Run Injury Free and Fast!

It is possible to run injury free! Yet the vast majority of runners have an inefficient run gait and are at a higher risk to sustain a run injuries including developing a sore lower back and possibly arthritis in the knee and hip, the three areas of the body that take the brunt of the force because of landing incorrectly and inefficiently.

I’ve had my share of running injuries because of:

Landing on my heel and sending a massive force and shock waves up to my knee and hip.

PUSHING  or LAUNCHING OFF the back leg to propel me forward. This becomes very tiring and it’s actually the cause of heel striking.

In the video, I’ll introduce you to a term: Run Pose. This is a position every runner obtains during their gait (see the many brief instructional videos on the Run Pose

Chi Running; Effortless, Fun, Pain and Injury Free

FB-Pic-TempletI discovered Chi Running like so many others because we wanted to run pain and injury free. I had injured myself in March 2013 training for Ironman Lake Tahoe. It was not pleasant. I could not run for eight weeks. It took a few months after that, with the help of intensive massages and functional training, to get rid of the sore and tight muscles from the injury.  During that time I made a video of my run gait and discovered the imbalance I had caused by a poor posture.

I did some YouTube research (I love YouTube) and came across how Chi Running solved my issues. I’ve used it for several months now and really look forward to many years of effortless, pain and injury free running.

Watch this short video for a full introduction of the method

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Running and Weight Loss Part III of IV; Pain and Injury Free Running

Dr. Robert Braden
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Running is a great exercise to promote health and lose weight. Running is way more fun if you do it injury and pain free. I offer two tips that will help you do that.

I highly recommend you see Dr. Robert Braden in Las Vegas to help you overcome injury and pain.