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When I was a boy I used to see hitchhikers all over the place. When our family drove from Las Vegas to Clinton, Oklahoma to visit grandma and grandpa you’d see hitchhikers all the way there.

How did I know they were hitchhiking? Of course they had their thumb sticking out.

But I also knew where they were headed because they held up a cardboard sign.

If we were headed to Oklahoma it wouldn’t make sense to pick up one going to Montana. It would be bad for both of us.

hitchhiker-88746-530-644As Seth Godin taught me, “If you’ve got people on your bus who are headed somewhere you have no intention of going, today might be a good day for them to get off the bus.”

Your Independence this 4th of July!

The word independence means, “the fact or state of being independent.”

How can we be independent and dependent?

Our Country this great day declared our independence from the Queen of England and became a great nation in 1776. Yet, while we the people have an independent nation, the nation itself is dependent on its citizens, laws and Constitution.

I’ve met many people, who declare, “I’m an independent person.” I used to be one of them.

What I learned is that by seeking personal independence I gave up one of my most valuable attributes I learned in childhood; dependence.

Just like our nation is dependent on its people, I learned I need to be dependent on people too. The dependence I needed in my life was on receiving the one thing I need most and I couldn’t receive it of my own; love and connection.

Being independent I was always having to rely on myself. That only made me lonely. I’ve learned to be dependent on others for everything. My greatest dependence is on God.  As I learned to lead others, I also learned that I need them in order to further my missions on this planet. I’ve learned that being dependent is a desirable trait for it allows me compassion for others and the blessing of seeing other’s gifts bless lives including my own.

Have a great Independence Day! Celebrate and have fun! Enjoy the blessings of all those that love and care for you!

Who can you believe today?

I’ve listened to people I knew and my ears were immediately closed.

I’ve listened to complete strangers and my ears were completely open to hear more.

Why is that? Was it possible that the people I knew had a message that I needed to hear but I shut my ears?

I’ve had messages for others that knew me and I was sure they didn’t listen even though I was sure they would benefit from the truth taught. I’ve even had messages for others that didn’t know me but their ears were opened.

There is a saying, “Line upon line. Precept upon precept. Here a little. There a little.” If I tell you these simple things and you don’t believe me, how shall you believe me if I tell you truths of a higher magnitude?

Like a smart mentor told me once. If I’m helping an airline pilot, speak to him/her in their language. Such as, if I was wanted to teach them the concept of breaking though a personal barrier, I’d want them to know that it would take a great effort in the beginning as they were making new changes and then they would be rewarding with comfort after they broke through. To explain in their language I might use the analogy they’d probably understand. I’d explain in the beginning of making new changes that it would be like giving the plane full throttle upon taking off to break the earth’s gravity until the plane reached cruising altitude and then they could ease off the throttle and the plane would fly faster and in comfort.

Next time you need to teach a concept to an adult start with teaching as if you’re speaking to a child who is learning it for the first time. As my smart mentor taught me, if I’m speaking to child, speak to him/her in their language.

Line upon line. Precept upon precept. Here a little. There a little.

You get it!


The “ONE” Secret to Earning Trust No One Talks About

Trust is one thing. Being trustworthy is another.

A liar can at times be trusted. A trustworthy man can always be trusted.

Where does being trustworthy come from?

Keeping promises. One at a time.

I’d rather make only one promise and keep it than a bunch of promises and only keep one.

One aspect that has always worked for me in building business relationships is only make one promise to someone and make sure I keep it.

You might feel like me when someone makes outlandish promises knowing they will never be able to keep them; “They won’t come through. I’ve heard that story way to many times.”

It seems to me people who are insecure about themselves make big promises in the hope you affirm them. Then when they don’t keep their promises exposes the fear they had in the first place that they were hiding their true character.

Earn trust and become trustworthy, one kept promise at a time.


Episode 020: Never Give Up

artwork-templetWe do not get a do over for our life. We get one chance to either achieve success or not. We either keep going “until” we achieve what we desire or we quit and gain regret.

What keeps people going even against all odds? What will keep you in the game when it gets hard.

Some highlights of today’s show:

  • Winston Churchill and the Law of Victory
  • Focus on the end with passion and desire
  • With compassionate service towards others the supply of our abundance can be endless
  • Paying the price is always worth it
  • You either quit and end one form of suffer but you gain another more severe form; regret
  • Doing your best is not enough. You need to do what is necessary

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