What can we learn from birds that don’t have a lot of stuff?

Why do we have to have big homes and then storage barns? Some of us even rent storage units for our “extra” stuff.

We need nice storage units to put our stuff that we don’t use.

Do we need all that stuff? What is the purpose of all our stuff? Does it bring us security? Satisfaction?

Have you ever seen a bird have a big nest to store it’s stuff? Birds don’t have stuff. They don’t sow and reap either and seem to be well cared for.

Who takes care of the bird’s needs? Does that same being take care of our needs?

People who seek more and more stuff may not ever have enough stuff.

People who seek truth seem to have more than enough stuff. They also allow the being that takes care of the birds to also take care of their needs. I guess when you have truth, what stuff you have doesn’t get in the way of gaining abundance.

What I like about not have a lot of stuff is that I don’t have to worry about forgetting where I put it.