Seven Keys that Changed My Life; Key #3 – Eating Right

My before and after photo in March 2006

I grew up in a family that did not eat very well. Just like my dad, I loved my ice cream and anything dairy. I had a love affair with hard candy (I’m still a hot tamale and red hot cinnamon candy junkie). As a result I got big just like my dad. When I could no longer play basketball, up in my 30’s, I started to balloon peaking at 254 lbs in December 2005. The straw that broke the camel’s back was two events; one were the deaths of my dad and several other men who I considered heroes. They each died of cancer. Each of them were obese. Second, while living in denial, one of my former CPA firm client’s, who I hadn’t seen in years, saw me and the first thing out of his mouth was, “You are fat!”

That’s when I started to make changes.

The 7-Keys to Health and Freedom™

The seven keys that have helped me find peace, joy and happiness.

Key # 1; Mind; Thoughts Become Things (The Creation of Your Being)

Key #2; Own Your Story & Authenticity (The Power of Owning Your Story)

Key #3; Eating Right (You are what you eat!)

Key #4; Exercising & Sleeping Right (The Art of Movement & Restoration)

Key #5; DNA Health (Healthy Aging & Telomere Support)

Key #6; Cleansing (Aiding the body’s immune system with Super Juice and Ionix Minerals)

Key #7; Mailbox Money (Profits are better than wages to live your dreams)

I’ve learned so much about food that it’s scary to think about how the profit motive overrides the health affect of the production of unhealthy food.

Below are some truths you need to know.

This is a trailer to a powerful documentary.

From this documentary (I highly recommend you watch it. Go to this site to order.) I learned some truths that have set me free:

  1. Our food (if you want to even call it that) is highly processed. The American diet primarily consists of 90% processed food. During processing many of the water soluble nutrients are lost and replaced with non-natural preservatives and artificial flavor. I’ve been told that a popular spicy corn chip is made with genetically modified corn and the powder on the outside, that all of you have licked off your fingers, consist of 47 non-natural lab produced ingredients to add flavor.
  2. Most of our diet is highly acidic. On the pH scale, that starts at 0 (the most acidic, like battery acid) and goes to 14 (the most alkaline like liquid Draino) with water, if it’s pure, at perfectly neutral  at a 7, most food is around a 5 or 6. Our bodies are working toward homeostasis and the healthy pH of between 7.2 to 7.5, i.e., slightly alkaline.  It’s been proven in blood that is of this pH and oxygenated that disease and viruses can’t not live. Yet our diet is driving that pH downward. In fact if your body got to a level 4 pH you would die. Did you know that soda pop, diet or regular, has pH of less than 3? You’re drinking death.
  3. The soils that are growing our food are not healthy because of all the spraying since the end of WWII. When a farmer sprays pesticides, larvecides or hebicides on their crop that much of it is lost on the ground and seeps into the soil to kill the delicate ecosystem that is needed to break the nutrients found in the soil to be added to the plant such as iron and other minerals. I learned of a study done by UCLA in 1953 on spinach grown in southern California. It was determind that a female could receive all the iron she needed from the consumption of one bowl of spinach per week. That study was done two additional times subsequent to the original one in 1953. In the 2007 study it was determined that you’d now need to eat 51 bowls of spinach per week to receive the same iron content of one bowl in 1953. The 54 years of spraying crops has killed the top soil. Magnify this across all type of plants we eat. We simply can’t get the 60 minerals and 30 essential vitamins, amino and fatty acids we need daily from foods today.
  4. Unfortunately the Food and Drug Administration has folded to the tremendous food lobby that spends over $150 million annual to persuade Congress to turn the other cheek. Where foods, such as GMO (genetically modified organism) corn, soy, wheat and others, are allowed in the United States yet are banned in many other countries. As a result, the food that most Americans eat is simply not healthy. The proof is in the poor health of Americans. Below are the obesity by states in 2013 as reported by the Center of Disease Control:
    No state had a prevalence of obesity less than 20%.
    7 states and the District of Columbia had a prevalence of obesity between 20% and <25%.
    23 states had a prevalence of obesity between 25% and <30%.
    18 states had a prevalence of obesity between 30% and <35%.
    2 states (Mississippi and West Virginia) had a prevalence of obesity of 35% or greater.
    The South had the highest prevalence of obesity (30.2%), followed by the Midwest (30.1%), the Northeast (26.5%), and the West (24.9%)
  5. Big food companies are big business. Their role is to get you to eat their food. The food standards are so low they these companies could care less if it is really healthy or not. The fiscal by-product of poor food is sick Americans that can be shuffled off to the pharmaceutical companies to feed you a drug to only treat your symptoms.
  6. The largest use of anti-biotics produced by the pharmaceutical companies is injected in the animals we eat. What does that tell you about the food our animals are eating? In addition to anti-biotics our farmers are also injecting steroids in the animals we eat. These anti-biotics and steroids are then ingested when we eat these animals. There is a lot of evidence of the poor health effect this is having on our kids as well as the adult population.

These are only six areas that ought to concern you. There are many more that I’m leaving out because I hope these six are enough to open your eyes and seek a better alternative to what you’re currently eating.

I created a list of 13 food rules that if followed will help you in your quest to better health.

They are found by clicking this link and being directed to another blog post on this site.

I’m amazed at how great I feel because I eat great. It took some time to build habits around healthy eating. It was hard at first but over a few months that have now been over 9 years, I eat healthy and my mouth waters just thinking about having a spinach and hard boiled egg salad with apple sauce or humas as my dressing. When I smell a donut or other sugar food it literally turns my stomach. When I got healthy and my body’s pH  between 7.2 to 7.5, it only wanted food, like in my 13 food rules above. Can you ever imagine your mouth water over spinach?

My Hope For You

Be an informed consumer of food. Demand organic food from your grocer. If they refuse to sell it then go to grocers that do such as Whole Foods, Sprouts or Trader Joes. Better yet is to buy your produce from local farmer markets.

Because you are totally what you eat, eat healthy! I’ve seen so many people embrace healthy and clean eating who have miraculously transformed their health; gaining energy, losing weight and being able to sleep better.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates

The Miracle Dozen Food Eating Rules (Simple little ideas make for unbelievable results)

IMG_8136There was a terrifying time that I ate pretty much the same things day in and day out. I lived on Diet soda, Panda Express, hot dogs, PBJ sandwiches and orange juice. I’m serious. I rarely had a salad and never drank water. My wife cooked decent meals but even now as I look back, those meals weren’t really that great although it’s what most people eat; meat and potatoes.

I had ballooned in weight, hitting 254 lbs, the heaviest I’d ever been. Then I had a revelation. Below are some food rules that I followed and they will really improve your health if you follow them too. For me, when I finally got it all figured out, I was able to originally release 50 lbs in 2006.  And more when I choose to go on a ketogenic diet. Today my mouth waters at the site of vegetables. I’m a spinach-a-holic!

The Miracle Dozen Food Eating Rules

1. Eat 7-8 cups of green leafy vegetables per day. Limit your fruit to one item per day (or none) and avoid the real sugary kind like bananas.
2. Consume healthy fat such as saturated fat found in coconut oil. Avoid the transfat found (polyunsaturated) in plant-based foods.
3. Eat only grass-fed, and hormone and antibiotic free, red meat. Bacon is good and it has the best kind of fat!  Hot dogs are not good (except maybe occasionally at a baseball game!
4. Eat wild fish instead of farm fed fish.
5. Always consume a carbohydrate (fruits and vegetables) combined with a protein and healthy fat in every meal or snack. An example would be some carrot sticks (carb) with some almonds or walnuts (protein and fat). Limit the number of carbohydrates to between 50 – 100 grams per day (200 to 400 calories).
6. Avoid anything with a food label on it except Isagenix (I know I’m partial, but you get what I mean, processed food is bad for you). Shop on the perimeter of the grocery store where you’ll find the produce and meat sections. Produce and meat do not have a food label on them. You’ll be avoiding the processed food in boxes, jars, and cans.
7. Do intermittent fasting and work your way to only three meals per day and cutting out the snacks. This will begin to lower your insulin response and better control your blood sugar spikes and valleys. Eventually only eat two meals per day (usually lunch and dinner because most people are not hungry in the morning anyway). Then after you’ve achieved better health and stable blood sugar, one meal a day is the best!
8. During your period of weight loss I highly recommend no alcoholic beverages; beer, wine, the hard stuff too. Alcohol turns into pure sugar in the body once it is consumed (read #11 below) and will stop weight loss in its tracks because it spikes insulin. After you achieve your weight and fitness goal, you may then return to consumption in moderation.
9. Drink filtered water to your thirst. Be aware of your thirst, for example, don’t let your lips get dry. Carry a bottle of water with you where ever you go and drink when you are thirsty.
10. A great goal to consider would be to eat to promote a state of ketosis, where you’ve limited carbs to less than 50g per day helping your body control insulin and achieve major fat burning as it’s primary fuel source and producing ketones to feed your brain. Ketosis is the easy way to lose weight because you only eat when you are hungry and it tastes great to eat fat most of the time! (Download my complete Ketogenic Lifestyle Guide).
11. Never eat processed sugar, ever!!! It’s proven that one teaspoon of processed sugar can set your healthy fat burning back as much as three weeks!
12. Never eat anything that is white (pasta, bread and bananas) except an egg, cauliflower or an Isalean vanilla shake.

Bonus Rules (because you rock and deserve to know!)

Daily consume micronutrients, including minerals and vitamins, found in supplements.

Drink between 1 – 2 tbls of Organic Apple Cider vinegar per day.

Pace your protein consumption throughout the day.

The most predictable way to achieve results is with a Low-Carb, High-Fat Ketogenic Diet

Download The Ketogenic Lifestyle Guide™

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