Conquer Any FEAR or Anxiety in 30 Seconds

A few years ago when my son was deployed to Aphganistan as a Black Hawk pilot in the US Army I had some anxious moments. War now became very real for me. To think that an enemy wanted to kill my son was very worrisome to me. I had never really suffered from anxiety before or great fear.

During this same year, my business went through some major changes and my income was reduced. That caused a great deal of anxiety too. I had to really resolve this issue. It’s not good to live in fear and anxiety. These emotions just don’t feel very good. It was starting to consume me and I know from prior experience, what I focus on, I find. I was giving life to my fears and anxiety and had to get back to peace and joy, the two emotions I do best with.

That’s when I developed a strategy to remove these emotions. With practice, I was able to remove these negative emotions just about as fast as I got them. Let me share my discovery with you.

Replace Anxiety & Fear with Peace & Joy

There are six distinct steps in the 30-second process. I’ve discovered that I can’t exempt any of the steps. Trust me, I’ve tried. In the beginning, using this method it would take

AMP Up Finding Solutions & Opportunities | The LOOK Factor (Episode 029)

Ever find something and say, “That’s exactly what I was looking for!?” Ever see something you passed on only to find a friend used it later with great success? Why do some people seem to find all the great solutions and opportunities?

Highlights of today’s show:

  • The key to finding is “looking” correctly
  • Why doesn’t everyone do this simple concept?
  • A millionaire who first threw the opportunity away and gained it back
  • The 3% at Harvard who did this one concept and had a combined net worth of the other 97%
  • The right people are in your life but you may not see them

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The Proven Compound Effect of Small Daily Discipline

Not that every millionaire would be your role model but there is no doubt that creating the million dollars might be something that you’d strive for. Money isn’t the most important thing in life and these success factors of millionaires may surprise you and give you resolve that you might have the ability to duplicate their success.

Millionaires’ Success Factors

(1) Percentage of Millionaires indicating Factor is Important + (Very important), rank based on Very important rating)

Thomas J. Stanley Ph.D., The Millionaire Mind (Table 2-1, p. 34)

My ULTIMATE Business has to be FUN!

Work is work. Fun is fun!!! What business would you want; work or FUN?

What would need to be in your Ultimate business?

Sit around at a party and just ask the question what would your ultimate business have to include. Listen to the answers fly!

I quit the CPA profession because it was not the Ultimate business. It was work. Not fun at all. Ever see a CPA smile? You get my point.

I explored this very question and made a list of what I wanted in my Ultimate business and then went on a quest to find it. I believe these have to be included in the Ultimate business.

Here are a few of what I would NOT want to be in my Ultimate business:


  • No boss (at least the crappy kind who are control freaks and think they know more than you)
  • No commute (the worse for me is driving anywhere in town. My stressometer goes off the chart)
  • No alarm clock (hated that damn thing! Finally threw it away and had a going away party instead of a funeral for it!)
  • No employees (Hallelujah! When I had employees I was more of a baby sitter. Seems like I spent more time serving them than my customers.)
  • No politics (you think our federal and state politics are bad, they are worse inside an organization.)
  • No compromises (never like compromising my standards or myself just to please others.)
  • No discrimination (totally hate discrimination. Read more about this below.)
  • No educational requirement (I went to college to earn an education in a profession. I never really learned how to be an entrepreneur. In my mind if you’re motivated to succeed and like to serve others you can excel without a college education.)

Now the fun begins. These are the things that I wanted to have in my Ultimate business:


  • Something positive (it’s a great blessing to me to see the positive side of everything. It brings joy and happiness to me to see others happy and fulfilled.)
  • Great product or service (I wanted something that I believed in and made such a difference in my life and I could become passionate in sharing it with others with confidence.)
  • Unlimited income (Who doesn’t want this? More below.)
  • Residual income (mailbox money I like to call it. More below.)
  • Enjoy the people I work with (to be able to meet more like-minded people that I could really connect with was important to my personal enjoyment.)
  • Time freedom (do what ever the heck I want to do without restrictions.)
  • Something meaningful (I wanted something bigger than myself. I wanted a movement, a lifestyle that I could align with my own values.)
  • Personal growth (I love to learn and improve in all areas of my life.)
  • Lots of perks (trips, bonuses, trips, bonuses, trips…..)
  • International (I want to visit my business in New Zealand and then fly to China and eat real sushi)
  • Contribution to worthy causes (charitable causes excite me!)
  • Low risk (love this one and it’s what I did to help clients as their CPA for years!)
  • Low start-up costs (who wouldn’t want this one?)
  • Economy-proof (the 2009 recession eliminated 90% of my net worth and I can’t have that happen anymore.)
  • Tax benefits (it’s great writing off lots of stuff, like racing and training for the Ironman!)
  • Fun!

Let’s Expound On a Few

No boss

I’ve worked for some great bosses and some a$$holes. You know what I mean? Truth be told I felt like I was always smarter and worked harder than any boss I ever had. Most felt threatened by me and because of that were down right mean. In my Ultimate business I’ll be my own boss. I won’t be mean either. Mean people suck!

No politics

Oh my goodness the crap that goes on inside an office or organization as a result of insecure people. The games people play to be recognized or just fit in are legendary. In fact I believe the only criteria for any employee is to just please his/her boss. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not about service to anyone other than your boss. Customers don’t matter. Vendors don’t matter. Only the man/woman who has the right to fire you matters. This is why a bunch of politics are played. Some people are so good at it they get promotions and perks when they couldn’t own a real job or business if they were in the real world. I think they are still called “brown nosers.” Do you know some of these people? Brown nosers suck just as bad as mean people!

No discrimination

I think that this comes into play more from the perspective of an employer’s insecurity. Unfortunately insecurity is real and so is discrimination. To me the only criteria for hiring or to run your own Ultimate business are the results that are achieved. Results don’t care what the color your skin is or your education or gender. Results certainly don’t care if you’re a blond! Blonds don’t suck!!!

Unlimited Income

Now were talking! When I practiced as a CPA and was paid based on my hourly rate (a retarded way of charging for value) my income was limited by the number of hours I could work and what my billing rate was. In my Ultimate business I’d receive the same reward as those that produced with me! Yep, that’s right. If a person earned $500 a week on their own efforts so would I. That rocks! It’s called leverage and it’s what the big business boys and girls do so well. Thus the more people I had producing and spending time working for themselves, the more that would free me up of my time. Now that’s smart! Unlimited income doesn’t suck either!

Residual Income (Mailbox money)

Mailbox money means that I’m paid over and over again on the same hour I spent 4 years ago. As a CPA I could only get paid “once” for an hour (although I know some attorneys who doubled billed. Rotten guys!). What would you rather have; get paid $250 for an hour spent, or $60 every month for the rest of your life for the hour you spent? See what I mean?

I know you’re thinking that doesn’t exist in the real world. Hate to burst your bubble. It does exist!

It would be like the Ultimate 401K plan that would pay you a stream of income for your life and your children’s life and your grandchildren’s life without ever having a dime socked away in some lousy mutual fund somewhere. Cool sauce, uh?


I love this one the best! Life is about having fun and laughing with your friends. To go to work is really a weird statement in the Ultimate business. It’s more like, “Honey, I’m going to Fun now. See you later after I get off of Fun. Let’s go out tonight and have some Fun!” Work is the four letter word for hell.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll certainly have to work in the Ultimate business, especially to earn the reward of those awesome criteria above.

A Better Way

Okay so now you’re thinking I’m a kook and must have lost my marbles. You might be thinking that their is no way that you’d ever be the owner of an Ultimate business. I am a kook but not because of the Ultimate business.

I’m a kook for slaving as a CPA for 30 years and not finding the Ultimate business sooner.

The Ultimate business exists. It’s called network marketing.

I’ve done them all; employee and small business owner with brick and mortar. I’ve been an investor. Network marketing beats all of them hands down and it fits all the areas I wanted above.

Look into it for yourself.

Don’t look at some of the weird networkers that twist your arm to join. They are posers in our profession. Look at those achieving success for answers.

Good hunting! If you need my help please contact me.