Get Over Feeling Stupid for Asking for What You Want

Have you ever felt stupid because you had to ask for help? Surprisingly, a lot of people feel this way and as a result, won’t ask for the things they want and even need. I felt this way for most of my life actually.

I’m not talking about asking for directions or how much the chicken sandwich combo costs. I’m talking about the big questions in life. Questions about how to improve your skills. Questions about how to make an impact on others. Or questions about how to overcome a major roadblock in your life.

Many married couples who struggle won’t even go to a counselor for help. They’ll try and solve it on their own and end up making the marriage worse.

I hope my offering of four solutions will help you overcome feeling like a chicken to ask and you’ll start to ask boldly for everything you need and want!

Episode 023: Your WANT and TRY is the GARBAGE of Your Amazing Subconscious Mind

artwork-templetEver TRY to stand up from a chair? Do the act of “try” and you’ll never stand up. Every want something and never got it but kept saying you wanted it? Congratulations, you got your wish! You wished that you “wanted” it and that is what you got; the “want” of it instead of actually getting it.

Highlights of today’s show:

  • To TRY and WANT will confuse your subconscious mind
  • Your powerful subconscious mind will always move you toward what it believes is it’s state.
  • It’s uncomfortable to change and that’s a good thing!

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