What is the pain and suffering of success?

There is a price to pay for success. Only you can define success and determine if you’re willing to pay the price for it.

If you’ve ever paid the price and succeeded then you’ll connect to the message. If you’re wanting success in your life this will give you the reality of what you’ll encounter along the way on getting there.

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by Seth Godin

Nothing ever is. Nothing is flawless, optimized and suitable for everyone.

Instead, all we can hope for is, “the best we could hope for, under the circumstances.”

But, because there are circumstances, whatever happens, is exactly what the circumstances created. Whatever is happening now is what’s going to happen now. There’s no way to change it. Perhaps we can change tomorrow, or even the next moment, but this moment—it’s exactly what it was supposed to be, precisely what the circumstances demanded.

Which, if we’re going to be truthful about it, is perfect.

In the long run, we can work to change the circumstances. We can start today, right now. We must. It’s the only way to make perfect better.

The “ONE” Secret to Earning Trust No One Talks About

Trust is one thing. Being trustworthy is another.

A liar can at times be trusted. A trustworthy man can always be trusted.

Where does being trustworthy come from?

Keeping promises. One at a time.

I’d rather make only one promise and keep it than a bunch of promises and only keep one.

One aspect that has always worked for me in building business relationships is only make one promise to someone and make sure I keep it.

You might feel like me when someone makes outlandish promises knowing they will never be able to keep them; “They won’t come through. I’ve heard that story way to many times.”

It seems to me people who are insecure about themselves make big promises in the hope you affirm them. Then when they don’t keep their promises exposes the fear they had in the first place that they were hiding their true character.

Earn trust and become trustworthy, one kept promise at a time.


The Proven Compound Effect of Small Daily Discipline

Not that every millionaire would be your role model but there is no doubt that creating the million dollars might be something that you’d strive for. Money isn’t the most important thing in life and these success factors of millionaires may surprise you and give you resolve that you might have the ability to duplicate their success.

Millionaires’ Success Factors

(1) Percentage of Millionaires indicating Factor is Important + (Very important), rank based on Very important rating)

Thomas J. Stanley Ph.D., The Millionaire Mind (Table 2-1, p. 34)