Look in the Mirror | You Must See Value In Yourself And Add Value to Yourself

The Law of the Mirror; You Must See Value in Yourself & Add Value to Yourself. You’ve probably said to someone sarcastically after they made a mistake and blamed someone else to “Go look in the mirror” and there they will see the real cause. But what do you see when you look in the mirror? What is your self image? What is holding you back and does it reveal itself to you?

Today I’m covering The Law of the Mirror from John Maxwell’s book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Highlights of today’s show:

  • Hear John Maxwell discuss the Law of the Lid
  • Review what Potential really is
  • Steps to build identity and image
  • Comparison is the thief of joy
  • Increase your self image by serving others
  • Practice small daily discipline

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Hope; Expecting a Great Life

Hope is such a great emotion! Perhaps its the greatest one. With hope a person can find joy and abundance. Yet without hope, life seems meaningless. If you or someone you know is struggling entering this new year my video message may give them back their hope. Or maybe you’d like to have more hope and understanding to really rock this year.


Please share my message with others.

Note: This is podcast 027 if you’d rather download and listen

Hope: The Awesome Sauce! | Struggling in the New Year? Put on some hope! (Episode 027)

artwork-templetHope is a healing emotion. Hope is the connection between you and joy. If you’ve lost hope this podcast is for you. If you need more, this is the awesome sauce you need!

Highlights of today’s show:

  • How to gain hope
  • Hope and self compassion and love are deeply connected
  • Expectation is the enemy
  • How a penny on the sidewalk ties into hope
  • When you make a mistake doesn’t make you a mistake

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If you want to keep the knee you’ll have to quit running

knee tearI’m not even sure how to write this blog. I have many thoughts and emotions and writing this will allow me to get them out of my head and onto paper.

I had been suffering from a very painful knee since July 2014. It got really stiff and I was unable to straighten it for about a month following Ironman Boulder in August. My friend and doctor, Robert Braden, DC, finally was able to figure out the routine I needed in order to return the knee to full flexion so I could straighten it and be able to run. I was able to resume most of my training and it allowed me to successfully finish my 13th Ironman in Tempe, Arizona on November 17, 2014.

But the pain continued.

After that Ironman I was committed to really stepping up my running, my weakest of the three disciplines in the Ironman; 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run. I hired Bobby McGee, a world renown running coach, to help me improve. I started to really run well in the month following Ironman Arizona and had seen a reduction in my run time at about a full minute per mile.

But the pain continued.

Finally, Dr. Braden recommended that I have an MRI on my right knee. He knew I had a torn meniscus but wanted to see the extent of other damage that may be part of my pain.

I had the MRI on December 16, 2014 and went and saw Dr. Braden on Monday December 22nd to review the results.

As soon as I saw Dr. Braden I knew it wasn’t good. I could read it on his face. He knows me really well and how hard I’ve worked to be able to finish 13 Ironmans after I turned age 50. He loves athletes and will do everything for them and encourage them to keep participating even though other professionals would say quit. His eyes told it all as he read the results.

Then he said, “If you want to keep the knee you’ll have to quit running.

Bam, just like that my dreams and goals of crossing finish lines were over.

The MRI results from Alison Nguyen, MD read:


Minor joint fluid with no Baker’s cyst. Moderate osteoarthrosis, notably involving the patellofemoral articulation. No acute fracture or focal bone contusion. Bony fragmentation of the tibial tuberosity without marrow edema compatible with remote Osgood-Schlatter’s disease (sagittal PD image 11).

MENISCI: Medial meniscal posterior horn complex multidirectional tear (coronal PD image 15, sagittal PD image 20-22). Intact lateral meniscus.

LIGAMENTS/TENDONS: ACL, PCL, extensor mechanism, MCL, and LCL are intact. Intact medial and lateral patellar retinacula.

CARTILAGE: Moderate chondral thinning along the posterior weight- bearing portion of medial knee compartment (sagittal PD image 22). Severe patellar apex and lateral patellar facet chondral thinning centered at the patellar upper to mid pole level (axial image 5-7). Severe chondral thinning along the central and lateral femoral trochlea (sagittal fat-sat image 8).


1. Medial meniscal posterior horn complex multidirectional tear.

2. Moderate osteoarthrosis with chondral injury as noted above, most significant along the patellofemoral articulation and medial knee compartment.

3. Remote Osgood-Schlatter’s disease.

Basically the cartilage is wearing out because there is bone on bone, thus the “moderate” and “severe” diagnosis. If I continued to run I would wear the knee out, have severe pain and then have to have it replaced. Damn it! That would suck I keep telling myself.

What the Ironman Triathlon meant to me

I love this sport! It fits my personality so well. It’s a sport that demands a great deal of discipline. As I’ve said many times, “The 140.6 miles don’t care if you’ve trained or not.” It’s a distant that demands a lot of endurance training to be able to move for 14 hours without injury. For me I was training 15-22 hours per week.

Ironman is such a big part of my life. I identify with it.

It taught me a lot about myself. During many long training routines, the longest being my 7 hour bike rides, I had to keep my mind quiet and focus on completing the session. In the quiet you learn about yourself. If you have any insecurity or weaknesses, they keep popping up in your mind telling you that you need to quit. For me those were rare occurrences. I have a great deal of confidence in myself because I trust the Lord and I have great joy and gratitude in my life. Most of the gains I’ve made in self development have occurred in the 7 years since July 4, 2006, the date I entered my first Ironman.

I loved seeing myself crossing the finish lines in my mind well before I actually did it. I learned that when you focus on a dream and goal and exercise faith, God will deliver the result to you.

I learned to respect everyone because I realize that the Lord blessed all of us with the will and body to achieve anything as long as we co-create with him.

I loved crossing those 13 finish lines. The anxiety before the swim is almost unbearable yet as soon as the gun goes off the fear goes away and then 13-14 hours later I would cross the finish line! During each race I would have unique experiences along the way. From the cold 52 degree water in Ironman St. George to the hot windy conditions in Ironman Arizona. The steep hills in Ironman Wisconsin to the fans partying in the streets  of Ironman Coure d’Alene. To the 29 degree ambient air temperature of Ironman Lake Tahoe, snowing the night before, to the 93 degree hot temperatures on the marathon in Ironman Boulder.

I loved helping and encouraging other younger athletes. The 20 year olds would call me “pop” and “dad” as I would occasionally pass them on the bike. The funniest was the three young ladies in Ironman Arizona 2012 that rode with me for over 60 miles. We laughed and teased each other for several hours. Then in a magical and “Only a triathlete would understand” moment, I taught them how to pee on the bike while riding!

My last Ironman in Arizona I broke the rules and took my cell phone with me so I could communicate with others as I raced including my wife who finally knew where I would be and when. After that I said that I would take it with me on every race after that.

I lost my wedding ring in Ironman Arizona 2014 on the swim. That swim was my best and yet hardest because of all the extra athletes the organizers allow to race as compared 7 years ago when I started. In my first Ironman in Arizona 2007 there were only about 2,400 competitors. In my last, Ironman Arizona 2014 there were about 3,200 athletes. The extra 800 bodies in the water makes the swim more like an MMA match than a swim. Lots of punching and kicking to go along with swimming.

My whole fitness gains were motivated by the vision I had of crossing finish lines. Motivation is so critical in anything we do in life. By signing up to race, sometimes a year in advance, you had the motivation to continue to train and eat correctly. That taught me a lot about creating motivation in all aspects of my life.

My Sadness

When you see a rich big dream of finishing 50 Ironman triathlons and completing one with a son and one with a grandchild and being the oldest to ever finish an Ironman, to now not knowing if that dream is even possible, really hurts. I have joy in my life and I’m very grateful for all that God has blessed me with yet I’m sad. I’m sad for me. I’m sad for my dream. I’ve not had these feelings at any time in my past athletic life. I can’t even remember the last time I was really sad but this last week has been a butt kick for me. I’m humble and I’m seeking the path that now is before me. What is the fork in my road? I know I need to take the path less traveled but I don’t even know what that path is.

Today while walking I wondered if perhaps this might me a blessing to me. I want to keep my knee of course and race at the same time. I’ve walked the marathon in 4 of my 13 events so I know I can walk and finish. Perhaps I can now train harder for the swim and bike, pushing those in the race with the knowledge that I can recover as I walk the marathon. For most it will be swim – bike – run – finish. For me it might be swim-bike-walk-finish.

 What is next?

I’ve scheduled an appointment with a surgeon, as recommended by Dr. Braden, to explore my options to repair the knee. Dr. Braden believes that surgery to clean out the affected areas would allow me to perhaps race one more year without compromising the health of the knee. I’m looking forward to learning more about that.

I’ve scheduled 3 races in 2015. Ironman St. George 70.3 (half Ironman) in May, Ironman Coure d’Alene (my 3rd trip there) in late June and Ironman Arizona (my 5th time there) in November.

I’ve applied to race the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii in October 2015. I will be notified in April 2015 if my application has been accepted. It’s been on my vision board for a few years to actually race in Kona and live and train over there for a few months prior to the race. I really believe that I’ll be selected and be able to race in Kona. That would be a pinnacle of my Ironman career.

The lesson for me

I honor the feelings of humility. I honor understanding that my joy is based on understanding that God is in control and all outcomes in my life, both abundant and like this, hard, are for my benefit. While I love being titled “the Ironman”, perhaps now something even more abundant will define me.

I hope so.


How will you change in 2014? Five ways to make 2014 a break through year.

FB-Pic-TempletA New Year is a Great Time to Start a New Beginning

Seeing a new year come upon you many start to think about a new direction in their life. The end of a year provides an opportunity to reflectively review and decide if a course correction is in order. Here are 5 ways to view this important time in your life.

1. Realize your past has nothing to do with your future

Many people get stuck in life, not moving forward because they have really lost hope that it can ever be better. That is a false view of life. With hope comes faith. Anyone can begin to live the life of their dreams but it has to start with the dream; an attitude of believing that you can accomplish anything in life.

2. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

I included Neil Armstrong’s famous line as he placed his foot on the moon before any other man. It’s important that change first starts with belief, hope and faith. Those are really important attributes of change and are a fundamental of living your dream life. Will you all of a sudden be transformed into a dream machine on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific? No. But it does mean that you’re on that beach in your mind and then today start to move toward it with one small step. Perhaps you need extra cash flow. You can begin to explore a new and better way to increase it. That is movement forward. This way of thinking; faithful and with hope, is one giant leap for you.

3. Accept all offerings

Have you ever been disappointed out an outcome that you received? If so, then you were “expecting” a different outcome. Expectation is the enemy! What if you just acted in faith toward your goal as you worked in daily small steps to achieve it and were just “hopeful” that you’d receive your dream want? With being grateful for “any” outcome, i.e. offering, you’d never be disappointed. You’d be happy at what ever the offering was. Gratitude begets more gratitude. Disappointment begets more disappointment. Happiness is a state where you accept that with which you have no control. This shift in your thinking will yield monumental results.

 ” Expectation is the enemy! “

4. Improve your well-being, improve every aspect of your life

A good place to start to make changes in your life is with your well-being. Well-being is the connection between body-mind-spirit. As you make “choices” to eat better, exercise better and sleep better you’ll almost immediately be rewarded with feeling better and less worrisome thoughts. That’s a clue friend! When your health changes because you believed it would, you’ll start to see your thoughts change. You’ll conquer the thoughts created because you have low energy or you have pain. You’ll begin to “feel” better about yourself and that will improve your confidence and help you overcome deep insecurity about how you view how others may be looking at you. Physical health is a key to making lifelong lasting change because you’ll learn about “how to change” other aspects of your life too.

5. Create a vision board

A vision board is nothing more than words or pictures that depict the life you want. Review it everyday and keep those images in your mind’s eye. But the process of creating the vision board is as important as the board itself. The process is a mini-life unfolding. You 1) think about your ideal life and 2) create it on the board. The board itself started in your head. You exercised faith that if you looked in a certain magazine or did a Google search you’d find the photo that equated to your dream that you wanted to paste on the board. That is precisely how to create an ideal life. You see what you want and begin a series of actions to take you there.

Get your AWESOME 2014 started NOW! I know you can do it! Let me know if I can help you in any way!