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I’ve been really seeing more and more of this today. I believe I was once an Internet addict too and as I recovered I began to be open to more truth. I see it all around me. I see friends all sitting together and all of them are locked in on their devices.

When I recovered from my several addictions in 2016 I learned one very valuable truth; our top two needs as humans are “love” and “connection.” Is there any wonder why companies are selling software to get a person more “likes” or “comments” on their Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Is there any wonder how FaceBook has numbed our brain to look at your “likes” as a way to affirm a person so

What two attributes drive food choices?

What are the driving factors behind food choices? Researchers from the University of Arizona used the social media site, Twitter, to investigate what reigns supreme for most people when it comes to deciding what to eat.

Hamburger May Be Delicious - IsolatedFor the study, 50 subjects between the ages of 18 and 30 used Twitter accounts made solely for the study and “tweeted” in real time pictures of every food and drink item they put in their mouth for three consecutive days. The subjects were also given a list of specific hashtags to use to categorize the foods they ate and to identify why they were eating it.

By using software that visually maps the relationship between foods chosen and motives for eating, the researchers were able to see that when it comes to people making food choices—as the scientific literature has showed before—cost and convenience are two of the biggest factors. Additionally, dairy and protein were among the top food categories mentioned among the participants in the study.

“This helps us understand what is driving eating behavior, and that’s important from a healthy eating program standpoint,” lead researcher Melanie Hingle said in a press release. “If I am going to develop a program to promote healthy eating to people, I want to know what motivates them to engage in their current eating behavior so I can tailor that program appropriately.”

Using Twitter to make people more aware of their food choices, and possibly help them to improve those choices, is a novel way to offer nutrition guidance (30-day Tweet What You Eat Challenge, anyone?). But this study also illustrates that cost and convenience influence why people choose certain foods. This is where Isagenix comes in with high-quality nutrition that is both affordable and convenient.

When it comes to cost, consider how easy it is to burn a hole in your wallet when buying food. Dinners out, lunch with coworkers, grocery shopping on the weekend—it all adds up pretty quick. According to the USDA, the average American spends about $669 per month on food. (For a handy flyer illustrating this, click here.) Now consider how much Isagenix costs: $462 for a 30-Day Cleansing & Fat Burning System. That’s more than $200 saved. When you consider the nutrition you get with Isagenix, there’s no way you could spend that little on food at the store and get the same nutritional support.

Making the right food choices all of the time can be challenging, and when affordability and ease of use are most important, it’s easy to make choices that are cheaper, faster, and usually nutritionally depleted. Isagenix makes it possible to have the best of all worlds—convenient, affordable, and nutrition that can’t be beat!

Reference: Hingle M, Yoon D, Fowler J et al. Collection and visualization of dietary behavior and reasons for eating using Twitter. J Med Internet Res 2013;15:e125. doi: 10.2196/jmir.2613.

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