Keto Pizza w/ Cauliflower Crust

One of My Favorite Keto Foods

Who doesn’t like pizza! Home made pizza is the best! Especially when it’s guilt free, gluten free and stress free!

Pizza crust:
1 c (post juicer) Cauliflower run though a juicer to remove the water
1/2 c Parmesan cheese
1 egg

Make these three into a dough. Put dough on parchment paper. Spread it out about 1/4 inch thick. Keep edges 1/4 inch thick too or they will be darker and more cooked than the rest of the pizza.

Cook at 450 F for about 8-12 minutes until crust is brown. Remove parchment paper.

Add your own toppings and place in oven to cook (450 F) and melt the cheese. About 5-7 minutes.

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Fat Bombs! Fudgy Macadamia Treats!

IMG_6149Yields: 6

Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free


¼ C coconut oil

4-oz chopped macadamias

2 tbsp Swerve

2 tbsp cocoa powder, unsweetened

2-oz cocoa butter


Melt cocoa butter and mix in cocoa powder. Best melted over a double boiler. Mix in Swerve untill well combined.

Stir in the nuts and coconut oil. Pour mixture into six paper molds. Allow to cool and place in refrigerator. [By Allyson Naquin, Fat Bombs]

The Gatekeeper to Fat Burning; Why No One Talks About it

graph to fat burning

I’ve always said follow the money and you’ll find the source of the message.

It’s a stone cold fact that the key to burning fat is through the door of carbohydrate consumption. The powerful carbohydrate food companies don’t want you to know that. They want you to believe fat is the problem with your diet. Do you smell a profit motive bias lurking?

Several key goals of being healthy include:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce the amount of fat (especially visceral fat) in your body
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve body composition

Carbohydrate consumption is the key to those four goals.

It starts with understanding if you are carbohydrate “sensitive”  or carbohydrate “intolerant.”

If you’re sensitive to carbs, i.e., your body accepts them, you can consume more carbs and it will not lead to the excess storage of fat. On the flip side, if you are intolerant to carbs the more you consume the more they will lead to fat storage.

What is clear from the vast scientific studies, the lower amount of carbs consumed, leads to predicable results toward the four key goals. Any amount of carbs consumed above a “low-carb” threshold leads to a larger variability of healthy outcomes.

If you want predicable health results, the lower the amount of carbs you consume is king.

Carbs are the gatekeeper to your health. Who are you going to allow through your gate?

Ketogenic > Diabetes

Reprinted From Dr. Jason Fung 

I am honored to share my story with your many followers. I hope my success will encourage others to start doing something, or stick to what they have already started. It is difficult to stick to something even if you do not feel like you are seeing results at the moment, but the end result is very much worth the perseverance and discipline.

keto-resultsFor a majority of my childhood I as overweight and or obese. I was the fat kid in school, and was often times teased for that reason. I was always so confused as a child because from what I could tell I was not really eating different than any of my friends. I did grow up in what I would consider to be poverty (I did not really have that concept then, but

May the Force Be With You! It’s where Ketosis comes from!

What I’d been told about carbohydrates from all the endurance sports coaches and nutrition experts turned out to really suck and now with this information I realize that it helped me underperform for the past umpteen years.

Well perhaps it may have worked in the past. I started racing the Ironman triathlon at age 50. From then to age 58 I maintained a decent race weight. Then in 2015 things changed rapidly for me. I gained weight even though I was doing everything the same. While training fulltime for the Hawaii Ironman World Championship I put in weeks of 20+ hours of training and I could not release 8-10 lbs around my mid section. I was also starting to have more inflammation and my performance decreased as well.

After some soul searching and asking the right questions, I switched to a high-fat low-carb diet and my health and endurance performance as an Ironman triathlete is returning.

Below is an article that says it better than I ever could. I’ll share my take at the end.