Fat bombs & a beautiful desert ride!

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What people really need and you can give it to them for free and earn millions

What Most People Really Need is a Good Listening to. Mary Lou Casey

How many times have you encountered a problem as a consumer? Something didn’t quite meet your expectation or you felt something amiss. Then as you approached the vendor or other person you felt could help you was disappointed at their lack of care.

Unfortunately we all have.

The truth is that all you really wanted was someone to care enough to listen. To understand you and feel empathy.

If you run a business or have to deal with customers or potential customers, the best marketing and branding tool you can ever deliver is just the simple act of listening to them.

Blow those chances to keep a promise, help someone or just plain care for them and you’ve lost a customer for life. One act of not caring can destroy years of valuable service.

As you build your brand, add caring by listening in your mix.

Free touches

Have you ever had someone hold the door open for you or let you into traffic? Certainly you’ve allowed someone in line before you at a checkout stand because they only had a few items. How about touching someone on the shoulder as you just expressed a simple, “Thank you?!”

The best is a kind smile while passing by a stranger.

The human connection is free and probably holds the most value in our lives. It lets us know that we are human and part of a greater plan of life to coexist in peace and harmony.

As you think about it, perhaps those things that are of the greatest value are free.

Seems like a good way to do business too.


Chameleons don’t really change colors

Chameleons are known to change colors. The truth is they only get darker or lighter. A brown chameleon lives in surroundings that are brown and a green one amongst a green environment.

They do that for protection.

Adults do it to. They like living amongst an environment that is just like them self. The protection they seek is against being called out for being different.

That’s the problem really. In our world today when it seems people want to be noticed they seek everything that is like them and are never noticed.

Who do you notice the most? Are the people you notice just like you or are they different?



The most important way to grow your relationships in today’s “me, me, me” society.

There seems to be a growing sentiment in today’s society that suggests it’s more about “me, me, me” than at any time before. Yet business still must be done with people and this one way will improve your ability to overcome the “me, me, me” and make it about “us, us, us!” Watch as I share the most important aspect of building relationships using the most basic need all humans desire.


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