What’s the Best Income Earning Opportunity for Women Today?

Women have more options than ever before to earn income. While comparison pay with men still lags behind, our economy is forgiving and there are new innovating ways for women to earn more than men.

What profession has 5.3 million people (at the end of 2016) who are actively building income for themselves and 74% are women? The largest age segment in this innovated profession is between 35-44 (26%). The age segment that is catching up and the fastest growing is between 25-34.


My Experience With This Profession

When I was in high school I really didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. My dad was a plumber and his dad before him. My dad did teach me how to use my hands and I’m forever grateful for that. He said there were only three things I needed to know to become a plumber; “Poop rolls downhill, the boss is an SOB, and payday is Friday.”

Why People Start Their Own Business vs Working for Someone Else

I could lose everything I have if I worked for myself! I’m not willing to do that at my age.

It’s way to risky. I see my boss when we have bad months. He’s not happy. I don’t want that for me.

Who would ever buy anything from me? I just don’t have the skills needed to pull it off.

I like my job and the people I work with. I think if I left to do something on my own they would disown me. I see how they bad mouthed a friend of mine who left a few years ago to work for herself. When she failed they ridiculed her. It was really sad.

Of course I’d like to work for myself. Take time off or work when I wanted. I think I’d be way better than my boss. Honestly, I just wouldn’t even know how to really do it.

Can you relate?

Most Americans Want to Start Their Own Business

The thought of working for yourself and wanting to own your own business is a desire of most Americans. Yet upon reflection the “risk, how will this hurt my brain mechanism” pops up in your mind and you dismiss the notion of ever even trying to start your own business.

Why is that?

According to a CNN/Gallup Poll if given a choice of starting their own business or working for someone else, 57% of Americans would opt for the former, while 40% would choose to work for someone else. Among people who are actually employed, the margin in favor of being their own boss is even greater — 61% to 38%.


When the poll is further broken down by age the results are staggering.

by age

Yet I don’t know of one person who doesn’t want more money because it provides them:

  • More choices
  • More security
  • More certainty
  • More ways to help others

By far the two broad categories that people fall into to create income as the poll was taken is:

  • Work for someone else
  • Start your own business

Most people opt for the first option and work for someone else even though they would rather start  their own business. In fact about 95% that work in the US work for someone else. The other 5% work for them self in their own business. Here’s how that shakes out.

  • 19 out of 20 work for someone else
  • 1 out of 20 work for themself
  • Here’s what that looks like: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X S

Why People Would Rather Work for Someone Else

Because 95% work for someone else it sets a “cultural” standard that is hard to break free from. Your parents probably worked for someone else and taught you to “get a good education” and “get a good JOB” and then after 40 years you’ll have a pension. That’s part of this norm.

Colleges, universities and vocational schools teach this also. They have to if you think about it. If people went to work for them self instead of going to college and get a job, the colleges would lose income. Did you know that most business classes are taught by professors who have never ran their own business? Most of their business knowledge they got out of book or researching how an entrepreneur did it.

As I think back on the professors I had in college, they really didn’t teach me anything that I really needed to know to run the several businesses I’ve owned. They never taught me courage. They never taught me how to persevere in the face of trials and adversity. They never taught me how to have a big dream and vision and to go for it. All the book learning I’ve rarely used.

Is Being an Employee Just Voluntary Servitude?

The truth is to really gain financial and time choices you have to work for yourself for one reason;

Gain control.

If you voluntarily submit to being controlled by a boss in exchange for a guaranteed amount of pay you’ll never truly be free.

In fact in corporate America today it pays to learn corporate politics instead of being skillful. The politics keep the boss happy. Have you ever experienced a fellow coworker who was an expert at brown nosing because they really sucked at their job?

If you’re looking for more financial choices there is really only a few ways to do it.

If you’re looking for more “money” in the job world you’ll only be able to do that in a few ways:

  • You have to earn more per hour,
  • You have to work more hours (or get second and third jobs),
  • You have to leave your employment and go to another job to get a pay raise.
  • (you have no control in each of these three)

In each of these you really don’t add financial and time/freedom choices. You actually reduce them because you are spending time away from the things you want to spend more time doing. While you may have more “money” you don’t have more choices.

What’s Holding Most People Back?

Most people have within their soul what it takes to start their own business. It really is unlocking that within them:

It takes an independent and courageous attitude.

It takes a different attitude to start your own business. The biggest attitude of those that break free of the voluntary servitude and start their own business can be summed up as follows:

Self worth.

A person that starts their own business usually [not always though] believes they are enough. They don’t need the kudos of others to gain a measure of self worth. They give kudos to them self and feels okay being alone. They like them self and don’t care what other people say about them. They feel good about them self. Many have great self love and compassion for others.

They are comfortable being independent. Doing it their way in spite of the spears and arrows that will be shot at them from others who are insecure. The people that throw darts don’t like anyone to threaten their way of life of being mediocre and part of the norm.

People that start their own business don’t like running with the herd and accepting the herd’s belief that it is safer being in the niche even though the herd is actually run by those leaders outside the herd.

One of the most courageous acts a person will ever do is just being who they really are. Courage to be authentic. Courage to act and not be acted upon.

I coach people who work for others and business owners and this attitude of self worth always seems to be a delineating difference. I’m not amazed anymore of the shame people carry. Once the shame is identified then the flood gates open to personal self worth and breakthroughs in peace and performance.

The great story here is that EVERYONE can learn to have self worth. It’s within every person.


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The Undeniable Spark Inside | the Surprising Twinkling of an Eye

14838747191_9e72529a91_zHave you ever experienced wanting a better life but couldn’t pull the trigger to proceed? What is that tiny little spark that exactly happens where you move from the dream to the action?



That tiny little voice that give you courage to proceed is the spark.

That little courage and action of hope is the spark.

That yearning for more and the knowledge it won’t be easy but you do it anyway is the spark.

Kids Demand Your Time? Boss Demands Your Time? Everyone Needs You? | Insider View of Fulfillment

imperfect momThe tug-o-war of priorities. Everyone is pulling for your time.

Have you ever said or thought, “When do I get time for myself?”

What’s the solution?

First of all give yourself a big pat on the back for being so good in all areas of your life that everyone wants more of you.

Moms especially deserve a big medal because without them the family would crumble, nothing of value would ever get done at work and relationships would suffer.

Let’s look at three truths and solutions.

There Are Only 24 Hours in a Day

Well duh! You already know that. What this helps you to understand is that there is only a finite amount of time to go around. But this is also a cause of the stress and anxiety you feel of being pulled in so many directions because you “think” that it all has to get done within “everyone else’s” time frame. Get rid of the watch (or at least the concept of time) because the truth is only one thing can get done at a time (although women are great multitaskers and dispel this belief on a daily basis). It’s about priorities. Read more below.

There is Only One of You

The great blessing in life is that there is only one of you! You are unique and there is no reason to think that you need to be someone other than yourself to get it all done. Every person is challenged with the tug-o-war. Those who solve it either figured out the truths on their own or they read this blog post!!!

First be authentic. According to Brene’ Brown, Phd’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection (I highly recommend you read this) to be authentic is, “To get rid of the person you think you should be and embrace who you really are.”

Create Priorities and Trust Them

This is the meat and potatoes of removing the tug-o-war. You have to understand the importance of priorities and schedule time in each area. Yes, I said the “S” word. You have to be proactive and SCHEDULE tasks and events in each area.

Below is a relationship pyramid. This is taken from the book titled, ACHIEVING THE BALANCE: YOUR IDEAL LIFE IS WAITING! by Leo Weidner and Mark Kastleman.

Please focus on the word, “Relationship.” The categories in order of importance, just like a real pyramid, are from the bottom up. The significance of each area in relation to the others are illustrated by their size on the shape.

You have to build a “relationship” with each area. They are to be built from the bottom up.

When is the last time you really spent time on yourself? I’ll bet you always forsake yourself and take care of everyone else first. Build a better you by study and service. It’s focusing on your needs and doing something that really matters to you.

When I’ve quizzed people about the six categories there has never been one person that slotted in “health” to the mix. It’s actually more important than your family (spouse, children or parents/siblings) yet they seem to get more time than you going for a run or to the gym. If you lost your health, then nothing would get done. It is so important to take care of your health.



It’s unfortunate that many people in life do not have a relationship with their Creator. This is the spiritual connection that attaches all the dots together. From personal experience and working with thousands I’ve discovered that the greatest gains in happiness, joy, peace and productivity are when people begin to build a relationship with their Creator.

The cause of much of your stress and tug-o-war is that the order of the pyramid is all out of sorts. Many business owners turn the pyramid upside down and think their business is more important than the rest of the categories. Or moms leaving self and health completely off the grid. If you’re a mom have you ever thought, “When do I ever get time for myself?”

What’s Next?

You thought I’d never ask!

What’s next is up to you. It will take some focused effort on removing yourself from the tug-o-war. Many people are simply addicted to it. When you remove yourself of the drama and other stress when others want your time, because you’ve SCHEDULED life on your terms, they will see the difference in you. You’ll begin to get everything done, on time and with outstanding results. You’ll actually get more done because you’ll replace meaningless tasks with high priority tasks.

You’ll condition others to your new way but you first have to condition yourself.

Go and do it. Climb the pyramid all the way to the top!!!!