What can you expect in starting a ketogenic diet

What You Can Expect When You Start a Ketogenic Lifestyle

What can you expect when you start a Ketogenic diet

The #1 Best Way to Crush Your New Year’s Resolution

I’m not real big on resolutions. The vast majority of people that set them do not accomplish them.

Why Don’t You Accomplish Your Resolutions

Give yourself a pat on the back for wanting to change your life and setting resolutions. Perhaps you’ve set them in the past and actually accomplished them. If so, a big shout out to you!

The reason people fail to achieve their goal is simple. Let me use the following analogy.

Vessels full of vinegar

If you wanted to store vinegar, you’d store it in a “vessel” made for it. It wouldn’t be fancy, after all, it’s storing vinegar and not wine. Everyone would know it was vinegar because of the shape of the vessel. Every time you opened the top and began to pour, vinegar would always come out. Wine would never pour out of a vinegar vessel.

The Power of One; One task, one goal, one purpose

The most productive times in my life I was only focused on doing one thing.

The times of most frustration in my life I was chasing several goals at once.

It seems to me that it’s like a laser beam. It works because it is a massive amount of power focused on a a very small area.

Remember burning leaves with a tiny plastic magnifying glass? You’d just adjust the magnifying glass up or down to narrow the size of the beam. The small the beam the more powerful it was and before long the leaf would be burning.

Of course my brother and I would sneak the beam on each other and try to burn each other.

People talk about how a women can multitask. I suppose that’s true. Why does that work for her? Well, her entire focus usually is on her family and all those tasks are toward them. Therefore, she has one focus and doing many things at once for them.

Even in biblical times this was true. Jesus taught, “The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light.” Luke 11:34 KJV

Kinda explains why the magnifying glass works. Or mom raising her family. Or you creating a life’s legacy.


AMP Up Finding Solutions & Opportunities | The LOOK Factor (Episode 029)

Ever find something and say, “That’s exactly what I was looking for!?” Ever see something you passed on only to find a friend used it later with great success? Why do some people seem to find all the great solutions and opportunities?

Highlights of today’s show:

  • The key to finding is “looking” correctly
  • Why doesn’t everyone do this simple concept?
  • A millionaire who first threw the opportunity away and gained it back
  • The 3% at Harvard who did this one concept and had a combined net worth of the other 97%
  • The right people are in your life but you may not see them

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The Greatest Possession You Can Ever Own

greatest-possestionWhat’s the greatest possession you own?

Your home, car, big bank account.

Perhaps it’s a relationship; with your spouse, companion, child or friend. Maybe even a parent.

For you maybe it’s your business because you treat it with the greatest of care.

The Greatest Possession You Can Ever Own

For me, I believe the greatest possession you can ever own is a clear vision of your future.

Most people I’ve mentored did not own that vision in the beginning which makes me think that most people in the world do not own that vision. What little part of a vision of their future they did own was not clear and was wrought with doubt.

Why is this the greatest possession you can ever own?

Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland contains a phrase that perhaps bests answer this question. In an exchange between Alice and the Cheshire Cat said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there.” Let’s use an analogy to describe what he meant.

If you were in a thick forrest where it was difficult to see where you were going if might be hard to tell which direction would lead you to safety. If you knew you had to get out of the forrest for your survival you’d at least start going down some path. As you continued on your journey you might be acutally headed in the right direction but you wouldn’t know it because you “didn’t know where you were going” as Mr. Carroll said. You might get discouraged and change directions even though the original direction would lead you to safety. After going in this new direction and again not seeing any signs that it was right, you would again become discouraged. Then you saw another hiker. You became excited. You asked him how to get out. He gladly told you what he thought was right. You were elated and began to go where he told you.

What you didn’t know is this hiker was lost too. That hiker, not wanting to appear stupid and wanting to make you like him, with confidence told you how to get out. This lost hiker didn’t know “where he was going and any path would take him there” as well.

After several days along this route you felt you were as lost as ever. A dark deep discouragement overshadowed you. You stopped going anywhere now.

After several days of just sitting still another hiker approached you. You were skeptical at this point in believing another lost hiker. In fact you now believe that every hiker you’ll ever meet is just as lost as you.

But this hiker is different. This hiker has a map. This hiker looks prepared. This hiker is there to serve you and doesn’t really care if you like him or not. He offers you food and water. But the best thing he offers you is a map and compass. He even teaches you how to use it. Finally, your vision of your future is clear and now all the steps you make are leading you to your final destination.

My Vision of Health

Many years ago I was offered a map to my health. It was called Ironman Triathlon. I knew it would lead me to my goal of health. My goal is to be unrestricted in my ability to choose to be able to attempt any physical challenge I wanted.

before-after-surgeryThis year I’ve entered three Ironman triathlons and one of them is the World Championship in Kona Hawaii on October 10th and the other two are Ironman Coeur de’Alene on June 28th and Ironman Arizona on November 14th.

Those are my clear visions of my future.

On May 7th I had a very bad bike crash accident that dislocated my left clavicle (see above xray) and did major damage to the tendons and ligaments that held it in place. On May 12th I had surgery to repair the injury. I’ve got 12 screws and a plate now in my shoulder.

But I’m still in possession of my clear vision of the future.

Right after the accident I had a few nasty bouts of negative thoughts and discouragement. I had a few “why now?” and “why me?” After all doesn’t God know that I have an important Ironman in Idaho that will prepare me for the World Championship?

Thankfully, with my greatest possession, I was able to dismiss those thoughts and focus on my goals. I declared to those in the ER and to my surgeon that I would race in Idaho on June 28th. They all just looked at me with that, “You’re nuts!” look. The surgeon gave my therapy doctor specific instructions to not move the shoulder for 5 weeks. That would only give me one week to prepare for to swim the 2.4 miles in Ironman Idaho.

My therapy and rehab doctor, Dr. Robert Braden DC, even had doubt at first that I would be able to race in Idaho. But over the three visits I’ve had with him he has now changed his tune. Because I looked him in the eye and through the confidence of my clear vision of the future, I declared, “Doc, to prepare for Idaho while my shoulder heals, I can walk and ride a stationary bike and swim with one arm (the good arm not injured). With your help, I want to give this my all!”

He now has hope too.

You see, hope is all that we have to keep us going and when your vision is clear of your future, you can see the paths that no one else sees. You are the hiker with a map. You don’t get discouraged. You get excited!

The photo in the beginning of the blog is me, this morning, on my first walk only 5 days after my surgery. I have a map. I also have hope.

I have a clear vision of my future. Do you see now? You too can have that same possession.