Which half of America are you in? Diabetic or Not

I hope you’re not in the half with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.

With 52.4% of Americans with either full type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, it’s wise to determine if your symptoms are related to diabetes.

Gaining weight around your midsection? High blood pressure?

Dieting doesn’t work anymore? Urinating often? Thirsty? Always hungry? (see list below)

Below I demonstrate a simple home A1C test to determine if you may be diabetic or pre-diabetic.

How “Eat less. Move more.” Diets Actually FAIL and Slow Down Your Metabolism

I’ll bet you’ve tried the “Eat less. Move more.” diet at least once. Right?  It probably failed too. For most, it starts out okay. You’ll drop some pounds but then, over time, your food cravings are almost unbearable and the thought of doing one more stair routine, spin class or body pump class makes you angry. After all, everyone says it will work. All the hot after photos of these thin women or men with abs shows that it works.


“But wait, Michael!” you’re yelling at me. It seems to make sense. Eat less and burn more calories than you’re putting in your body and you have to lose weight. Everyone says

Insulin; it affects everyone

A recent Facebook live presentation about insulin resistance .


  • Predicting the results of a diet before you even start
  • Role insulin plays
  • What is insulin resistance
  • Lower insulin with low carb diets and intermittent fasting

An MD’s change of heart; low-carb high-fat works.

Dr. Jason Fung is a leading authority on Low-Carb, High-Fat diets and an expert in intermittent fasting. Like most of his peers was trained in the beginning to prescribe Low-fat, Low-calorie diets to his type-2 diabetics and was giving them insulin. Listen to his story.

Dr. Jason Fung’s Story

I am sometimes asked about my journey and how I became so interested (obsessed?) about nutrition and dietary treatments. It’s kind of a funny thing. I barely had more than a passing interest in nutrition until the mid 2000s. At the time, the Atkins diet was in full swing. It was everywhere. Some family members had tried it and were ecstatic. However, like most conventionally trained physicians, I believed their arteries would eventually pay the price.

So my interest in nutrition began to grow around the mid 2000s when several interesting

Calorie restriction diets (a.k.a. starvation) don’t seem to work anymore?

When you were younger and cut calories you could drop a few pounds with ease. Right? Now getting older that doesn’t work as well or maybe not at all. You sadly say to yourself, “I’ve got to get to the gym.” (You really hate to sweat and workout in front of everyone) You see what some others your age are doing with cleanses and think you need to check that out but don’t want to be pooping all the time.

You don’t like to feel hungry all the time and at nights you can’t help yourself and eat a half (or full like I used to) a bag of salt and vinegar chips? You are not alone.

The prevalence of Americans are insulin resistant.