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It’s as Easy as A B C 1 2 3

Attitude • Belief • Commitment

A – Attitude

Your attitude is everything in this journey. Your journey will not always be easy. You will face discouragement. You’ll face your fears. The good news is that all these challenges are normal and it will be worth every minute you devote to a positive end result of service to others. Every person who has achieved success as a network marketing professional has had to overcome these challenges. Here are the most important attitudes to develop:

Let’s start with the Four C Process (they have to be followed in the following order)

  • Commitment; Simply put this is saying “It’s not over UNTIL I win!” This means that you will not stop until you’ve achieved your goals. To be the 1 in 20 that succeed as a professional network marketer, commitment is by far the most important attitude.
  • Courage; Facing your fears and dealing with the idiots who either have failed or don’t want to see you succeed, because your success will make them feel like a loser, can be a challenge. The fear of rejection is another huge hurdle for most network marketing professionals. As you exercise courage, you keep adding and accumulating courage credits that you’ll use yourself or you’ll lend to others you’re helping. By focusing on spreading joy and helping others be able to transform their life will alleviate much of your fear and create a passion to serve.
  • Confidence; you’ll only gain confidence AFTER you exercise commitment and courage. So many people have a false belief that they will not be able to do the important tasks until after they gain confidence. We hear this a lot with the task of reaching out to people, the lifeblood of you creating income. Honestly, confidence is only gained after you exercise commitment and courage and never before. I’ll share an example below that you’ll relate to.
  • Capability; This is gained only after achieving the level reached. Again, this can only be gained by exercising commitment and courage.

Example; Gaining the first rank of consultant (You share with two): It will take commitment to stay with it UNTIL after you achieve this first rank. You’ll have to have the courage to contact enough people to find two that will say yes. Your sponsor or other team members will be with you as you do this. You may have to contact 15 people (or more) to find your two. If you’re committed you won’t stop after the first 13 noes. If you did, you would never receive the last two yeses. This takes courage. Then after you achieve the rank of a consultant, you earn confidence and courage up to this level. Now you can help your two find two because you have this rank in the bag! After you help them find two, you are now a manager (You share, They share)! Again, to help your two find two took commitment and courage. Then you gain the manager rank of confidence and capability!

B – Belief

Create a 100% belief in the following areas;

  • Your self and how you see yourself
  • The profession of network marketing
  • Isagenix company, Compensation plan
  • Our founders; Jim & Kathy Coover and John Anderson
  • Our products
  • Isagenix leadership team

Building belief is a process. It takes using the Four C process. This will last until the day you die. Belief is not tangible and needs constant care and feeding.

Learn what the story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf have to do with belief.


Building Belief with Lynn Hagedorn!

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 C – Commitment

Commitment is the most important of the Four Cs. No one ever succeeds in anything in life without commitment. Most successful Isagenix leaders had no prior network marketing experience prior to joining. They, like you, had to learn. They, like you, had their ups and downs and know they will continue to have them. They, like you, have experienced discouragement. What keeps leaders going is commitment. “I will not quit UNTIL I succeed!

1 – Use the product & go through the leadership training

There is a saying in Isagenix called, “Be a product of the product!” Use all the products. Stay on autoship. Go through leadership training (Healthy Mind & Body, University in Action, Isagenix University and our own team training offerings). You’ll want to do this for several reasons:

  • It will improve your health
  • It will grow your ability to influence others
  • It’s easier and less time consuming than the start – stop – start – stop – start method (better to drive on the Interstate than through town with stop lights. It’s faster and you get better gas mileage.)
  • It’s duplicable and your team and the world needs you to be an example
  • It’s an important part of your story you’ll share with prospects to help them build enough confidence to choose to use Isagenix

2 – Talk to Lots of People

Everyone in the world needs Isagenix. Isagenix probably has a solution for every person in the world. Talking to as many people as you can about how you can help them solve problems in their life related to health, abundance, and peace or being around positive people is a must. Create a list of at least 100 people to talk to (see the Get Started page below). Have your sponsor or another team member show you how. See the resource page for added help.

3 – Use the Tools

Isagenix has created tools for you to use to help recruit people and teach your new associates to become distributors. You’ll be reading the Go Pro;  7 Skills of Becoming a Professional Network Marketer from Eric Worre. You’ll learn that to create duplication that you’ll only personally share two things and two things only with your prospects; your story and your enthusiasm. You’ll let the tools do the rest.