Creatine; How to Beat the Heat

I think everyone, from a stay at home mom, weekend warrior to elite athletes can benefit from supplementing with creatine. According to my friend and one of the world’s leading sports nutritionist, Michael Colgan, Ph.D., there have been no studies ever done regarding creatine that showed a negative effect. That means using creatine works!

This is why I use creatine in the heat of the Nevada desert while I’m training and even on recovery days to enhance my recovery.


Nowadays, up to 74 percent of athletes are reportedly using creatine because of its well-researched benefits on performance. However, some athletes have concerns about using the supplement in hot or humid environments, as creatine could have a negative effect on hydration. However, new research suggests that creatine could help with thermoregulation and actually support hydration status. Here’s why:

1. Creatine Attracts Water

As an osmotically active substance, creatine attracts water. Because creatine is stored primarily in muscle tissue, supplementation often increases the amount of water muscle

How much hydration and sodium do you really need? How Gatorade gamed us all.

You’re probably most interested in how Gatorade gamed us all in the amount of fluid with sodium and carbohydrate we all need so we wouldn’t get dehydrated.

IMG_6312.JPGWhen I learned how Gatorade influenced the science and those scientists after reading Dr. Tim Noakes book, Waterlogged; The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports, I was shocked. It supported my belief of just follow the money and you’ll be lead to the real truth and cause of most problems in the world.

Gatorade Fraud?

While perhaps the word “fraud” may be overstated, I feel that much of what they did to promote their product was. Gatorade was invented by Dr. Robert Cade in 1965 based upon the problems with the University of Florida’s freshmen football team who were having issues with the Florida heat and humidity, or many thought was the problem

Defying the Fear of Your First Gym Experience

Take a deep breath!

There is a principle at force that causes fearfulness. It says that as you think in your heart, so are you. Thus if you think going to the gym for the first time is scary, it will be. But the real question is “Why are you really scared?”


Let’s be real. In my experience the real reason you are scared is “because of what ‘you think’ other people will think of you.” It’s because you don’t feel worthy of the blessings of health and because of that fear you don’t believe you are worthy of love, connection and belonging. You think people will think you’re out of shape and heaven forbids they think you’re fat.

Here’s the truth. You gotta understand that gyms are for fat people wanting to get thin. At the gym there are a lot of people there that also had to go for the first time. Everyone will be so happy you are there because it will relive the courage they had to exercise for the first time they went!

Then if you encounter some idiot who is into them self and they say something mean to you, its because they don’t feel good about them self! Have a judgement thrown at you is always a reflection of the person that said it.

Ok? Now if you really believe what I’ve said and overcome your fear, let’s talk about some practical steps to get you there!

Steps to make your first gym visit a happy experience

  1. IMG_7957
    People at the front desk are always friendly and want to help

    Ask others for their recommendation of a good gym.

  2. Schedule a time to go. Write it in a calendar. There will be less chance you brush it off if you’ve scheduled it.
  3. Stop at the front desk and ask for help for your first visit. Most gyms will gladly show you around the entire facility. Most also have fitness professionals that will help you for free for 1 or more visits. Use this!
  4. IMG_7960
    The elliptical machine

    If you don’t have a professional to help you then do an easy routine. I recommend doing some time on an elliptical machine. It’s easy on the joints and will allow you to get your heart rate at a good first visit rate. The rate I recommend is to subtract your age from 180. As an example, if you’re 54 years old then your heart rate on the elliptical machine would not exceed 126 (180-54). Stay on it at least 30 minutes for your first visit.

  5. Go home and have a quality protein meal within 30 minutes of ending your exercise.
  6. Be happy!


In time all these machines will be your close friends!
When you compare yourself with seasoned fitness people you are stealing your joy. Keep in mind everyone who is there had to go for the first time. They are on a different chapter of their book. You’re on chapter one! 

If you haven’t been to the gym or worked out in a long time and you start with the elliptical you can expect to feel great afterwards without to much soreness. That will motivate you to go again! You feel great for several reasons:

  • You started!!!!!!
  • You feel good about yourself!!!!!
  • Your brain received much needed oxygen!!!!!
  • Your lymphatic system was stimulated an your body removed harmful waste!!!!


We are so proud of you!!!

High five!!!

Oh yea. Remember that principle I discussed about thinking? So as you think you’re a bad ass healthy fitness geek in your heart, so are you! It works for positive results just like it does when you’re scared!!!

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