The GOYA Power Protein Shake; (Get off your a$s)


Energy Boost Anyone? 💪🏻⛷

GOYA (Get Off Your A$S)
Family & Kid Friendly👩‍👧‍👦🙎‍♂️👶

Ingredients 🎬

1 Medium Avocado🥑 (100 g +/-)
60g (4 C) Arugula (frozen)
2 scoops Isagenix Vanilla IsaPro (whey protein)
1-2 tsp Cinnamon powder (rev weight loss)

The No. 2 FREE Hack to Increase the Human Growth Hormone to Build Lean Muscle and Lose Fat

My blog titled,  The No. 1 FREE Hack to Increase the Human Growth Hormone for Better Health, you learned that Fasting is the best way to increase your HGH. It’s better than injections.

Today let’s go over the No. 2 best way to increase the HGH and when combined, you have a powerful activator of one of the best health hormones in your body.

From Bulletproof’s blog we learn;

Resistance training develops your brain, detoxes your body, and builds your physique

As the name suggests, resistance training puts your muscles up against a force that resists movement – think weightlifting, kettlebell training, and bodyweight workouts. Resistance training is typically brief and intense, driving your muscles to generate force from ATP stores instead of relying on oxygen.

The most potent anti-aging methods in existence; the process of Autophagy

We don’t want our new cars to age. We also want a new appliance we just bought to last forever. But after a few years they both start to get beat up and need maintenance. Perhaps you need to repair them with new parts. Yet after so long new parts are not the solution and you have to get rid of them. In essence they die.

We all want our aging to slow down. Like our cars many people get new body parts; a knee or hip replacement. Some even have heart transplants. The truth is our bodies are in constant repair and maintenance mode. You can’t see it because it’s at the cellular level.

As our cells age they need to be removed and replaced. Eventually a cell gets to old to be repaired and needs to be destroyed to make way for a healthy new cell.

In a process called apoptosis, when a cell reach a certain age its programmed to “commit suicide” according to Dr. Jason Fung. As he states, “While this may sound kind of macabre at first, the process constantly renews cell populations, making it essential for good health. But when just some cellular components need to be replaced, a process called autophagy kicks in.”

What is Autophagy?

The word autophagy was created by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Christian de Duve. It’s taken from the Greek auto (“self”) and phagein (“to eat”). So the word literally means “to eat oneself.” According to Dr. Jason Fung in his book, The Complete Guide to Fasting, “Autophagy is a form of cellular cleansing; it is a regulated, orderly process of breaking down and recycling cellular components when there’s no longer enough energy to sustain them. Once all the diseased or broken-down cellular

What happens when you eat?

Seems like an easy answer. “I put food in my mouth and don’t think about it.” Let’s explore the science after you “don’t think about it” anymore.

Most of the time when you eat you ingest more food energy than you can immediately use. The excess energy needs to be stored for later use. The key to “storage for later use” or “immediate use” is insulin (and you thought insulin was something diabetics worried about).

Insulin is released into the blood stream when you eat carbohydrates and protein and to a very small amount when you eat fat. Insulin is a pathway key that does one of two things and in this order, 1) it turns on the storage of the excess as fat and 2) it keeps the cell’s glucose (the sugar that is made primarily from carbohydrates) receptors open so the