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I’ve been really seeing more and more of this today. I believe I was once an Internet addict too and as I recovered I began to be open to more truth. I see it all around me. I see friends all sitting together and all of them are locked in on their devices.

When I recovered from my several addictions in 2016 I learned one very valuable truth; our top two needs as humans are “love” and “connection.” Is there any wonder why companies are selling software to get a person more “likes” or “comments” on their Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Is there any wonder how FaceBook has numbed our brain to look at your “likes” as a way to affirm a person so

Put More Life in a Day; 3 Simple Tips

13933065339_e168ac91b5_zEver say, “There’s not enough hours in a day!?”

The better question is, “How do I fit more life in a day?”

Let’s first explore some things.

As far as I know there will never be more than 24 hours in a day. You do receive one more day each leap year but I don’t think that one day will make a difference in your life. I explored this same question a few years ago and discovered these three small changes that yielded some awesome results.

Replace bad habits with good habits

Sounds simple enough. Take an inventory for 3 days of “everything” you do. This will be the most challenging thing you do. With the completed inventory place a label next to each item by the following criteria:

  • A; Very important
  • B; Worthwhile but not a necessity
  • C; Not productive or meaningful

When I did this and looked at what I was really doing I was shocked to say the least at all the B’s and C’s on the list.

The next task is to replace the C’s with new A’s and B’s.

For instant, one of my C’s was reading the newspaper first thing every morning. It would take me about an hour. I replaced it with a new A; reading quality material that would enlighten me and make me a better person and to start an exercise program. This one change yielded massive results.

Identify and eliminate all distractions

Our world comes at us from all directions and each time someone or something wants your attention. There is so much force and getting you to be someone other than yourself. In our mobile connected world you even get hit with ads and stuff every time you go into the phone. We are so distracted that even when we get a moment to focus on an important task we get interrupted.

The key to eliminating distractions is to organize and plan your day in advance. You may need family support or other items in order to successfully navigate this one.

I might offer my list of the biggest distractions we face:

  • Random TV; use the DVR and watch at an appointed time and race through the commercials. You can free up about 20 min per hour of programing. If you watched 3 hrs a day (which is a lot) you’d free up an hour doing this and could watch 3 hours of programming in about 2 hours.
  • Social Media surfing; Facebook could be called InYourFaceBook. There is a real  attachment people have to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because it allows us to connect to people and we get stroked with our greatest need; to feel we belong, every time someone “likes” a post or makes a comment. Again, schedule this activity. Be aware of how much time you’re actually using these mediums.
  • Repairs that need to be made to your home that you see everyday and ignore; these are distractions because every time to see them you pause with a thought, “I’ve got to get that fixed.” My recommendation is to make a list of all the repairs that need to be made so you remove them from your mind. Then with the time you’ve create in using these three tips you actually tackle these repairs first.


Yep, this tip will allow you to actually get more done in a day. By exercising in some form for one hour a day will substantially improve your health and create more personal energy. This new energy will give you a pop and you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to get things done. Those repairs I mentioned will be a breeze!

These will work

These three items literally made me 100% or more productive. My health rose. My relationships increased. My income tripled. While you may not get the gains I did because you’re probably starting from a better base than me, none the less, you’ll be rewarded.

Be productive!