If your job has this in it; STOP IT!

dont-do-this-in-jobIf you do this, STOP IT!

You’re better than that.

Unfortunately because of the way progression happens in a job a lot of stuff goes on that has nothing to do with the job itself.

Your job has really only a few things that need to be accomplished in order for you to keep your job and earn a paycheck and those don’t have much to do with actually creating value to customers. Here’s a few things that have to happen in order to keep your job.

  1. You need to please your boss.

    Lots of politics go into this job objective (the objective sucks too!). You’ll never see this in the employee manual but this is the main job of a job; just please your boss. Think about all the ways to do this that have nothing to do with taking care of customers.
    Only do what is needed to please your boss because you’re not being paid to do more (sad truth in corporate America).
    Don’t be a threat to your boss’s job. Don’t excel and show him/her up. Only share your good ideas with your boss in private so he/she can implement it and look like a hero.
    Praise your boss.
    Take your boss to lunch and pay.
    Watch their back and keep threats away from him/her.

  2. Show up early and leave late.

  3. Never complain or whine about your job.

See where I’m going?

Because in the employee/employer world much of the time you have no control over your pay being based upon the value you deliver to the company or customers. While there are correlations to doing a good job and pay, in the final analysis you can only go so far up the ladder. Your pay is in the hands of your boss or the owner of the company.

The farther up the ladder you go the smaller number of opportunities that exists (the ultimate pyramid). The higher up you go the more people are entrenched in protecting their jobs and because of self preservation will do all in their power to make sure you don’t move up. This is why people have to go to another job to get a promotion.

If you’ve paid attention in the last few years you know that about 90 million Americans have been permanently displaced. Can you even believe that these workers are not counted in the nation’s unemployment rate? The current 5.5% unemployment rate is a joke. Add the 90 million and it would be like 30%.

This “I’m going to protect my job at all cost” economy doesn’t work anymore (it really never worked but people believed that it did). If you find yourself in this situation you know it sucks.

The answer is to work for yourself. In 1900 about 90% did. Today only about 5%. But those 90 million displaced workers will make a comeback as entrepreneurs. I predict a rise in the number of entrepreneurs.

Don’t believe me or worse yet don’t believe you could ever work for yourself? Think again. It’s a lot easier than you think. It’s also hard. Yet working for one person; your boss, and thus one source of income, you’ll forever be in the “please your boss” and “protect my job” job market. That sucks.

There is a better way. Click below to find out more about the New Economy.

By the way, I hope you stop working to just please your boss and you start to work to please your inner passions.

A must watch if you have a job and want to understand if you are safe.




Obtaining Financial Freedom While Working 9 to 5

FacebookpostFaced with the current economic uncertainty many Americans are seeking a solution to the retirement puzzle. Unfortunately many have given up on the dream of achieving financial freedom. Many  have good jobs with an employer pension and are placing most of their economic eggs in one basket. I’ve talked to many people with a government pension who are making grand plans of quitting soon and relying on a source of cash flow promised them from their many years of public service. Then just a few are able to create a real nest egg in a private IRA pension plan.

The truth; a performance (evolved) economy is developing

The economy of today is entirely different than it was even 5 years ago and it’s still evolving. Here are several reasons it is changing and how it may effect you.

First, goods and services will be brought to the consumer via a smart phone. The need for brick and mortar store fronts will be a thing of the past. Instead of driving to a store you’ll browse the store shelves via your phone, place an order and it will be delivered to you.  If you work in a traditional brick and mortar establishment you may be a target of a future lay off. Look around at all the vacancies in strip malls. Plus all over the country hardly any new commercial store fronts are being built.

Second, I believe that  government regulations placed upon business in an effort to protect employees is having the direct opposite affect. Here’s why. An entrepreneur has invested their entire fortune including their blood, sweat and tears into their business and they will do anything to protect that. Anything. More government regulation equals more risk and uncertainty for the employer/entrepreneur and that will cause them to either remove it, spread it around or transfer it somewhere else. This is where employees get hurt.

The employer/entrepreneurs are beginning to shift compensation risk from them to their employees and are creating  performance based packages that keeps their bottom line percentages the same regardless of sales volume. That means you work harder for less. If you don’t make a sales quota, tough luck Charlie Brown on earning more. Chalk one up for the unintended consequences of a government that is out to protect you. Sad thing for you and good thing for your employers is that they won’t even have to lay you off and pay unemployment because if sales decrease you’ll quit because you can’t perform any higher to earn more.

We see the unions that were created to protect the workers are losing membership as a result of this economic shift and there is nothing they can do to stop it. There is such a large supply of workers now compared to available jobs that employers no longer have to seek skilled workers from a union pool. They can just go to the pool of unemployed non-union workers to fill it.

Third, technology is also reducing skill requirements of traditional service jobs which creates a larger labor pool due to lay offs. Thus the demand for that labor is less and that spells less jobs that pay even less wages.

Forth, I really believe that people who have worked in government and have been promised a big fat pension will be surprised when governments can’t afford to pay them.  Just look at what is happening in Europe. Eventually a government can only spend what it receives in taxes and when it can’t continue to service it’s debt any longer, pensions will be the first to go. Pay attention to how many state pensions are now underfunded.

That’s the doom and gloom. You have to know the truth in order to prepare and be motivated to make changes.

Since the economy is changing, the only way to continue in a traditional 9 to 5 job and achieve financial freedom is to take advantage of the new economy and how it produces profit. For many it will be hard to learn new ways and new skills because change is difficult.  The good news is learning new skills will be easier than not having enough money to live at a decent standard of living because your retirement next eggs will fall short and the meager poverty level government social security check will not be enough to make up the short fall.

Here’s a solution.

Here are several ways to obtain financial freedom while working a 9 to 5 job:

  1. Save and invest wisely at least 10% of your income.
  2. Create a second (or third or more) source of income in the new evolved economy.
  3. Learn new ways and the skills necessary to succeed.
  4. Stay healthy so won’t need to use your future assets to pay for health care.

I want to just address items 2 and 3. I believe items 1 and 4 are self explanatory.

Create a second (or more) source of income in the evolved economy

While working a full time 9 to 5 job now, bringing in enough cash flow for basic needs, you begin to work part time in the new performance (evolved) economy. (Learn more about the evolved economy.) It’s entirely possible that in 3-5 years, being committed to working diligently part time, you’ll be earning enough profit in your evolved economy business that would equal or exceed the wages from your 9 to 5 job and then you’d be able to  decide, if you wanted, to continue your 9-5 job or quit. Some continue to work but most don’t and quit.

Listen to this brief video on the evolved economy.

What new skills will you need in the performance economy

Below are a list of skills you’ll need to master to excel in the new performance economy.

The new performance evolved economy will demand consultants, giving potential customers and distributors education and understanding (selling will be a thing of the past and rightfully so because of the ability to gain solid unbiased information over a smart phone) so they can make an informed choice.

Seven skills needed to excel in the evolved economy:

  1. Being able to find prospects.
  2.  Inviting your prospects to look at your product or opportunity.
  3. Presenting your product or opportunity to your prospects.
  4. Following up with your prospects. This is one of the most important skills of the seven listed here.
  5. Helping your prospect become customers or distributors.
  6. Helping your new distributor get started right.
  7. Promoting events that your customers or distributors attend.

It’s beyond the scope of this article to go into detail with these seven skills. They are not hard to master but take diligence in learning them. The good news is that most people entering the evolved economy are not willing to learn these skills and those that do, will excel. For those unwilling to learn these seven skills, any venture into the evolved economy may spell disaster.

Get back to the person that sent you to this link or if you’d like to know more about the evolved economy, please send me a message below where we can schedule a brief call or Skype to discuss this.

The Evolved Economy; a new way to look at YOUR future

FB-Pic-TempletI hear the economy is bad. Why is the stock market going up?

Why is my economy bad? I went to school. Got a job. Left my job. Got another job. Left my job. Got another job. Got laid off. Working two part time jobs. That sucks. It’s reality.

Gads! It’s an uphill battle. There is loads of unemployment, jobs that don’t pay very well and no money to borrow to start your own business.

I’ve seen first hand how the economy has evolved since I started out in a career as a CPA in 1978. I want to share some insights that may help you.

It’s not really all that bad. You’ll have to change in order to improve. Let’s look at ways to improve your future.

There are 4 primary ways to make money:

  1. You can work for someone else (employee).
  2. You can work for yourself (solo entrepreneur).
  3. You can work like a big business (leverage assets and people), or
  4. You can own assets that make you money (investor).

Let’s explore each of the four categories and how to make more money:

  1. EMPLOYEE It will be the most challenging to actually make more while working for someone else. When I say more, I mean the type of money that will pay for your big dreams. But it can be done. First, you have to be better than those you work with. You’ll have to improve your skills and be so valuable to your employer that you’ll get paid more. Second, you can work more hours.  However in the new Evolved Economy employers will begin to pay you based on the value you deliver and not on how long you work.  Therefore working more hours may actually not earn you more money. In the new Evolved Economy employers that pay you based on the value you deliver still have their own bottom lines and if you start to deliver more value the employer will only pay you more once or twice at the higher rate. Then they will reset your value standard because they will see that you are costing them more. While they want to keep you, they realize that they probably can find another you for less. Plus with so much unemployment, there are a lot more people to choose from. They will let you go and find someone else. I left this category because of these reasons. I was valuable but no employer was going to pay me what I was really worth. Plus I enjoy freedom to much and hated the Sunday night knot in my stomach to stay as an employee.
  2. SOLO ENTREPRENEUR You can make more by owning your own business. The reason you can make more is because you are taking more risk. You’ve heard of the risk/reward factor? The more risk you take the greater the reward. I actually think this is a much better way than number one. I owned two of my own businesses. I did earn more but I didn’t have more time to enjoy it. I actually had less time. I had payroll to make and employee relations to deal with. I was placed doing things I was not good at like looking at details. I was good in front of clients but I had to do everything else too like paying bills, marketing and advertising. If you are really good at your skills then this way is better than being an employee. Yet, you are NOW in the Evolved Economy and this way is being phased out. More on the Evolved Economy later.
  3. BIG BUSINESS; LEVERAGE ASSETS AND PEOPLE Being in the big business setting is where it’s at! This is where you create leverage; you get paid on how much other people produce. Instead of you working longer you work smarter. The cool part of this structure is that there are models set up to slot you in the exact same position as the CEO at the top all the while you’re still working for someone else. How cool is that? In your spare time you start working like a CEO to create leverage. This is really a great opportunity in the Evolved Economy.
  4. INVESTOR Finally you can invest in assets that make you money like real estate, stock market, bonds or other entrepreneur’s concepts in the Evolved Economy.

After you read this you may be disappointed that I didn’t give you some earth shattering information that you could really use. I’m not done yet. You have to understand what the Evolved Economy is. In fact if you’re reading this from your smart phone you’re a part of the Evolved Economy.

You really have two choices. You can sit back and pray to survive in the new Evolved Economy, keeping your head in the sand and being controlled by others while working in the Traditional Economy. Or you can be wise and get over the fact that the world has changed.  The Evolved Economy  doesn’t care you worked for 28 years and have no pension.

For me, I’d rather benefit from participating as an owner in the Evolved Economy instead of as an employee/consumer.

I hope you feel a sense of urgency. I know I did and now I’m fully engaged and a part of the Evolved Economy, I’m not only surviving, I’m thriving! I believe you can too.

Oh yea, why is the stock market going up in a bad economy? I’ll write more about that soon. For now its going up because some people’s economy is rocking and they have earnings. Earnings drive the stock market. Earnings will drive your future too.