A Mythical Business in Easy Land

Once upon a time in Easy Land a family that never cared what other people thought came up with an idea. They were all sitting around a table and Mr. Easy asked his smart kids a question, “Would you rather have 10,000 sources of income that paid you $1 per month or one source of income that paid you $10,000 per month?” Connect Shun, the oldest child quickly did the math and declared, “They both are the same amount of cash!” But his wise older sister, Faith Full,  declared to her brother, “While its the same amount of cash, they are not the same. There is one major difference.”

Dad was proud of Faith for making that discovery.

“What’s the difference dad?”, asked Connect.

“Oh, come on, dad taught us this in home school in our economic and investing class!” declared Faith.

“The difference son is in one of the most important variables that will protect you from the evil Mr. Loss.” dad said.

ConnecDiversivicationt thought about what dad taught them about warding off risk and being more secure in up and down times. Then he realized the difference as he slapped his forehead, “How could I have overlooked the obvious, one has more risk. While most people will opt for the one source of income because it’s easier, the better choice and the one most people will avoid but really wise people will accept, is  multiple sources of income are less risky.”

The Business They Created

This was no ordinary family. They could easily be Wall St. wizards and could teach at Harvard and Stanford but they choose to just do it their way. They first looked at what they wanted in a business.

  • No boss
  • No commute to work
  • No alarm clock
  • No employees
  • No politics (brown nosers will fail in this business)
  • No compromises
  • No discrimination (to much of that in today’s world)
  • No educational requirements (this will allow anyone to succeed)

Then some really positive attributes:

  • Something positive
  • Great products and services (they wanted to make customers happy and add value to their life)
  • Unlimited income potential (less risky too because you have lots of sources of income)
  • Mail box money (money came to them and all they had to do was walk to the mail box and get their check)
  • Enjoy the people they work with (life’s to short for stress!)
  • Time freedom (they didn’t want income to be tied to hours worked)
  • Something meaningful (like their friend Michael in helping others be the Champion of the Child Inside Them)
  • Personal growth (if you’re not growing you’re shrinking)
  • Lots of perks (like free trips and prizes)
  • International (they loved 13 countries the best and wanted to help people in each of them)
  • Contribution to worthy causes
  • Low risk (dad was smart, 10,000 sources of income is less risky than one source of income)
  • Low start-up costs (this would help so many people who are suffering in today’s economy)
  • Tax benefits (get a write-off to eat your overhead and drive a nice car, not to mention stay in cool hotels when they traveled)
  • Fun!

Yes I would do this!


The market they choose to tap into was health and wellness. Everyone wants better health! That would mean every person in the world would be a potential customer! They saw a big need to help others lose weight. They discovered that 80% of everyone in the world is overweight. Being overweight causes physical and emotional problems. By helping people eat right and lose weight they would be doing a valuable service. The doctors and drug companies will fight them but they didn’t care. Remember they don’t care what people think about them.

People are aging too. They knew that there are lots of people called Baby Boomers who are turning age 65 at a rate of 10,000 per day for the next 20 years and are looking to improve the quality of their life.

Because this family loves to help others they also realized that they wanted to help others earn as much money as them and they wanted to create a way that they could all work together to have lots of fun and make a lots of money.

They then created the business. They needed a name. Dad liked the idea of having a “Balanced Life” so he researched that term and discovered a name in Latin that means that. This is the name they would choose to use.

They went out and found the brightest minds to help them. They discovered one of the most unique minds to help develop products that would be “no compromise” and really work to deliver minerals, botanicals, herbs, amino and fatty acids. Plus he was so talented  and discovered that all the pesticides, antibiotic and steroids were getting into our bodies and causing major health challenges. He found a way using nutrition to get rid of all the harmful substances and lose weight and increase energy off the charts! Probably his finest work of art was discovering how to support telomeres, the key to healthy aging!

Then in March of 2002 they launched their company! In their first year (9 months) they did $30 million in sales! The solutions were a hit and were transforming lives! Today they have blessed the lives of millions of people. In 2016 the company will top one billion in annual sales! Thousands are joining daily to receive the benefit of Mr. Easy’s ideas and service.

Confidence is a good thing

The best part is the financial security so many people have enjoyed that they have locked arms with! In their short 14 year life they have helped over 180 people earn over a million dollars and over 400 people earn over $100,000 per year!

What People Have to Learn to Tap Into Their Wealth

There are some keys to success that must me learned in order to succeed.

  1. Your wealth resides in other people. You have to create more value for them than they are willing to pay for it. The more people that you can help gain better health or earn more money, the more your dreams will come true.
  2. You have to enjoy helping people
  3. You have to be willing to talk to people and share your results and the results of others
  4. You have to be willing to commit to your own personal growth
  5. You have to realize that everyone you talk to is just an experience because most will tell you they are not interested (these people are the ones who don’t understand risk like Connect and Faith do. They look for the one source of income and whine and cry when they lose it. And instead of learning from the painful experience and doing something better, they’ll go find another one source of income and do it all over again expecting a different results. Sad thing too, their health is poor because they are more than likely over fat and need to lose it but won’t do anything about changing it.)
  6. You have to be willing to consistently work at this 7-10 hours per week for at least 3 years before you are able to quit your one source of income and free up 40 hours or more per week to really enjoy time freedom
  7. Being energetic is a must (the products will help create that)
  8. Learn to believe in yourself and like Mr. Easy and his family, not care about what others think. You’ll have to learn to give up a temporary loss of social acceptance by ignorant people.

God bless you.


What The 401k People Will Never Tell You

Is my investment advisor withholding the truth from me? Is there something I need to know about my 401k? It’s been doing good the last two years. I don’t think I need to worry, right?

In my former life I was a CPA who also had a large investment advisory practice. I was in the business of helping people plan for their retirement. It was important to me to help people diversify their nest egg and current and future income sources. I always recommended they create more sources of retirement income.  Let’s explore a possible diversified income source.

Value of Traditional 401k

The value on the statement = the value (I know, really lame and simple)

How much monthly income will your 401k give you during retirement

That may be worth knowing because after all you’ll be paying for your lifestyle.

The value of your current 401k x 5% / 12 = Estimated monthly income.

Example: the statement value is $81,000.

$81,000 times 5% divided by 12 = $338 per month.

Not bad. That might pay for your monthly groceries. Perhaps a car payment.

Value of Network Marketing Residual Income Stream

Wait a minute? This a pitch! I hate network marketing.

No, it’s not a pitch. It’s a discussion about another way to diversify your retirement income steam.

Stick with me just a little bit more.

Amount of your average weekly network marketing income over the past 8 weeks / 5% (.05) times 52= estimated value of residual income stream. In network marketing the monthly income comes to you in the form of profits and not wages so it comes to you if you are working or not. That’s why its called “residual.”

Example: Average weekly residual income $5,000

$5,000 divided by 5% (.05) times 52 = $5,200,000

Why It May be Important To You


As a former CPA and investment advisor I always recommended to my clients to start a network marketing business to supplement their current income and provide an asset for retirement. That’s smart planning. There is nothing unworthy about diversification. 

It may take you only 7 years of part time work (about 7-12 hours a week) doing network marketing to create a $5,000 per week residual income. If you accomplished that your 401k Residual Statement would say you have an asset worth $5,200,000.

If you socked away say $10,000 a year in a traditional 401k after 7 years at a growth rate of 5% it would be worth about $81,000.

What’s worth more? Would the traditional 401k value of $81,000 be worth more than the network marketing’s 401k residual value of $5,200,000? Which one would provide for more retirement monthly income?

Would it be worth it to you to spend 7-12 hours a week building a network marketing business to have a lifetime monthly income stream of $5,000 per week? Only you can decide that.

There is of course no guarantees that you’d actually build that much of a monthly income stream in 7 years working 7 to 12 per week. But it would almost be certain that if you spent even 7 to 12 hours per month in a network marketing business that you’d have a monthly income stream greater than the $338 per month.

Something to think about.

Still feel like I’m pitching you? Or maybe I got your wheels turning. I hope I did that at least.


The reason I quit being a CPA and an investment advisor is the monthly income from my network marketing business, only working part-time, became greater than what I was earning working 40 hours a week as a CPA.

My weekly residual income is about $5,000. It took me about 6 years to create that. There is no way I could have socked  $5,200,000 in a 401k to match this.

I took my own advice years ago. It worked. It will work for you too.