Is Newton’s Law helping you or stopping you from getting what you want?

The law of equal and opposite reaction is either helping you or stopping you from getting what you want. In this video, I link three principles together to help you start acting in accordance with these laws and you’ll start to get what you want.


  • Newton’s law of equal and opposite reaction
  • The principle of living in the moment, and
  • The Law of Compensation


How much hydration and sodium do you really need? How Gatorade gamed us all.

You’re probably most interested in how Gatorade gamed us all in the amount of fluid with sodium and carbohydrate we all need so we wouldn’t get dehydrated.

IMG_6312.JPGWhen I learned how Gatorade influenced the science and those scientists after reading Dr. Tim Noakes book, Waterlogged; The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports, I was shocked. It supported my belief of just follow the money and you’ll be lead to the real truth and cause of most problems in the world.

Gatorade Fraud?

While perhaps the word “fraud” may be overstated, I feel that much of what they did to promote their product was. Gatorade was invented by Dr. Robert Cade in 1965 based upon the problems with the University of Florida’s freshmen football team who were having issues with the Florida heat and humidity, or many thought was the problem

Episode 020: Never Give Up

artwork-templetWe do not get a do over for our life. We get one chance to either achieve success or not. We either keep going “until” we achieve what we desire or we quit and gain regret.

What keeps people going even against all odds? What will keep you in the game when it gets hard.

Some highlights of today’s show:

  • Winston Churchill and the Law of Victory
  • Focus on the end with passion and desire
  • With compassionate service towards others the supply of our abundance can be endless
  • Paying the price is always worth it
  • You either quit and end one form of suffer but you gain another more severe form; regret
  • Doing your best is not enough. You need to do what is necessary

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Episode 019: Attitude; the sweetener to our cake of life

artwork-templetWhat’s your attitude? It is has been said that your attitude will determine your altitude. While I don’t know if that is true, I do know that if you’re optimistic about every thing you do you’ll have great experiences.

Listen today as I share three experiences I’ve had in competing in the Ironman triathlon that taught me:

  • Compassion
  • Humor mixed with authenticity, and
  • Humility

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Episode 018: Inspire; to breath life into someone’s dream, hopes and desire!


Which comes from the Latin “inspirare.” “Spirare,” means to breathe, and “in” implies into. To inspire is to breathe into. To breath life into another, we inspire their hopes, goals, and dreams.

Points to cover in the podcast:

  • How serotonin levels are affected to those giving, receiving and observing kindness
  • How water crystals are affected with positive thoughts and words
  • How were the Super Bowl winning Ravens inspired by a man in a wheelchair
  • Encourage is linked to inspire and what it’s meaning is to spread joy

Kevin Hall, Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

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