What’s the Best Income Earning Opportunity for Women Today?

Women have more options than ever before to earn income. While comparison pay with men still lags behind, our economy is forgiving and there are new innovating ways for women to earn more than men.

What profession has 5.3 million people (at the end of 2016) who are actively building income for themselves and 74% are women? The largest age segment in this innovated profession is between 35-44 (26%). The age segment that is catching up and the fastest growing is between 25-34.


My Experience With This Profession

When I was in high school I really didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. My dad was a plumber and his dad before him. My dad did teach me how to use my hands and I’m forever grateful for that. He said there were only three things I needed to know to become a plumber; “Poop rolls downhill, the boss is an SOB, and payday is Friday.”

Why People Start Their Own Business vs Working for Someone Else

I could lose everything I have if I worked for myself! I’m not willing to do that at my age.

It’s way to risky. I see my boss when we have bad months. He’s not happy. I don’t want that for me.

Who would ever buy anything from me? I just don’t have the skills needed to pull it off.

I like my job and the people I work with. I think if I left to do something on my own they would disown me. I see how they bad mouthed a friend of mine who left a few years ago to work for herself. When she failed they ridiculed her. It was really sad.

Of course I’d like to work for myself. Take time off or work when I wanted. I think I’d be way better than my boss. Honestly, I just wouldn’t even know how to really do it.

Can you relate?

Most Americans Want to Start Their Own Business

The thought of working for yourself and wanting to own your own business is a desire of most Americans. Yet upon reflection the “risk, how will this hurt my brain mechanism” pops up in your mind and you dismiss the notion of ever even trying to start your own business.

Why is that?

According to a CNN/Gallup Poll if given a choice of starting their own business or working for someone else, 57% of Americans would opt for the former, while 40% would choose to work for someone else. Among people who are actually employed, the margin in favor of being their own boss is even greater — 61% to 38%.


When the poll is further broken down by age the results are staggering.

by age

Yet I don’t know of one person who doesn’t want more money because it provides them:

  • More choices
  • More security
  • More certainty
  • More ways to help others

By far the two broad categories that people fall into to create income as the poll was taken is:

  • Work for someone else
  • Start your own business

Most people opt for the first option and work for someone else even though they would rather start  their own business. In fact about 95% that work in the US work for someone else. The other 5% work for them self in their own business. Here’s how that shakes out.

  • 19 out of 20 work for someone else
  • 1 out of 20 work for themself
  • Here’s what that looks like: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X S

Why People Would Rather Work for Someone Else

Because 95% work for someone else it sets a “cultural” standard that is hard to break free from. Your parents probably worked for someone else and taught you to “get a good education” and “get a good JOB” and then after 40 years you’ll have a pension. That’s part of this norm.

Colleges, universities and vocational schools teach this also. They have to if you think about it. If people went to work for them self instead of going to college and get a job, the colleges would lose income. Did you know that most business classes are taught by professors who have never ran their own business? Most of their business knowledge they got out of book or researching how an entrepreneur did it.

As I think back on the professors I had in college, they really didn’t teach me anything that I really needed to know to run the several businesses I’ve owned. They never taught me courage. They never taught me how to persevere in the face of trials and adversity. They never taught me how to have a big dream and vision and to go for it. All the book learning I’ve rarely used.

Is Being an Employee Just Voluntary Servitude?

The truth is to really gain financial and time choices you have to work for yourself for one reason;

Gain control.

If you voluntarily submit to being controlled by a boss in exchange for a guaranteed amount of pay you’ll never truly be free.

In fact in corporate America today it pays to learn corporate politics instead of being skillful. The politics keep the boss happy. Have you ever experienced a fellow coworker who was an expert at brown nosing because they really sucked at their job?

If you’re looking for more financial choices there is really only a few ways to do it.

If you’re looking for more “money” in the job world you’ll only be able to do that in a few ways:

  • You have to earn more per hour,
  • You have to work more hours (or get second and third jobs),
  • You have to leave your employment and go to another job to get a pay raise.
  • (you have no control in each of these three)

In each of these you really don’t add financial and time/freedom choices. You actually reduce them because you are spending time away from the things you want to spend more time doing. While you may have more “money” you don’t have more choices.

What’s Holding Most People Back?

Most people have within their soul what it takes to start their own business. It really is unlocking that within them:

It takes an independent and courageous attitude.

It takes a different attitude to start your own business. The biggest attitude of those that break free of the voluntary servitude and start their own business can be summed up as follows:

Self worth.

A person that starts their own business usually [not always though] believes they are enough. They don’t need the kudos of others to gain a measure of self worth. They give kudos to them self and feels okay being alone. They like them self and don’t care what other people say about them. They feel good about them self. Many have great self love and compassion for others.

They are comfortable being independent. Doing it their way in spite of the spears and arrows that will be shot at them from others who are insecure. The people that throw darts don’t like anyone to threaten their way of life of being mediocre and part of the norm.

People that start their own business don’t like running with the herd and accepting the herd’s belief that it is safer being in the niche even though the herd is actually run by those leaders outside the herd.

One of the most courageous acts a person will ever do is just being who they really are. Courage to be authentic. Courage to act and not be acted upon.

I coach people who work for others and business owners and this attitude of self worth always seems to be a delineating difference. I’m not amazed anymore of the shame people carry. Once the shame is identified then the flood gates open to personal self worth and breakthroughs in peace and performance.

The great story here is that EVERYONE can learn to have self worth. It’s within every person.


Am I Enough? | Poem of Self-worth and Beauty

FacebookpostAm I Enough?

By Michael Lantz

 When you passed the veil to the earth
You knew of your infinite worth
Pure and sweet and ready to gain
You had never experienced the pain of shame.

You knew the risks a life would be
All you wanted was to be free
Mistakes you’d make to learn to be you
You knew it was better to be happy than blue.

Little by little your courage was tested
Some worth was challenged, some growth rested
You asked the question, “Am I enough?”
The caregivers you loved at times were rough.

Yet you overcame and loved your less
Acceptance of your imperfections to progress
No you were not always the best
But you were grateful and passed the test.

The test of self-love of all your flaws
Seemed to be your life of purpose and cause
I am enough you owned in humility
Would hold you steady in mortality.

Life threw you rocks and many darts
But not one could bruise your warrior heart
And what gave you strength to continue true
Your vision of greatness was your only view.

Some of your brothers and sisters had it rough
Their caregivers passed their shame and it made it tough
They didn’t accept their perfect souls
They couldn’t see their greatness but only their holes.

Shame they gave them as their legacy to hold
In time their heart turned from warm to cold
The internalized pain could not be released
Your brothers and sister’s demon became their beast.

That demon was a lack of self unconditional love
The worse disconnection was Father above
Their pain was real they avoided it’s release
Never could they find the freedom of peace.

Pretending to be not at all them self
Rejection was hard they felt alone on a dark shelf
Deep inside their body without it’s smile
When the light of God called their inner child.

This child while layered over with shame
Has the ability to heal with the self-love flame
It takes accepting all their weaknesses toll
Yes I am enough, I’m not incomplete but totally whole.

Healing begins when they started to believe
Back in time they went the hurt inner child to grieve
As the inner child begins anew to grow
Life starts to happen and peace begins to flow.

The values they hold dear and inside the child
Is not rushed and never reckless or dangerously wild
Giving all their focus on God and His grace
Any new pain goes away with his healing brace.

In the completion of healing the shame goes away
Never again will they feel they have to stray
When they complete this new process each day
They express their gratitude and always pray.

Again they pass the veil to the earth
They now know their infinite worth
Pure and sweet and ready to gain
They’ll never again experience the pain of shame.

Freedom; How social engineering is controlling you into “agreed” slavery

Everyone here desires something. You came here in the hope of getting what you wanted, either now or later.

What ever your reason for being here almost everybody’s biggest desires has to do with some aspect of freedom.

Let’s talk about freedom. What’s freedom? I’m sure if I went around this room and asked everyone we might have a lot of different answers. I know what freedom means to me but it may have an entirely different meaning for you.

Free will is not freedom. Everyone has free will but may not have freedom. Even a slave has free will and it cannot be taken from him. If he plows the fields, he has decided that he just “prefers” to do this rather than be whipped. Free will only means that you know what you want and can make appropriate choices.

I like to define freedom in terms of some of its outcomes. What are some outcomes of freedom for you? [Example: health freedom I feel better and I’m not restricted in my movement. Take a few shout outs from the audience] Maybe those are why you came tonight for those things.

How does freedom create these states? It’s simple. It’s because you are not in a constant fight for survival! When you have freedom all the energy that you used to expend to survive can now be used for other more meaningful things! This is why people with freedom seem to create more success with ease because all their energy can be expended growing instead of surviving.

You know when your freedom is taken away because someone or something is exercising some form of control over you and it doesn’t feel comfortable. It’s like when poor health totally controls you. If you have a simple cold you’ll put all kinds of stuff in your body, nose or rub on’s just to get rid of it!

When we talk of freedom I love talking about what the patriots did to earn liberty for all of us. I love how the patriots in 1776 said “I’m not taking this anymore!” and kicked England’s butt to win our freedom! They told the queen to stick it up her nose to her religion and high taxes and tariffs. Those in 1776 were fiercely independent! Our Constitution was born out of that independence.

Freedom has a lot to do with how you make decisions to exercise your free will. Let’s talk about two kinds of decision processes. You can make a “conscious” decision where you have all the facts and truth before you and you’re not compelled by fear. On the contrary the other kind of decision is what I call “survival instinct based” decisions where you’re acting either with or without all the facts and truth and with the element of uncertainty and/or fear.

This type of decision may lead you to accept “agreed” slavery. Agreed slavery may sound harsh but in a way it’s what we accept when we work for a boss who controls us. Sure you’re are not going to be whipped but you can be fired and lose income to pay your basic needs so you work out of fear. Had our founders made a decision to accept the control of their freedom and allow England to be our boss, I’m not sure you’d have your freedoms you enjoy today.

Would you agree that fear controls people? Fear certainly was used to control the slave plowing fields. Is that same fear used today to control you?

Is our work system in our country any different today with employees working for bosses? How many of you have ever used the term, “Slaving away” to describe your work?

Why do people cling to these limiting systems, like working for someone else? Fear of the unknown is very powerful, especially amongst people without the knowledge to make a good conscious decision. We all need certainty and that unfortunately can lead you away from faith and reason. Just fear of not having your next meal can trap you. Fear of being without, fear of being alone or criticized, fear of being attacked, fear of dying, fear of poor health can really control and stifle your growth.

Why do so few people choose to create a higher level of freedom and work for themselves? Why do so many people choose to work for a boss?

Why has the percentage of self employed people decreased so dramatically since the birth of our nation when almost everyone worked for himself? Did you know that in 1900 about 5 in 10 people worked for them self and now only 1 in 10 do? Why the major shift? Where did the independent spirit go that created this nation? What happened to change this attitude in the last 100 years? Has fear overtaken the independent spirit?

Here is my take on why. Fear is used today throughout all society to control you and to keep you from personal empowerment and the discovery of a way to make income based upon the underlying principles of love, sharing, giving and cooperation. I believe everyone here tonight has that independent spirit. I believe it’s a part of your DNA.

Let’s talk a minute about a single mom I know. She was working full time to make ends meet. There’s a ceiling on the amount of money she can make at her current company. They require a graduate degree in order for her to move beyond her current position.

For her the thought of paying tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for some letters after her name and the potential, not promise, of making a few more thousands per year doesn’t seem to add up. Especially because she will have to take out loans that she’ll be paying back for years to get the advanced degree in the first place.

This woman adds a TON of value in her life already. She’s an amazing mom. She’s great at her job. She spreads sunshine wherever she goes.

So what can she do? Is she free? Can she have more freedom?

The reality is this: most of you want to make more money because it will allow you to have more choices. More choices equal more freedom. More freedom equals more results of freedom that you talked about earlier.

You don’t want to sit around with wads of hundred dollar bills in your hands. While that might be fun for a bit, the novelty would soon wear off.

You want money because you want freedom. You want to be able to do, have, and be the things you want. Agreed?

You may not want it all, but you want what you want.

Our society preaches fear. Ever hear this line, “You better get an education so you can get a good job?” Sure you have. In fact your parents may have even told you that. You see from the turn of the century in 1900 big companies and colleges spread it and thus you have a reduction of the number of people who work for themselves. The worse offender of preaching fear is governments and politicians. How so? They only talk about the unemployment rate. That is the rate of “employee” unemployment. What about the rate of those who work for themselves? Politicians only promise more jobs for “employees” and rarely about promising to grow the rate of new people who want to create their own business and freedom. The government and politicians rarely, if ever, talk about individual freedom of owning your own business. Why? It ‘s simple. There are more voters who are employees in a state of agreed slavery than people who work for themselves. They need sheep who will follow and not leaders who will lead.

Have you ever followed the path of my hero Dave MacArthur, a former auto mechanic? He barely had enough to take care of his big family. He made a survival instinct based decision to just work more because at the time he was not “conscious” of all the facts and was ruled by fear. He started a 4 am daily paper route before he went into work. Then when he got home from his job at the car dealership he worked on other people’s cars at his home until late at night. Anyone else ever just work more hours like Dave? Working more may reduce the stress of survival at the cost of not having a life or worse yet, like in Dave’s case, his health.

I hope I’ve caught your attention. You might now be thinking that I’m on to something and that you may actually get what you wanted when you came here tonight.

How then does society generally use fear to control you? Why do you choose “agreed” slavery and work for a boss?

There are several famous analogies about this phenomenon. Elephants for example are tied to a stake in the ground with little to circumscribe their maneuverability. They learn their “limitations” well. Later on the rope is removed, but the elephant will stay in the same circumscribed limits. The same has been told of many animals.

Sadly it works on humans as well. For the vast majority of people, their first option is to get a job. The tether is off your ankle but you still choose to get a job.

Scientists have been capitalizing on this behavioral tendency for a long time, the most famous of which is Pavlov and his salivating dogs. Remember your school period bells ringing like fire alarms between classes? You can thank Pavlov’s work and the implementation of the social engineers. Same dynamic at work in advertising, politics, religion and any aspect of life.

rogue1The media pumps amusement, materialism, fashion and other forms of acceptance conditioning to keep you totally preoccupied with self-indulgence. Here’s how this works. If you fear poverty and how others think about you, which most people do, and an ad comes on TV about a new car. You say to yourself, “If I had that car people wouldn’t think that I was poor.” So you go into debt to buy the car so people won’t think you are poor. Guess what? Now you spend your money on a car instead of something that may actually make you money. You become what you fear. Because you fear poverty and being criticized businesses will market to your fear. That’s social engineering.

Truth is, most people I talk to have never considered they can work for themselves. Most never even thought it was an option yet when surveyed 72% want to own their own business.

What’s the answer? What’s the path to true freedom? Take the single mom I spoke about. What is the answer for her? Or Dave MacArthur? Or for you?

If you want the ultimate luxury — choice — you have to have a business like those fiercely independents that forged this country or in 1900 who worked for themselves.

Working for someone else will never allow you to make as much money as you want and have as much freedom as you want. It just won’t because you’re being controlled.

Is working for someone else an amazing path for some people? Yes! And I’m all for it if it feels right to you. I’ve talked to many people who believe that having a steady paycheck makes them feel free. That’s awesome. More power to you. Plus, not everyone is an entrepreneur. I get that and I honor it.

If you really want freedom, the best way I know is to create a “freedom-based” business and not a “burnout-prone” business. If you want true freedom, choose a model that reduces your start up risk and will allow you to create a system that brings in money whether you’re working or not.

Would you agree that having money come in whether you were working or not would create freedom? Also having a business based on cooperation, love, sharing and giving would be so much better than one based on competition, hard line sales, and controlling others as employees. I came out of that type and it was certainly not freedom.

For me and millions of others, a business like that exists! It’s called network marketing!

It’s based on those attributes of cooperation, love, sharing and giving and “after” you build it up you can get paid even if you stop working. Like any successful business, it takes concentrated work and time to create the income flow.

Let me explain a little how it works on the dry erase board.

You create your membership in a company that has products or services you believe in because they work and at a fair price.

Because you love others you share your discovery and your own results at first with just your family and close friends and then with others [LOVE and SHARING] and hope they see the wisdom of having it in their life as well. Not all will see it. Some are still locked in making survival instinct based decisions.

The ones that join with you need your help to understand the many skills needed so they can acquire freedom too. You begin to serve them by supporting them, providing education to them, passing needed information and to lend an ear when they need to talk. [GIVING].

Then they begin their quest for financial freedom by doing the same thing. Together you cooperate with them and they are now a true partner with you. As they succeed you succeed. There is no competition because when they are highly successful you get paid on all their success too! [COOPERATION]

Then the beautiful thing happens. All these people are now in your tree of partners and when they work by love, sharing, cooperation and giving and find others who agree and join in the tree, you get paid on every success they have whether you’re working to help them or not. But because you like to help others succeed you share the message with as many people as you can. They benefit and they, like you, begin the quest to get rid of people and organizations that control them too.

That single mom I talked about and Dave MacArthur the mechanic; today each earn over a million dollars a year following this model.

It has worked amazingly well for me too. Having the freedom that money brings  even when I’m not working is truly a blessing!

Agreed slavery or freedom from love, sharing, giving and cooperation? Seems like the choice is an easy one. Break free of the social engineers that control you by fear and explore working for yourself!


Dream job or Dream life?

dream-jobWould you rather have a dream job or a dream life? I know when I came out of college in December 1978 I wanted the dream job. I didn’t really think about what a dream life would be. I know today many young people who come out to college are just wishing for any job.

I wasn’t really taught that college was the only way back when I graduated high school in 1974. I don’t think that has really changed. My mom had a two year degree and became a nurse while my dad had no secondary education other than serving 4 years in the US Navy as a SeaBee (C/B for construction battalion). He became a plumber/pipefitter. When I graduated high school dad wanted me to become a plumber. Mom didn’t really care.

It took many years of working, most of the time either for myself or as a partner in a large CPA firm, before I longed for more. The accolades of my peers and clients was not fulfilling anymore and there was something missing in my life.

Upon much study and soul searching, I discovered what was missing; dreaming of much more abundance in my life and leaving a real legacy for others including my sons and grandchildren. I started to feel locked inside a system of deadlines, returning client calls and endless hours during tax season of transferring numbers on a  piece of paper (a form 1040 US Income Tax Return) and sending it in to the IRS to settle up. What a waste of time I thought. I felt bad that my entrepreneurial clients who had to use their hard earned money on this process and getting no return. It would have been much better to invest that money in their business and create wealth. The government settle-up process of paying tax is a huge waste of resources.

A Dream Life

I had to get real with myself and exercise a lot of courage to make some life shifting decisions. Thankfully, the commitment and courage paid off and with much work I’m living my life on purpose and in many ways I’m living my dream.

Everybody’s dream life would be different. However there are some similarities. Here are my top five:

  1. You would embrace who you really were and not be what everyone else wanted you to be. You would accept your imperfections and realize they are really gifts. You would accept yourself and not need acceptance from others for your happiness. You’d be open to all possibilities and would easily be able to discern the truth you needed in order to go after your deepest passions.
  2. You would have superior health. Your health and fitness would allow you to pursue any physical challenge needed to accomplish your biggest desires.
  3. You would be completely free financially. This would allow you to live on purpose and be creative to serve your family and others. The concept of time would never be a constraint upon you.
  4. You would seek creative ways to provide value to others and serve them. Your happiness would grow as you were the instrument for others to achieve their dreams and goals.
  5. You’d live in the moment. You’d make each and everyday an adventure in itself. You’d freely share your knowledge with anyone open to accept it. You’d partner, in a way, with complete strangers and in a moment of sharing, become friends as if you had been friends your entire life

A Dream Job

A dream job would only be what would allow you a dream life.

The Ultimate Transition

Speaking only for myself but having experienced this transition in others I believe transitioning from having a dream job (or really any job) to a dream life is available to anyone. Here are the absolute steps that must be present:

  1. You must see clearly what your dream life would be. You must know how it feels and practice feeling that daily.
  2. You must believe in yourself. You must be authentic; embracing who you really are. You must say and believe, “I am enough!”
  3. You must do the things others are not willing to do to create financial freedom. This will be hard. You must face fear with complete courage before you move forward.
  4. You must express gratitude that everything in your life is a blessing; even your challenges.
  5. You must create a complete healthy lifestyle starting with what you eat.

It’s Worth It2283907991_a4253fc9d9_z

Making major changes in your life may be very scary! They were for me too. What made them manageable is that you only need to make small changes every 90 days. Those small changes add up over time.

It will be worth it to you. I’ve asked many millionaires what was more important; the money you earned to become financially free or the person you became in the process. Without exception each has told me the exact same thing; the person they become was more important.

Once you understand this you’ll discover, as I have and many others who have achieved financial freedom, that the money and wealth come ONLY after you grow as a person. With that, working on making you better is key.

Don’t wish your life was easier, wish you were better!

You got this!