive health effects and no more — is part of a healthy diet.

Eating Fat

Can consuming fat help you burn body fat? Yes. This happens because eating healthy fats stimulates brown fat stores, which are metabolically active. While they make up only 1 percent of total body fat, they help burn fat in the major white fat storage areas of the belly, hips, and everywhere else.

Without brown fat’s metabolic action, we can gain body fat, have low energy, and even become sluggish in the winter due to the human hibernation effect. In addition to eating natural fats to burn body fat, there are a number of ways brown fat can be activated:

Caffeine can increase brown-fat activity. But too much caffeine can trigger stress, and like other stress, can reduce fat-burning and actually promote fat storage.

Food frequency can affect brown fat to either increase or decrease fat-burning. Eating several healthy meals or snacks a day — instead of one, two, or three larger ones —can trigger thermogenesis, an important post-meal metabolic boost that can increase fat-burning. Those who become well-adapted to fat-burning eventually require less calories and can reduce food and meal intake, but don’t try this until your metabolism is successfully burning more body fat or you’ll get hungry — a symptom of reduced fat-burning. In addition, if caloric intake is too low for your body’s need, brown fat can slow the burning of white fat; this often happens on a low-calorie diet, and when meals are skipped.

Refined carbohydrates, including sugar and other high glycemic items, can reduce fat-burning almost immediately. So if you have a raging sweet-tooth and add a teaspoon or more of sugar to your fat-burning coffee, the benefits may not be realized — you’ll just be adding more calories to a poor fat-burning body and build fat stores. Likewise, if you have a bowl of cereal, a bagel or other junk food as high-glycemic items impair fat-burning. (Artificial sweeteners may do the same, and maintain your sweet tooth and sugar addiction.)

Tea Time

Similar fat-burning and health benefits have been shown for the various types of caffeinated teas, including black and green. If you’re not a coffee drinker but tolerate and enjoy tea, you can still create a morning fat-burning fare. It’s simple: along with your tea, have some fat. Depending on availability and food likes, this can include the ingredients for … Fat-Burning Coffee [see below] without the coffee. Whether you find a way to add these or other fats to tea, or eat them separately, experiment. Other fats work well too. Consider an avocado, for example. Just add salt and eat it with a spoon. When traveling and unable to obtain ingredients for my coffee, I drink it black with a Phil’s Bar “Keto”.

If you’re looking for published studies for this topic, you’ll have no trouble finding them through a Pubmed search. Here is one I happen to have open at the moment:

Soga S, et al. Stimulation of Postprandial Fat Utilization in Healthy Humans by Daily Consumption of Chlorogenic Acids. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem 77(8);1633-1636, 2013.


Clearly coffee can be an amazing fat-burning elixir when used responsibly and combined with healthy fats. Could there be any more pleasurable and tasty component to a healthy diet?

Move over Starbucks, there’s a new coffee menu and this one promotes fat-burning.

I’m not sure why, but people are often curious about my coffee habits. Over the years, it’s changed based on my body’s tolerance. I sometimes go periods without any. In recent years, however, it’s steady as she goes, and my fat-burning coffee menu rises with me in the morning.

By the time I place the … percolator on the gas, my mind knows what it wants. At home, it’s typically the [Double] Fat-Burner, which is made with very heavy cream, … and an egg yolk mixed with a hand blender. A touch of cocoa makes it nice too, that’s called a Cocoa Fat-Burner. On other days, I might have the Full Fat-Burner, but only because separating the egg that morning didn’t work out as planned. The extra protein is nice, though.

All the ingredients, of course, are organic or better, with the cream being raw from grass-fed jersey cows.

Traveling poses restrictions unless I’m in an RV or visiting someone. I usually bring at least some of the necessary ingredients. Flying poses the greatest challenge.

I imagine going into a café someday while on the road and thinking about a Full Fat-Burner, then looking up to see the following menu.

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