The place you want to be

I could tell you the place you want to be is home or at a place you’ve dreamt about for many years. Maybe a cool vacation destination.

But those are not the places I’m talking about.

The place to be in right here in the now. Not yesterday. Not years ago in a time that was memorable for you. Certainly not tomorrow or in six months.

Of course physically everyone is here right now but their thoughts are drifting.

Think about a time in your life what was very enjoyable. You were happy and even laughing. You might have been very productive and clicking on all cylinders.

Were you there in those moments or was your mind off in the past or future?

See what I mean?

Living right here this very second is the only place you’ll want to be.

Now gets rid of the;

  • I can’t
  • I’m scared
  • I’m lonely
  • I’m unhealthy
  • I’m anxious
  • I wish it was like….

Now creates:

  • I’m doing it
  • I like what is happening
  • I’m making it real
  • I’m joyful
  • Let’s do this together
  • Hugs

Be in that place. It’s the only place to be.

Make fun not fat!

I was watching some children play and noticed whatever they did they were having fun. They would run up the hill and laughed. They rolled down the hill and laughed. On the playground equipment they would pretend to be on a ship and were shooting at the aliens and would laugh. They played in the sand and were pouring the sand on top of their heads and down inside their shirts and would laugh.

I got a lesson that day.

Laughing and burning calories are directly correlated.

I’ve been training inside the gym this fall and I’m around a lot of people. I notice many do not have smiles on their face. A lot of grimacing, pinched eyebrows and many grunts and groans. Those images and sounds don’t seem to portray any fun to me. Not much laughter either.

I’ll bet that you burn more calories if you are having fun and laughing while working out than if you don’t. I don’t have any proof really except the fact that stress can reduce the body’s performance due to the creation of free radicals. Having fun and laughing can’t be stressful and thus your body is positioned to relax and actually gain performance and thus burn more calories.

Try to laugh and have fun and watch those fat pounds just melt away!