The Silent Killer is Rarely Identified

There are many great human development leaders, coaches and mentors to choose from today. Many have huge followings and believe that indecision, doubt and fear are the “causes” and “source” of most poor results.  I believe these are symptoms of a greater problem that plagues our society.  I believe the reason why a very large percentage of people never have meaningful results using “strategies” to overcome indecision, doubt and fear in their life is because they never remove their root cause; shame. Until shame is removed it will constantly be an obstacle while you move toward your hopes, dreams and connections.

If you survey those who attend self development seminars I think you’d find that only a very small percentage have noticeable results attempting to use what they learned. In fact, it was discovered that 90% never even open the self development material. Why? Because all the strategies and techniques to overcome indecision, doubt and fear do not fully address their cause. Until the cause is identified and their source removed, gaining any noticeable results using these strategies will only be seen in a very few.

Our society is controlled using shame. This plague has been used to hamper mankind since Adam and Eve and the bible describes it’s use when God was trying to find Adam after he hid himself. God asked Adam, “Where art thou?” (Gen 3:9). And Adam answered, “I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.” (Gen 3:10). Shame is the reason Adam hid because Satan shamed Adam about his nakedness in such a way that Adam was afraid to face his loving Father. Shame today causes people to “hide” their true self because they too are afraid to be seen.

It is so prevalent in our culture that it has become accepted behavior. Parents use it as a way to raise their children to teach them “what” to think instead of “how” to think.  Shame is actually harmful to the full potential of a child just as it was to Adam and every other person who goes through life unfulfilled and dreamless. It’s the reason why everyday you are bombarded with messages doing everything possible to get you to act the way someone believes you’re supposed to act and not embrace who you really are. Yet, if you really think about it, “accepted behavior” is not getting us as a people anywhere. I’ve seen a substantial decay in the fabric of our society since I was a boy. Shame is generational and has tainted almost everyone with it’s destructive force.

When I discovered the effects of shame in my own life, my life substantially changed. My peace and happiness increased exponentially. For the first time in my life I began to “unconditionally” love myself. My ability to create deep relationships with others dramatically improved. My ability to serve and lead others greatly expanded. Many of what the human development leaders had taught before my discovery that really weren’t producing substantial results before are now yielding me awesome results. My income is steadily improving and health is being restored. Life is actually easier and I’m not having to expend as much energy because I now know who I really am and not using energy to pretend to be who I thought others wanted me to be.

I hope you enjoy learning and have an awakening and you’re able to improve the quality of your life and the life of your family and organizations you are associated with by understanding this plague and how it might be effecting you.

With love and compassion,

Michael Lantz

Part One: Identify and Give Background to Shame (50:07 length)

Part Two: Methods to Overcome the Effects of Shame (27:37 length)