What are the cardboard boxes in your life?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to be unfilled unless they do something really spectacular.

That is perhaps why so many people never achieve fulfillment because they compare their lives against some larger than life outcomes.

There are not many “larger than life outcomes” to go around.

What happened to the fulfillment most individuals I’ve talked to seem to have had in childhood? It’s amazing to me how many people, as children, got a major rush just creating something with a large cardboard box.

Do you realize how many cardboard boxes there still are that one could “play” with? No judgement. No expectation. No deadline. Just purely creating something you see in your mind and with simple tools like a knife, tape and color markers, set out to create it.

What are the cardboard boxes you still have in your life? Seems there are more of them than a limited amount of “larger than life outcomes” to seek.