One of the best revenue models in America today

When I practiced as a CPA I specialized working with entrepreneurs of small and highly profitable businesses. These entrepreneurs were titled, “Rugged Individualist” by Dan Sullivan, noted business coach. I was one of them. We all worked long hours, took all the risk on ourselves and could never duplicate and leverage ourselves.

In time the “rugged” wore me out and I knew it was madness to continue. No amount of money would ever make me happy if I had to slave 60+ hour weeks with limited time off.

I searched for a better model and I found it.

The revenue model of network marketing (NM) works very well! There are five main reasons it worked for me, and millions others too.

  1. It supports anyone’s skill level, from none to expert.
  2. If you want to only be a customer of the products, you can still be rewarded with wholesale pricing.
  3. If you only want to share your good results with a few friends and family members, you can earn a little bonus.
  4. If you want to share with others part-time, you might actually earn enough, over time, to replace your full-time income at a fraction of the time of full-time employment. Many in this category earn $10,000 to over a six-figure annual income.
  5. If you go after it and run it like a full-time business, you can achieve a 6 or 7-figure annual lifetime income.

I started in 2006 as a customer of a NM company and over the first four years I was in the 3rd category. That worked well for me. I earned about

The place you want to be

I could tell you the place you want to be is home or at a place you’ve dreamt about for many years. Maybe a cool vacation destination.

But those are not the places I’m talking about.

The place to be in right here in the now. Not yesterday. Not years ago in a time that was memorable for you. Certainly not tomorrow or in six months.

Of course physically everyone is here right now but their thoughts are drifting.

Think about a time in your life what was very enjoyable. You were happy and even laughing. You might have been very productive and clicking on all cylinders.

Were you there in those moments or was your mind off in the past or future?

See what I mean?

Living right here this very second is the only place you’ll want to be.

Now gets rid of the;

  • I can’t
  • I’m scared
  • I’m lonely
  • I’m unhealthy
  • I’m anxious
  • I wish it was like….

Now creates:

  • I’m doing it
  • I like what is happening
  • I’m making it real
  • I’m joyful
  • Let’s do this together
  • Hugs

Be in that place. It’s the only place to be.

The Power of One; One task, one goal, one purpose

The most productive times in my life I was only focused on doing one thing.

The times of most frustration in my life I was chasing several goals at once.

It seems to me that it’s like a laser beam. It works because it is a massive amount of power focused on a a very small area.

Remember burning leaves with a tiny plastic magnifying glass? You’d just adjust the magnifying glass up or down to narrow the size of the beam. The small the beam the more powerful it was and before long the leaf would be burning.

Of course my brother and I would sneak the beam on each other and try to burn each other.

People talk about how a women can multitask. I suppose that’s true. Why does that work for her? Well, her entire focus usually is on her family and all those tasks are toward them. Therefore, she has one focus and doing many things at once for them.

Even in biblical times this was true. Jesus taught, “The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light.” Luke 11:34 KJV

Kinda explains why the magnifying glass works. Or mom raising her family. Or you creating a life’s legacy.


Hope; Expecting a Great Life

Hope is such a great emotion! Perhaps its the greatest one. With hope a person can find joy and abundance. Yet without hope, life seems meaningless. If you or someone you know is struggling entering this new year my video message may give them back their hope. Or maybe you’d like to have more hope and understanding to really rock this year.


Please share my message with others.

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How to stay HIGHLY motivated using The Treasure Map Approach™

Treasure-mapHave you ever woke up very unmotivated about your day? Maybe you’ve even gone weeks and months lethargic and unmotivated. On the other hand, do you have people you know who seem highly motivated? What’s the best best way to naturally stay highly motivated?

When I first joined a company that was full of highly motivated people I wondered why they were so up and positive. As an Ironman triathlete and owner of my own CPA firm I felt energetic and upbeat and approached each day ready to get after it. I didn’t need all the hype of a 4 CD set of the hottest motivational speakers or book touting a 10-Step program to success. But I was now in a culture that had new people join who had been just the opposite of me and the successful leaders in my company. They had never been really motivated in their life and now for the first time they were motivated to do something special only to have that motivation fade away a week later.

That is when I began my quest to help my new associates stay motivated long after the hype was over.

The Single Biggest Key to Motivation; The Treasure Map Approach™

Treasure mapThe best way to create motivation in your life and to keep it is by having a great big and valuable purpose in life. Some refer to purpose as “your why.” Why do you get up in the morning? What excites you? Why do you have certain needs for you and your family that compel you to continue to seek after  when you have to face your fears and conquering them?

Your why is like the treasure on the treasure map. The more valuable the treasure the more motivated you’d be at finding it.

Let’s use this analogy. If I buried a box with $25,000 in your back yard and placed a map under one of the 10,000 rocks in a field next to your home as to where it was buried, you’d stay motivated turning over each of the rocks until your found the map. But if the buried treasure was only $100, you might give up looking after turning over 50 rocks.

The key to staying highly motivated is to have a great big why!

Finish line in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii on October 15, 2015

I’ve been highly motivated to conquer the finish lines in Ironman triathlons ever since I started racing at age 50 in 2007. Why? For me the lifestyle kept me healthy and fit and able to live a freedom life physically, something my dad, who died of cancer, never enjoyed. In 2015 I was invited to race in the pinnacle of all Ironman’s, The Ironman World Championship held in Kona, Hawaii. I had two major surgeries during that year and perhaps most people would have quit and said it was to much, i.e., their buried treasure was only $100. Yet for me, racing the World Championship was much more. It was freedom! I wanted the physical freedom to never be restricted in want I wanted do. For me, the World Championship was the $25,000 buried treasure. I had to stay highly motivated to train and rehabilitate from the two surgeries. I was fortunate to accomplish my goal of finishing! Found my $25,000 buried treasure too!

I have many great big whys! Spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially, I’m motivated to accomplish all of them. If you build your why, it’s much easier to stay motivated and to fight through the challenges that you’re sure to face as to work to achieve them.

What is Your Great Big Why?

What is your treasure chest? How much is buried in it? Is it so powerful that it would lead you to keep seeking after it? Is it larger than your fears?

I hope you have a great big why!