Your Inner Prostitute Child Teaches You Faith

Prostitute Inner Child?

Stay with me on this. You’ll learn a different perspective of the word ‘prostitute.’

We all have a Prostitute Inner Child that is there to teach us faith. Most people think that inner voice always tempting us to do the wrong thing is bad. It’s actually there to protect us and strengthen our faith.

By understanding this important part of our inner mind and heart, we can step back from making a poor choice and opt to select the strengthen our faith.

Uncover Ways to Make Money in Today’s Economic Environment | Be Brilliant!!

good-bad-uglyEveryone wants to earn more money. More money solves more problems. More money give you more freedom and choices. What’s the truth that can help you earn more.

The Myths (The Bad)

There are some beliefs that were created when we were an industrial society, right after many people came in from working on the farms and created cities that unfortunately are still proffered as truth. The following are myths. When you read them you may be so entrenched in believing them that you’ll disagree with me. That’s a sign of two things. Either I’m a liar and full of crap or they are true and you don’t want to believe them.

  1. You have to get a job and work for someone else to earn income.Gads. This is so not true. Did you know that in about 1800 9 out of 10 people (it may actually be higher) worked for them self. Then about 1900 it was about 5 people in 10 worked for them self. Today it’s about 1 in 20 work for them self. With these hard core stats it was true at one time that you could work for yourself instead of work for someone else. That independent spirit is gone today for most people.
  2. You have to get a good college education to find a good job and work for someone else.Well, keep in mind the second part of this statement is the #1 myth that you have to work for someone else. The first part of this myth is that you need to have some sort of education to earn a good income. While having knowledge is always good, there are ways to acquire an education that is better and almost free instead of going to college. The cost of college today has risen way faster and more than the inflation rate. Why is that? Because students can get easy student loan debt funds to pay for it. It’s almost laughable the high salaries college professors and presidents make. The student loan debt in this country in the the last six years has risen from $363 billion to $1.3 trillion. The unemployment rate for college graduates is 12.8%. The jobs the graduates are getting, the pay is so low that they have no real way of paying off the debt.

The Ugly

Times are changing and so are jobs and the type of jobs that are available. The landscape due to technology has altered employment substantially. Almost 70% of every adult in the US owns a smart phone. A smart phone has cut so many jobs because frankly it’s way more efficient and productive for companies to give consumers access to their offerings through a smart device than to build brick and mortar stores. Technology has substantially reduced the highest component of a good’s price; the distribution costs. Goods now are shipped directly to the end consumer instead of being moved around several times with several middle man wholesalers. Amazon Prime is a perfect example. Good’s are so affordable there and amazingly are delivered to your door step sometimes the same day. This means you don’t need to spend gas in your car driving there too.

To be honest it’s ugly if you keep your head in the sand to old ways of thinking. It’s almost laughable to those of us who study trends when politicians promise to create jobs. The best way they can create more jobs is to get out of the way and there hasn’t been a politician that got out of the way in forever. There are so many government jobs that do not produce any real goods or services that can be sold for a profit. The jobs that will be created in the future will be for you to work for yourself in the new distribution evolved economy.

Again, if you don’t start to wise up to what’s really going on, you could either send your child to college and spend a bunch of money for him or her to graduate with either no job or a job not in their career field and they end up living with you. Or you might think at a later age in your life you’ll go back to school and do the same things these young kids are doing.

Don’t get me wrong. Colleges and university are telling you that they can provide the right kind of education you need to get the good jobs, but that could change right in the middle of your schooling due to rapid changes in technology. I’m not against anyone getting an education. I have a accounting degree and became a CPA. I was able to practice as such for 25 years only go leave the profession because accounting was becoming a commodity.

The Good

If you’ve read this far you are either thinking I might be onto something because you’ve experienced these things or you think I’m full of crap. Regardless of what you’re thinking you might as well read the rest.

I decided to leave a lot of the stats out of what I’ve written so far because they would only bore you. Besides, I’m all about giving you bottom line stuff. You can research these facts for yourself.

Here is the good in all this. People who grasp these realities are doing great. Or at least they have a path to start building something for them self that will eventually replace a dead end or dying job.

You have to work for yourself and figure out a way to add value to lots of people. That’s a bottom line to success. How, you may be thinking? There are lots of companies who offer ideas and for you to link arms with them and become partners in sharing their innovated ideas with others, use their distribution systems and get product and services sent directly to the consumer. This is the path I choose to take. It has only expanded in the 10 years for me and thousands of others I team up with.

Or you can come up with an idea to do this yourself. Uber was such an idea and now it is the largest transportation company in the world without owning a single vehicle because through the use of a smart phone you can get a ride cheaper per mile than you can own your own vehicle (well almost anyway). Or like AirBnB, the largest hotel room per night per bed chain in the world without owning any hotels or beds. Again, link up with someone offering their home and spare room for a night through a smart phone.

These are the type of work for your self ideas to get you thinking there is a better way.

Final Word

There will always be people who work for other people. I’m not slamming on that choice at all. I’m suggesting that to excel in the future, you’ll have to break the mould in your thinking that you have to work for someone else. I want you to realize that the best education you’ll ever receive is a self-education. While I learned how to be an accountant and it took me four years of college and a tough 3-day exam to do it, what I’ve learned after on my own has yielded much greater results. Take a $20 seminar I attended on time management about 35 years ago. I learned a simple technique of writing my goals down and referring to them often. Everyone of the goals I wrote down that night I’ve achieved. I figure I’ve earned over $4 million from that $20 idea. There was a friend of mine who attended that same seminar who choose not to follow these ideas. He and I are both 60 years old. He’s in a bad way financially. I’m not.

Self education is valuable.

Here are some startling facts:

  • One-third of high school graduates never read another book for the rest of their lives.
  • 42 percent of college graduates never read another book after college.
  • 80 percent of U.S. families did not buy or read a book last year.
  • 70 percent of U.S. adults have not been in a bookstore in the last five years.
  • 57 percent of new books are not read to completion.

I’ve had a lot of $20 ideas that I got out of books that have helped me financially. My goal this year is to read a book a week!

Be smart. Be self educated. Become a leader. Leaders are paid well. Leadership can be taught. Listen to my podcast on the subject.

Drop me an email. Let’s explore some of these ideas together.

Kids Demand Your Time? Boss Demands Your Time? Everyone Needs You? | Insider View of Fulfillment

imperfect momThe tug-o-war of priorities. Everyone is pulling for your time.

Have you ever said or thought, “When do I get time for myself?”

What’s the solution?

First of all give yourself a big pat on the back for being so good in all areas of your life that everyone wants more of you.

Moms especially deserve a big medal because without them the family would crumble, nothing of value would ever get done at work and relationships would suffer.

Let’s look at three truths and solutions.

There Are Only 24 Hours in a Day

Well duh! You already know that. What this helps you to understand is that there is only a finite amount of time to go around. But this is also a cause of the stress and anxiety you feel of being pulled in so many directions because you “think” that it all has to get done within “everyone else’s” time frame. Get rid of the watch (or at least the concept of time) because the truth is only one thing can get done at a time (although women are great multitaskers and dispel this belief on a daily basis). It’s about priorities. Read more below.

There is Only One of You

The great blessing in life is that there is only one of you! You are unique and there is no reason to think that you need to be someone other than yourself to get it all done. Every person is challenged with the tug-o-war. Those who solve it either figured out the truths on their own or they read this blog post!!!

First be authentic. According to Brene’ Brown, Phd’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection (I highly recommend you read this) to be authentic is, “To get rid of the person you think you should be and embrace who you really are.”

Create Priorities and Trust Them

This is the meat and potatoes of removing the tug-o-war. You have to understand the importance of priorities and schedule time in each area. Yes, I said the “S” word. You have to be proactive and SCHEDULE tasks and events in each area.

Below is a relationship pyramid. This is taken from the book titled, ACHIEVING THE BALANCE: YOUR IDEAL LIFE IS WAITING! by Leo Weidner and Mark Kastleman.

Please focus on the word, “Relationship.” The categories in order of importance, just like a real pyramid, are from the bottom up. The significance of each area in relation to the others are illustrated by their size on the shape.

You have to build a “relationship” with each area. They are to be built from the bottom up.

When is the last time you really spent time on yourself? I’ll bet you always forsake yourself and take care of everyone else first. Build a better you by study and service. It’s focusing on your needs and doing something that really matters to you.

When I’ve quizzed people about the six categories there has never been one person that slotted in “health” to the mix. It’s actually more important than your family (spouse, children or parents/siblings) yet they seem to get more time than you going for a run or to the gym. If you lost your health, then nothing would get done. It is so important to take care of your health.



It’s unfortunate that many people in life do not have a relationship with their Creator. This is the spiritual connection that attaches all the dots together. From personal experience and working with thousands I’ve discovered that the greatest gains in happiness, joy, peace and productivity are when people begin to build a relationship with their Creator.

The cause of much of your stress and tug-o-war is that the order of the pyramid is all out of sorts. Many business owners turn the pyramid upside down and think their business is more important than the rest of the categories. Or moms leaving self and health completely off the grid. If you’re a mom have you ever thought, “When do I ever get time for myself?”

What’s Next?

You thought I’d never ask!

What’s next is up to you. It will take some focused effort on removing yourself from the tug-o-war. Many people are simply addicted to it. When you remove yourself of the drama and other stress when others want your time, because you’ve SCHEDULED life on your terms, they will see the difference in you. You’ll begin to get everything done, on time and with outstanding results. You’ll actually get more done because you’ll replace meaningless tasks with high priority tasks.

You’ll condition others to your new way but you first have to condition yourself.

Go and do it. Climb the pyramid all the way to the top!!!!


If your job has this in it; STOP IT!

dont-do-this-in-jobIf you do this, STOP IT!

You’re better than that.

Unfortunately because of the way progression happens in a job a lot of stuff goes on that has nothing to do with the job itself.

Your job has really only a few things that need to be accomplished in order for you to keep your job and earn a paycheck and those don’t have much to do with actually creating value to customers. Here’s a few things that have to happen in order to keep your job.

  1. You need to please your boss.

    Lots of politics go into this job objective (the objective sucks too!). You’ll never see this in the employee manual but this is the main job of a job; just please your boss. Think about all the ways to do this that have nothing to do with taking care of customers.
    Only do what is needed to please your boss because you’re not being paid to do more (sad truth in corporate America).
    Don’t be a threat to your boss’s job. Don’t excel and show him/her up. Only share your good ideas with your boss in private so he/she can implement it and look like a hero.
    Praise your boss.
    Take your boss to lunch and pay.
    Watch their back and keep threats away from him/her.

  2. Show up early and leave late.

  3. Never complain or whine about your job.

See where I’m going?

Because in the employee/employer world much of the time you have no control over your pay being based upon the value you deliver to the company or customers. While there are correlations to doing a good job and pay, in the final analysis you can only go so far up the ladder. Your pay is in the hands of your boss or the owner of the company.

The farther up the ladder you go the smaller number of opportunities that exists (the ultimate pyramid). The higher up you go the more people are entrenched in protecting their jobs and because of self preservation will do all in their power to make sure you don’t move up. This is why people have to go to another job to get a promotion.

If you’ve paid attention in the last few years you know that about 90 million Americans have been permanently displaced. Can you even believe that these workers are not counted in the nation’s unemployment rate? The current 5.5% unemployment rate is a joke. Add the 90 million and it would be like 30%.

This “I’m going to protect my job at all cost” economy doesn’t work anymore (it really never worked but people believed that it did). If you find yourself in this situation you know it sucks.

The answer is to work for yourself. In 1900 about 90% did. Today only about 5%. But those 90 million displaced workers will make a comeback as entrepreneurs. I predict a rise in the number of entrepreneurs.

Don’t believe me or worse yet don’t believe you could ever work for yourself? Think again. It’s a lot easier than you think. It’s also hard. Yet working for one person; your boss, and thus one source of income, you’ll forever be in the “please your boss” and “protect my job” job market. That sucks.

There is a better way. Click below to find out more about the New Economy.

By the way, I hope you stop working to just please your boss and you start to work to please your inner passions.

A must watch if you have a job and want to understand if you are safe.




Dream job or Dream life?

dream-jobWould you rather have a dream job or a dream life? I know when I came out of college in December 1978 I wanted the dream job. I didn’t really think about what a dream life would be. I know today many young people who come out to college are just wishing for any job.

I wasn’t really taught that college was the only way back when I graduated high school in 1974. I don’t think that has really changed. My mom had a two year degree and became a nurse while my dad had no secondary education other than serving 4 years in the US Navy as a SeaBee (C/B for construction battalion). He became a plumber/pipefitter. When I graduated high school dad wanted me to become a plumber. Mom didn’t really care.

It took many years of working, most of the time either for myself or as a partner in a large CPA firm, before I longed for more. The accolades of my peers and clients was not fulfilling anymore and there was something missing in my life.

Upon much study and soul searching, I discovered what was missing; dreaming of much more abundance in my life and leaving a real legacy for others including my sons and grandchildren. I started to feel locked inside a system of deadlines, returning client calls and endless hours during tax season of transferring numbers on a  piece of paper (a form 1040 US Income Tax Return) and sending it in to the IRS to settle up. What a waste of time I thought. I felt bad that my entrepreneurial clients who had to use their hard earned money on this process and getting no return. It would have been much better to invest that money in their business and create wealth. The government settle-up process of paying tax is a huge waste of resources.

A Dream Life

I had to get real with myself and exercise a lot of courage to make some life shifting decisions. Thankfully, the commitment and courage paid off and with much work I’m living my life on purpose and in many ways I’m living my dream.

Everybody’s dream life would be different. However there are some similarities. Here are my top five:

  1. You would embrace who you really were and not be what everyone else wanted you to be. You would accept your imperfections and realize they are really gifts. You would accept yourself and not need acceptance from others for your happiness. You’d be open to all possibilities and would easily be able to discern the truth you needed in order to go after your deepest passions.
  2. You would have superior health. Your health and fitness would allow you to pursue any physical challenge needed to accomplish your biggest desires.
  3. You would be completely free financially. This would allow you to live on purpose and be creative to serve your family and others. The concept of time would never be a constraint upon you.
  4. You would seek creative ways to provide value to others and serve them. Your happiness would grow as you were the instrument for others to achieve their dreams and goals.
  5. You’d live in the moment. You’d make each and everyday an adventure in itself. You’d freely share your knowledge with anyone open to accept it. You’d partner, in a way, with complete strangers and in a moment of sharing, become friends as if you had been friends your entire life

A Dream Job

A dream job would only be what would allow you a dream life.

The Ultimate Transition

Speaking only for myself but having experienced this transition in others I believe transitioning from having a dream job (or really any job) to a dream life is available to anyone. Here are the absolute steps that must be present:

  1. You must see clearly what your dream life would be. You must know how it feels and practice feeling that daily.
  2. You must believe in yourself. You must be authentic; embracing who you really are. You must say and believe, “I am enough!”
  3. You must do the things others are not willing to do to create financial freedom. This will be hard. You must face fear with complete courage before you move forward.
  4. You must express gratitude that everything in your life is a blessing; even your challenges.
  5. You must create a complete healthy lifestyle starting with what you eat.

It’s Worth It2283907991_a4253fc9d9_z

Making major changes in your life may be very scary! They were for me too. What made them manageable is that you only need to make small changes every 90 days. Those small changes add up over time.

It will be worth it to you. I’ve asked many millionaires what was more important; the money you earned to become financially free or the person you became in the process. Without exception each has told me the exact same thing; the person they become was more important.

Once you understand this you’ll discover, as I have and many others who have achieved financial freedom, that the money and wealth come ONLY after you grow as a person. With that, working on making you better is key.

Don’t wish your life was easier, wish you were better!

You got this!