Creatine; How to Beat the Heat

I think everyone, from a stay at home mom, weekend warrior to elite athletes can benefit from supplementing with creatine. According to my friend and one of the world’s leading sports nutritionist, Michael Colgan, Ph.D., there have been no studies ever done regarding creatine that showed a negative effect. That means using creatine works!

This is why I use creatine in the heat of the Nevada desert while I’m training and even on recovery days to enhance my recovery.


Nowadays, up to 74 percent of athletes are reportedly using creatine because of its well-researched benefits on performance. However, some athletes have concerns about using the supplement in hot or humid environments, as creatine could have a negative effect on hydration. However, new research suggests that creatine could help with thermoregulation and actually support hydration status. Here’s why:

1. Creatine Attracts Water

As an osmotically active substance, creatine attracts water. Because creatine is stored primarily in muscle tissue, supplementation often increases the amount of water muscle

The GOYA Power Protein Shake; (Get off your a$s)


Energy Boost Anyone? 💪🏻⛷

GOYA (Get Off Your A$S)
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1 Medium Avocado🥑 (100 g +/-)
60g (4 C) Arugula (frozen)
2 scoops Isagenix Vanilla IsaPro (whey protein)
1-2 tsp Cinnamon powder (rev weight loss)

Seven Keys That Changed My Life; Key #1 – Mind; Thoughts Become Things

The-7-keysA great benefit to me has been the friendship and guidance of some awesome and successful individuals. These individuals and couples have lead a humble life yet have superior health, are financially free and are giving back by paying it forward and making a difference in the lives of others.

Click here for a list of these people.

Click here for a list of those who have excelled in life using The 7-Keys

As I learned from them I discovered seven keys that helped lead them to their success. This has lead me to pay it forward and create The 7-Keys to Health and Freedom™.

Key # 1; Mind; Thoughts Become Things (The Creation of Your Being)

Key #2; Own Your Story & Authenticity (The Power of Owning Your Story)

Key #3; Eating Right (You are what you eat!)

Key #4; Exercising & Sleeping Right (The Art of Movement & Restoration)

Key #5; DNA Health (Healthy Aging & Telomere Support)

Key #6; Cleansing (Aiding the body’s immune system with Super Juice and Ionix Minerals)

Key #7; Mailbox Money (Profits are better than wages to live your dreams)


As I briefly introduce you to the keys I’ll also indicate the individual or couple that embodies the principle. This is part one of a seven part series.

Key # 1; Mind; Thoughts Become Things

(The Creation of Your Being) Dave MacArthur

The mind is a very powerful tool! Used correctly can lead anyone to have the life of their own design. The concept of mind is not a secret but it has mostly been hidden from us.  I believe to learn it well, we must seek it out and study it. Like a miner seeking gold, there is work involved to extract it. So to in the mind.  If the secret of the mind were readily available to us, just as we know we need to drink water and breath air, it would be taken for granted. Therefore, as it is partially hidden, causing us to seek the wisdom and power it offers, those that learn it and practice it well can virtually unlock any worthy desire they seek in their life.

The mind consists of two parts; the conscious and subconscious. The subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind. The subconscious mind creates your reality without you having to really even worry about it.

I liken the mind to a computer and the programmer who creates software. The programmer would be what your conscious mind/self creates. The programmer develops code that when given to the computer causes the computer to execute. The computer doesn’t care what the code was developed for, it just unconditionally executes the instructions given it from the program. Therefore if the software has a bug, i.e., garbage in, the output of the execution of the computer will be “garbage out.”

In our own mind when we create programs, i.e., the thoughts that we constantly create, those thoughts create “feelings” which are like the software, they give the subconscious mind the instruction to create and deliver the results of the program. Thoughts literally create their tangible equivalent. Mike Dooley, a noted author in this area says, “Thoughts become things.”

Let me give you an example of how this might work.



This young boy with only thoughts of fun and excitement is cursing down the hill when he encounters the brick.

That brick can be an obstacle in your life as well. Perhaps a demotion, unemployment, or even worse yet; fear. 

As soon as the boy sees the brick his conscious mind states, “I’m going to hit the brick and crash hard!”

A thought you might have when you have an obstacle such as a bad employment situation, “I hate my job and will never get ahead!”

The boy as a result of the thought creates the feelings associated with fear such as being scared and frightful.

The feelings you might have when you hate your job and think you’ll never get ahead are anger, despair or even disappointed sadness.

The boy’s subconscious mind takes the instructions based on his feelings and now must deliver the result, just like a poorly written computer program. The subconscious directs the boy’s eyes right at the brick. The boy didn’t even have to say, “Look at the brick.” The subconscious directed the eyes there.

With feelings of despair and disappointment over your employment the subconscious mind delivers the result “I’ll never get ahead.” It shuts the mind to seeing any opportunity. It makes you whine and complain to others and your boss thinks you’re not very capable. Your boss may even demote you and reduce your pay. In the worse case he would fire you thus creating the reality the subconscious mind was told to complete, “you will never get ahead.”

 As the boy’s eyes are fixated on the brick, it would be virtually impossible to miss the brick.

This negative situation is only on one side of the process; the negative side. The opposite is also true. The conscious mind can, with practice and using your will power, create positive thoughts. The boy might have thought, “Cool! A brick! I can swerve around it and with centrifugal force have a adrenaline rush!” That thought would create the feeling of excitement and with that elated feeling the subconscious mind would act by directing  the boy’s eyes to the side of the brick. The body will lean into the turn as the boy swerved to miss the brick and be laughing with a smile the entire time!

Can you think of how the positive may work in a bad employment situation?

Might you believe and think, “I love the opportunity my job offers me to grow into a better situation which will help me create wealth with ease!” You’d have uplifting feelings and have a new purpose for being at your current job. The subconscious would now deliver on the instructions of feeling uplifted by creating wealth with ease!

This very simple analogy is repeated in every person in the world every second of every day. Creating positive thoughts takes concentrated effort. It takes daily practice and study. The results of your thoughts giving awesome positive feelings to the subconscious mind would be what ever your mind could conceive! Great income, health and joy!

When I learned this principle and began to practice it daily, my life took off! Today my beliefs and thoughts are even more powerful than when I began to practice this 7 years ago.

I create an abundant reality because my thoughts always create powerful and uplifting feelings of excitement, joy and happiness!!!