How to Maintain Focus when your mind is all over the place

Is Your Mind Hyperactive?

Do you find it hard to maintain focus when your mind is hyperactive? You’re not alone. First, don’t beat yourself up. A hyperactive mind is a great attribute to have. It shows you’re very creative and you allow all the great ideas to surface.

I have that same mentality. I’ve learned to let the thoughts flow. I’ve learned how to stop them at night (most of the time) so I’m able to sleep.

In my video, I’ll teach you the number one strategy to keep you focused. I’ve tried many and this one is the bomb and works the best.

Conquer Any FEAR or Anxiety in 30 Seconds

A few years ago when my son was deployed to Aphganistan as a Black Hawk pilot in the US Army I had some anxious moments. War now became very real for me. To think that an enemy wanted to kill my son was very worrisome to me. I had never really suffered from anxiety before or great fear.

During this same year, my business went through some major changes and my income was reduced. That caused a great deal of anxiety too. I had to really resolve this issue. It’s not good to live in fear and anxiety. These emotions just don’t feel very good. It was starting to consume me and I know from prior experience, what I focus on, I find. I was giving life to my fears and anxiety and had to get back to peace and joy, the two emotions I do best with.

That’s when I developed a strategy to remove these emotions. With practice, I was able to remove these negative emotions just about as fast as I got them. Let me share my discovery with you.

Replace Anxiety & Fear with Peace & Joy

There are six distinct steps in the 30-second process. I’ve discovered that I can’t exempt any of the steps. Trust me, I’ve tried. In the beginning, using this method it would take

What can we learn from birds that don’t have a lot of stuff?

Why do we have to have big homes and then storage barns? Some of us even rent storage units for our “extra” stuff.

We need nice storage units to put our stuff that we don’t use.

Do we need all that stuff? What is the purpose of all our stuff? Does it bring us security? Satisfaction?

Have you ever seen a bird have a big nest to store it’s stuff? Birds don’t have stuff. They don’t sow and reap either and seem to be well cared for.

Who takes care of the bird’s needs? Does that same being take care of our needs?

People who seek more and more stuff may not ever have enough stuff.

People who seek truth seem to have more than enough stuff. They also allow the being that takes care of the birds to also take care of their needs. I guess when you have truth, what stuff you have doesn’t get in the way of gaining abundance.

What I like about not have a lot of stuff is that I don’t have to worry about forgetting where I put it.

Be small in a large way to live large in a small way!

eye_0dcf3Ever want to be under the radar screen and create abundance but didn’t think being shy would ever benefit you?

You like living small but are trying to figure out how that works to create more?

Ever wanted to punch the loud and obnoxious person who bumped into you while lumbering to their seat on an airplane?

As I had boarded my flight and sat down in my seat I noticed a large gentleman making his way down the isle. He was about my size however he seemed to bump into every person as he lumbered down the isle. He was pulling his luggage bag and it seemed to have a life of it’s own and was also bumping into every seat. People that had to endure his bumps were almost laughable rolling their eyes back in their head with the “Well I never!” huffy puffy look on their face.

As I witnessed this spectacle I said to myself, “I wonder if he wished he were smaller?”

I pondered the answer to that questioned and thought to myself that there are distinct times in my life that I wished I were smaller than my six foot five inch 193 pound frame, especially sitting on an airplane for 5 hours!

Then I wondered in our lives what are the times that it is actually beneficial to be small and even stealthy, staying out of the way and under the radar screen, of other people.

I believe in living big and going after your big dreams. Living big with your dreams means that you have to stay small and even stealthy in their accomplishment. No amount of abundance was ever earned by being large, obnoxious and bumping into others and drawing attention to you.

You’ve all experienced the loud person who seems to need to draw attention to him or herself. You may have even called that person obnoxious and self-centered. Certainly you may have secretly or even vocally wished they would live small and stealthy so you could avoid their unpleasant loud and even obnoxious behavior

If you’ve ever been around a person who was able to live big and true to their dreams then you’ve observed many times in their life how small and stealthy they were. They seem to be able to accomplished a lot but on the surface, if you didn’t know them, you’d think they were mild manner Clark Kent, a pushover of sorts, without his Superman uniform on.

Staying small and stealthy is a huge benefit in the creation and accomplishment of your goals. It’s a sign of a person focused on their vision. They don’t have time to “bump” into things or draw unwanted attention to themselves. They have a quiet confidence and are sure of themselves and that allows them to not need the acceptance of others to feel wanted and needed.

Brene Brown, PhD even has a name for this type of person. In her book, The Gifts of Imperfection, she refers to them as living “Wholehearted.” She says that those that live a quiet, small and stealthy life have one thing that sets them apart from those that need to lumber and draw attention to themselves; they believe they are worthy of love and acceptance and are thus authentic. They can stay small and vulnerable, putting their true selves on the stage for all to see, because they can accept that others may not accept them. She defines being authentic as, “the daily practice of letting go of who you think you should be and accepting who you really are.”

Being small and stealthy is not without it’s challenges. There are times that you may need to be bold and not under the radar screen. Certain leadership rolls may call upon you to be large and seen so you can share your message and vision for those you are leading. But those times are only mastered by preparing to be bold. Preparation is best done being small and stealthy.

Abundance is earned with many consistent small acts accumulated over a period of time. Small acts are best accomplished by living small and stealthy.

In my own experience as a very large person who felt a need to bump into things so I would be noticed (yes, I was one of those obnoxious people I spoke about) I had to learn to be small in order to live my big dreams. Taking Brene Brown’s message to heart, when I was able to let go of who I thought I needed to be as a pleaser, performer and perfectionist, and accept who I really was, a kind hearted fun loving passionate soul, my small life started producing some really great and large accomplishments.

Take my recent finish in the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. It took me 5 months of daily small tasks to prepare to complete the 140.6 miles in the allotted time. Each day preparing to race I would do a lap swim, a run or even ride several hours on my bike, small increments in comparison to the 2.4 miles in the actual Ironman swim, or the 112 mile bike portion and the very challenging 26.2 mile run. All that small consistent training prepared my body to complete the entire 140.6 miles and a finish in the greatest triathlon in the world.

In my business the same holds true. I enjoy a great income because my network marketing organization has over 13,600 people who consume a product that I earn a commission on and thus residual income, every time they purchase it. The network had to be built just like my preparation for the Ironman with daily and consistent small and stealthy steps.

It took me about 6 years of consistent small and stealthy actions to build this organization. I had to recruit over 180 people but I had to talk to at least 400. I had to spend many one-on-one hours with those that I was teaching to become a skillful network marketing professional so they could succeed. As they succeeded in being small and stealthy too, they added more to the 13,600 people in the organization than I’ve added.

Any thing in life that is meaningful takes a large dose of being small and stealthy. Those that master being authentic and vulnerable, also master being small and stealthy. The great orator Will Rodgers said, “Start big, grow little. Start small, grow big.” I’ll echo and say, “Be small in a large way to live large in a small way.”

For those who think that you’re shy, introverted and lacks confidence and thus could never live big, think again. You already have a good part figured out. If I can learn to be small and fit under the radar screen and actually feel at peace not being noticed, then so can anyone else. I’m always humbled when someone makes a comment about my big accomplishments, like the Ironman, by saying, “That’s a great accomplishment! You should be proud of yourself! I’m inspired by it but there is no way I could ever do that.” My message to them is that if they can perform small consistent daily actions in stealthy mode under the radar screen, they too can accomplish any big thing they desire!!!

What’s it take to own your own successful business?

what-it-takesIt doesn’t take a bunch of cash.

It doesn’t take a bunch of luck.

It doesn’t take a bunch of credit.

While these would be useful it’s not what it takes. In fact cash, luck and credit in the wrong person’s hands would still lead to bankruptcy.

Here’s the three things you need to own a successful business.

You need a big belief in yourself

The number one thing you need to start a successful business is a big belief in yourself. If you study the success of some of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time they all possessed this attribute. Almost none of them had any money to start. But they all knew in their heart that they could be successful.

Because so many people have doubts in their life probably explains why only 1 in 20 work for themselves. In my experience and according to many government statistics, 95% of this country’s wealth is owned by only 5%. That’s 1 in 20. That’s 1 entrepreneur to 19 employees.

My good friend Lenny Evans states, “Even 1% doubt is 0% faith.” What he means is that even the smallest amount of doubt will kill your ability to own a successful business.

You need to have a clear vision of your future

You are what you think. I’ve mentored hundreds of new entrepreneurs and the one correlation with success is the level of clarity they have about their future. The bigger your future’s vision the bigger your desire will be to make it a reality. With a big vision and clarity you’ll be able to stay laser focused on what your goals are.

Most people do not have any vision of their future. They get the default plan. They stay poor and unfulfilled. They are easily distracted. They watch 3-5 hours of TV daily. They complain at success and make fun of those who are fit and healthy. They are like sheep and will follow the crowd even if then ran over the cliff.

It takes work to create a clear vision. It starts with a dream. It ends up written on a paper after some thought and research. It is so clear that you’ll even believe it’s already happened! That’s clarity and belief!

You need to have faith

Let me define faith because many people do not really know what it means.

In the New Testament in Hebrews 11:1 states, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Faith is believing that something can come to pass even though there is no evidence of seeing it. Thus, you hope for a successful business and you believe it will happen if you put in the time and effort to achieve it. Therefore, you have “faith” that if you do your part, the object of your desire will be created.

Now Lenny’s statement above will make more sense. If you have 1% doubt, you will not have any faith and you will not even put any effort toward making your business a success let alone even starting one.

Walt Disney only had a vision of Disneyland and a ton of faith. Look what he created. Something that changed the world!