Your Emotion Drives Your Desire

tiger-fist-pumpHave you ever seen an athlete prepare for a game? How about a professional golfer seeing the ball’s flight even before the ball is hit? Why do they do that? It’s well taught that you have to see in your mind the final outcome before you’ll exercise faith and take the first step. But what is not well taught is that you also have to “feel” the final outcome as well. The emotion is what is imprinted better on the subconscious mind to start to move you towards your desire. The more emotion you have about a vision the more desire you’ll have to achieve it. Emotion can be practiced well ahead of time.

Emotional Preparation

Follow as I show you some ways I elicit emotion in my daily activities and in my vision daily exercise.

I review a serious of photos twice each day to imprint the emotion and vision I have of my desires.

Some almost freaky occurances in leaning how the human mind works and how it can benefit you in your life

There are so many things about the Ironman Triathlon that have taught me many life lessons. However the one that is most meaningful for me at this time may also help you.

During my first 9 Ironman triathlons while out on the run course, well after most of the athletes had already finished and gone home, I would catch myself saying, “I’m just slow and probably will always be a back of the pack age-grouper.” Self fulfilled prophecy. That’s where I always found myself and saying the same thing race after race. I was giving myself permission to be slow.

Then something special happened.

I made a choice to believe that I could finish 1st or 2nd in my age group and qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii come October 2015. I did that in March 2013. I’m grateful for Dave MacArthur for reminding me that I first had to believe it in my mind before I could achieve it.

After Dave reminded me of that truth I prepared this photo of me finishing 1st at Ironman Arizona this November with a personal best time of 10 hours 21 minutes.


As a result of that choice I made to believe I was a champion some amazing things have happened to me that will blow you away!

Training Peaks Software Revelation

I use Training Peaks software to upload all my workouts and keep track of my training plan. I had used this software for about nine months prior to March 2013 when I made the choice to believe I was an age group champion. Inside that software are some amazing tools that I never took the time to learn. The exact day I prepared the above photo and posted it on my vision board I entered the Training Peaks software just like I had done over 200 times before. Only that day I noticed a link to a webinar posted on YouTube on January 12, 2012 called “Targeted TSS For Ironman Training.” I decided to look at it. I was blown away by what I learned about how the software rates each workout with a TSS (training stress score) score and it graphs it over time. The CTL (cumulative training load) score is a very good predictor of your finish time in the Ironman. As the webinar proceeded to the point below (see photo below) (at the 33:20 mark) it showed the predictor chart and I stopped the webinar and went into the software to see what my CTL was prior to racing Ironman Arizona in November 2012. It was 56. Notice in green below what a score of 50 and 60 predicts the Ironman time to be; 15:14 or 14:03, respectfully. Through extrapolation a 56 score predicts a finish time of 14:32, one second from what my actual time was in Ironman Arizona. That was freaky to me!!


After seeing that my interest was peaked. I went back into the webinar and scrolled down the list and noticed that a time of 10:21 minutes was listed, that’s the time on the vision board I had just prepared. Again, way freaky! I almost started to cry. I needed a CTL score of 12o in order to do that. Now I knew how much harder I needed to train in order to accomplish my goal. I would have to train about 214% harder from a 56 to a 120.


GoPro Hero 3 Camera

Just a few days after that I went shopping in REI and was only looking to buy some new training clothes. Right smack dab in the middle of the isle was a GoPro camera display with an awesome sale going on. I stopped to take a look and noticed as part of the sale the camera came with an underwater case. I purchased the camera and began to film my swimming underwater.

I was shocked to see how bad my swim stroke was. At 47 frames per second I could see that I was actually stopping during one phase of my swim stroke. Now I could begin to make changes.

I injured myself running about April last year. I could not run for about 6 weeks. After I could begin running again I took the GoPro out and filmed my run gait. I had a glaring problem that actually most people have. I was landing my lead foot in front of my center of gravity, essentially putting the brakes on and sending a jarring pounding up through my leg into my hip and lower back. I could see that I would have to solve that in order to run faster and injury free. As a result of that I found Chi Running. It is a better run method that is more efficient and less taxing to the body.


Ironman Lake Tahoe

I raced Ironman Lake Tahoe in September last year after I had made the choice to believe I could qualify to race Kona. This was an Ironman of many breakthroughs yet my slowest time ever. I finish only 26 minutes before midnight, the cut off time. It was during this Ironman that I felt I could win. Even though I was so far behind my thoughts were positive all day. I had my best swim ever by about 3 minutes. The bike leg was my slowest ever. I had a malfunctioning power meter and I had to go by heart rate and perceived effort. I knew it was slow because of all the climbing, something I’ve never really trained hard for. It was on the marathon that I had my break through moment that will carry me to Kona.

I was able to run the first 7 miles before my energy level dropped and I had to start walking. At about mile 19, in the pitch black of night, very cold and lonely, I realized that I had to start running again to insure I finished before the midnight cut off. In all my prior 9 Ironman races after I began to walk it was impossible to start running again. This night was different. I had to dig deep and find the heart of a fearless warrior and start running again. I had a major headache and my foot was really very painful but I focused only on the finish and began to run. I actually ran for 2.5 miles and then I could see that I could finish. That 2.5 miles taught me more about myself than I had ever learned about me before. The power of the mind is endless!


I hired a great coach, Steven Bentley, from Canada. He is awesome. He believes in me and has been very helpful in pushing the best out of me. As of today my CTL is 67.8. That’s higher than it’s ever been in my career and I have 54 days left of training.

As I train for Ironman Texas I’m sore almost all the time. During my training routines I do not focus on the pain, something I always did before, but only the finish line in Kona! I accept the pain as part of the price I have to pay to be successful. I’m progressing really well. I predict my CTL score will be about 90-100 before the race on May 17, 2014. Then as I prepare for Ironman Boulder Colorado in August and then Ironman Arizona in November, I’ll move that score up to the 120 and God willing will have a finish time of 10:21 earning me a Kona slot.

What You Can Take Away from My Experience

  1. You first have to see the result in your mind and believe it before you can achieve any thing worthwhile in your life.
  2. Allow the possibilities to unfold before you and be open to exploring new things. You’ll attract what you need into your life to accomplish what your mind sees.
  3. You’ll have to work at it your goal. You’ll experience pain but you’ll not focus on it because your mind is at your finish line.
  4. You’ll learn more about yourself due to the pain than you could ever learn without. You’ll learn how much human spirit you have.

How will you change in 2014? Five ways to make 2014 a break through year.

FB-Pic-TempletA New Year is a Great Time to Start a New Beginning

Seeing a new year come upon you many start to think about a new direction in their life. The end of a year provides an opportunity to reflectively review and decide if a course correction is in order. Here are 5 ways to view this important time in your life.

1. Realize your past has nothing to do with your future

Many people get stuck in life, not moving forward because they have really lost hope that it can ever be better. That is a false view of life. With hope comes faith. Anyone can begin to live the life of their dreams but it has to start with the dream; an attitude of believing that you can accomplish anything in life.

2. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

I included Neil Armstrong’s famous line as he placed his foot on the moon before any other man. It’s important that change first starts with belief, hope and faith. Those are really important attributes of change and are a fundamental of living your dream life. Will you all of a sudden be transformed into a dream machine on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific? No. But it does mean that you’re on that beach in your mind and then today start to move toward it with one small step. Perhaps you need extra cash flow. You can begin to explore a new and better way to increase it. That is movement forward. This way of thinking; faithful and with hope, is one giant leap for you.

3. Accept all offerings

Have you ever been disappointed out an outcome that you received? If so, then you were “expecting” a different outcome. Expectation is the enemy! What if you just acted in faith toward your goal as you worked in daily small steps to achieve it and were just “hopeful” that you’d receive your dream want? With being grateful for “any” outcome, i.e. offering, you’d never be disappointed. You’d be happy at what ever the offering was. Gratitude begets more gratitude. Disappointment begets more disappointment. Happiness is a state where you accept that with which you have no control. This shift in your thinking will yield monumental results.

 ” Expectation is the enemy! “

4. Improve your well-being, improve every aspect of your life

A good place to start to make changes in your life is with your well-being. Well-being is the connection between body-mind-spirit. As you make “choices” to eat better, exercise better and sleep better you’ll almost immediately be rewarded with feeling better and less worrisome thoughts. That’s a clue friend! When your health changes because you believed it would, you’ll start to see your thoughts change. You’ll conquer the thoughts created because you have low energy or you have pain. You’ll begin to “feel” better about yourself and that will improve your confidence and help you overcome deep insecurity about how you view how others may be looking at you. Physical health is a key to making lifelong lasting change because you’ll learn about “how to change” other aspects of your life too.

5. Create a vision board

A vision board is nothing more than words or pictures that depict the life you want. Review it everyday and keep those images in your mind’s eye. But the process of creating the vision board is as important as the board itself. The process is a mini-life unfolding. You 1) think about your ideal life and 2) create it on the board. The board itself started in your head. You exercised faith that if you looked in a certain magazine or did a Google search you’d find the photo that equated to your dream that you wanted to paste on the board. That is precisely how to create an ideal life. You see what you want and begin a series of actions to take you there.

Get your AWESOME 2014 started NOW! I know you can do it! Let me know if I can help you in any way!