The 5 Greatest Habits!

Our lives are ruled by habits. Creating awesome habits is the key to Creating a Life You Love!

Ask yourself these valuable questions

Are your habits working for you? Are you gaining what you want in life? What is your level of peace and joy? Are you stuck? What habits do you have that

How to Maintain Focus when your mind is all over the place

Is Your Mind Hyperactive?

Do you find it hard to maintain focus when your mind is hyperactive? You’re not alone. First, don’t beat yourself up. A hyperactive mind is a great attribute to have. It shows you’re very creative and you allow all the great ideas to surface.

I have that same mentality. I’ve learned to let the thoughts flow. I’ve learned how to stop them at night (most of the time) so I’m able to sleep.

In my video, I’ll teach you the number one strategy to keep you focused. I’ve tried many and this one is the bomb and works the best.

SLOW DOWN to SPEED UP Your Results

fractureHow is it possible to work less and have your business earn the most in it’s history?

You can actually slow down and reduce your stress and make more money!

Learn about slowing your life down and doing better!!!

Since my bike crash and surgery I’ve worked less but had my two biggest months in my business history. The last two months I’ve been healing (since my crash on May 7th through today) that I was reminded of a valuable lesson I’ve practiced for many years, only now during the past two months, I’ve had to be slow on steroids.

It drove me crazy at first until I accepted my fait and was open to what I might learn during this healing phase.

I like the song Easy like a Sunday morning! We all need the down time from work to focus our minds on the things that help us rest and rejuvenate.

But why do we have to wait for the weekend to do that or in my case a serious injury?

Why can’t we rest and rejuvenate every day?

Before I started my quest to participate in the Ironman triathlon in 2006 I used to be one of those people who couldn’t wait for the weekend to come. My week was full. I had a high stress job as a partner of a large local CPA firm, was raising a family and didn’t take care of my health. I ate like crap; consuming many diet sodas and eating Panda Express. I never found the time to read, exercise or ponder life. I was always in a hurry.

Can you relate?

Then all that changed. I learned how to have what I call, “Slow Time” in a fast paced life. That slow time allowed me to actually get more done and improve my health and life by leaps and bounds!

During this past two months I’ve had to be even slower than before as I was only able to focus on the very most important business tasks while I spent my energy healing.

It’s been during this past two months that I’ve created the most income ever in my business! Imagine that. God crashed me so I would learn this valuable lesson.

What are some “Slow Time” attributes?

Slow time really means slow. It starts with an attitude of going easy. You can’t be in a hurry if you want to have slow time. If you’re addicted to urgency you can’t go slow. Going slower is an anecdote to being addicted to the urgent.

It means loving yourself and not judging the quality of your life on what others expect of you which is a major cause of feeling you have to always be going fast. Many believe that going fast is what others expect of you and thus you’ll be accepted in their eyes.  It’s believing you are enough and not paying any attention to what others think about you. Some call it being “real” or “authentic.” I like Brene’ Brown’s definition of authentic as “The daily practice of letting go of who you think you should be and embracing who you really are.”

Slow doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. Slow doesn’t mean others won’t accept you. On the contrary. Slow means you focus on the absolute most important tasks at hand and do them with precision at a productive and efficient pace.

This attitude leads to many of these action attributes:

  • Reading to help you learn more about yourself. Some call it personal development. It’s reading the Bible or other spiritual works. It’s reading and re-reading passages and content and to ponder their meaning and how it applies to yourself. It’s not plowing through a book just to finish it. It’s reading and writing in the margins. It’s highlighting important passages where the meaning is perfect for your situation.
    • During my healing I’ve re-read many passages and really pondered their meaning which has made me a better person to be able to help my team member/partners overcome their challenges. As I’ve helped others, they in turn are more productive and together, we’ve produced more income. As my team member/partners earn more, so do I.
  • Reading for pleasure is slow time. Reading a great novel and not having to put it down because you have to be somewhere. It’s pure magic where you almost feel like a character in the book, with the same feelings and visions of actually being there.
    • Reading expands your mind. I’ve read a few great books during this time that taught me more about other people and in turn more about myself.
  • Listening to great audio and/or movie content of speakers who are teaching personal development and motivation.
    • I’ve re-listened to the one man, Eric Worre, who helped me the most in my quest to be a better network marketer. I gained a few nuggets that I missed the first 12 times I listened to his CD.
  • Another great way to slow down is driving under the speed limit and coasting up to red lights while others speed around you only to have you coast up behind them, never having to apply your brakes. It’s being slow inside knowing you’ll get there almost at the same time as when you used to be in a hurry.
    • This really helped me to accept myself because others would speed around me with disdain on their face; after all I was going “to damn slow.” I learned that my way was better and I strengthen my resolve to quit pleasing others. I got 13% better gas milage, saved my brakes from unneeded wear and tear and I’m convinced I get to my destination just as soon as when I was in a hurry. 
  • Going slower means to exercise at a lower intensity. It’s being able to talk as you exercise without having to catch your breath. It’s not comparing yourself at the gym with someone else and being content at your progress.
    • During my healing time I read more and more about how to better prepare to race the Ironman World Championships. I learned what led to my knee injury and subsequent surgery. I learned to exercise at a slower pace which will lead me to gaining more health, less stress and that will equate to more injury free speed. 
  • It’s going outside to just sit in the sun for no other reason other than you want to. You allow the sun’s warmth and light to make you feel better and happy to be in the slow lane while everyone else is speedily going about their day.
    • I actually learned that we all need a lot more vitamin D than what the FDA says is adequate. We actually need about 4,000 units a day. The best way to get those if from the sun. Since my crash, I go outside every day for about 30 minutes. Not only am I getting a nice tan, I’m gaining the additional vitamin D and that has lead to way better sleep. In fact, their is a correlation to how I sleep and the sun time.
  • It’s being in the present moment; not allowing your past or future to dictate how you’re supposed to feel that very moment. It’s turning off your cell phone and participating fully in what presently is going on; perhaps talking with a friend, playing with your children or just enjoying a walk at the park.
    • I learned that I have to go slow, in comparison to before when I felt I always needed to be doing something, to be in the present. My conversations and connections to people are deeper. What being in the present surprised me was the ability to turn my mind off at night from the thoughts of the future that I always used to have living in the future worrying about it. Now at night I stay in the present and go to sleep much faster.
  • Going slower is removing distractions in your life. Distractions are all created equal. What that means is that as you need to focus on important areas of your life; business, family, relationships and health, in order to accomplish them and regardless of the size of the distraction, they all take your focus off your goals.
    • During my down healing time I realized that I had to remove all my distractions so I could focus on healing, continue to prepare to race in the Ironman World Championship and still build and support others in our business.
  • Turning off mindless TV is a slower way of being. Some may actually disagree with me and feel like watching TV is slowing down. Please understand I said “mindless” TV. That’s any content that is not enhancing your ability to expand your mind and make you think. Sports for me is not mindless because I’m engaged with the team’s strategies and I love to witness the emotion of the athlete.
    • I’ve never really watched much TV but during this healing slower time I had to analyze if the TV was “mindless” and how could I actually watch the programing I desired without compromising healing and performing the most important business tasks. I utilized more DVR and also realized that some outcomes I could read a brief news clip afterward to bring me up to speed without having to actually watch the event on TV. 
  • This is a great slow time activity; having meaningful conversations with family and friends. If you’re addicted to the urgent, the only conversations you have with your family are when they are urgent or in a crisis mode.
    • Two of my sons still live at home. They have been great to help me as I was incapacitated after my crash and surgery. It was during this time that I had to rely on them instead of me thinking they had to rely on me. We had better conversations and I connected better with them; gaining a better understanding of their challenges and way of thinking. 


I hope that I’ve sparked something inside of you. I also hope you’re able to slow down and speed up your results!

Put More Life in a Day; 3 Simple Tips

13933065339_e168ac91b5_zEver say, “There’s not enough hours in a day!?”

The better question is, “How do I fit more life in a day?”

Let’s first explore some things.

As far as I know there will never be more than 24 hours in a day. You do receive one more day each leap year but I don’t think that one day will make a difference in your life. I explored this same question a few years ago and discovered these three small changes that yielded some awesome results.

Replace bad habits with good habits

Sounds simple enough. Take an inventory for 3 days of “everything” you do. This will be the most challenging thing you do. With the completed inventory place a label next to each item by the following criteria:

  • A; Very important
  • B; Worthwhile but not a necessity
  • C; Not productive or meaningful

When I did this and looked at what I was really doing I was shocked to say the least at all the B’s and C’s on the list.

The next task is to replace the C’s with new A’s and B’s.

For instant, one of my C’s was reading the newspaper first thing every morning. It would take me about an hour. I replaced it with a new A; reading quality material that would enlighten me and make me a better person and to start an exercise program. This one change yielded massive results.

Identify and eliminate all distractions

Our world comes at us from all directions and each time someone or something wants your attention. There is so much force and getting you to be someone other than yourself. In our mobile connected world you even get hit with ads and stuff every time you go into the phone. We are so distracted that even when we get a moment to focus on an important task we get interrupted.

The key to eliminating distractions is to organize and plan your day in advance. You may need family support or other items in order to successfully navigate this one.

I might offer my list of the biggest distractions we face:

  • Random TV; use the DVR and watch at an appointed time and race through the commercials. You can free up about 20 min per hour of programing. If you watched 3 hrs a day (which is a lot) you’d free up an hour doing this and could watch 3 hours of programming in about 2 hours.
  • Social Media surfing; Facebook could be called InYourFaceBook. There is a real  attachment people have to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because it allows us to connect to people and we get stroked with our greatest need; to feel we belong, every time someone “likes” a post or makes a comment. Again, schedule this activity. Be aware of how much time you’re actually using these mediums.
  • Repairs that need to be made to your home that you see everyday and ignore; these are distractions because every time to see them you pause with a thought, “I’ve got to get that fixed.” My recommendation is to make a list of all the repairs that need to be made so you remove them from your mind. Then with the time you’ve create in using these three tips you actually tackle these repairs first.


Yep, this tip will allow you to actually get more done in a day. By exercising in some form for one hour a day will substantially improve your health and create more personal energy. This new energy will give you a pop and you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to get things done. Those repairs I mentioned will be a breeze!

These will work

These three items literally made me 100% or more productive. My health rose. My relationships increased. My income tripled. While you may not get the gains I did because you’re probably starting from a better base than me, none the less, you’ll be rewarded.

Be productive!