Maybe you’ve seen all the hype about how unemployment is going down but you still see many that don’t have jobs and the jobs they might have are barely earning them enough to survive.

Here is the real truth

There are many Americans not in the labor force (37% or about 95 million people). Many of them simply quit looking for employment. However bleak this may sound it presents an opportunity to excel working from home.

Why has the economy not produced more work?

That’s probably the best question you could ask because in that answer lies the opportunity to the wise to earn a great income from home.

Spear fishingThe simple answer is high unemployment is caused by massive productivity gains. Let’s see how increased productivity creates unemployment and produces the opportunity for you to excel in a home based business.

On an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are 10 families. Each day the heads of those families go out and fish for their day’s food. Each head catches enough fish to feed their families.

One day two missionaries arrive on the island and bring with them a fishing net. The heads of the families have never seen a fishing net before. The missionaries teach the heads of two families how to use the net to catch fish. The missionaries then leave.

The next day two family heads decide to use their canoe and together go fishing with the net. One controls the canoe and the other one casts the net. To their amazement in half the time, they catch enough fish for all 10 families. That is an increase in productivity of 500%! Before those two only caught 2 shares of fish and now they catch 10 shares of fish in half the time (10 divided by 2 = 5).

That means that 8 of the heads of these families no longer need to fish and are unemployed. The unemployment rate just increased to 80%. (8 of the 10 workers on the island). However, undaunted, these 8 family heads are now freed up to pursue other ways to produce. One family head is the best hut builder. He now builds the other nine families beautiful and sturdy huts.  One of the heads is a healer, being taught the ancient craft from his grandfather. He begins to treat and heal the sick island residences. One of the heads is a master gardener. He plants a big garden and now the other families have fresh fruits and vegetables. One of the eight is a clothes maker. He makes the women of the island beautiful island dresses.

In the beginning, there was 80% unemployment. In the end, the actual gross production on the island has quadrupled with new huts, clothes, additional food and better health. In our own economy, without question, every time there are massive gains in productivity there is high unemployment. Then following the unemployment, like on the island example,  an explosion of production follows.

ecommerce2There have been massive increases in productivity in our American and Global workforce in the last decade. With that increase comes unemployment. The main reasons, although there are several, have to do with products and services being directly delivered to the consumer, skipping the middleman. This happens primarily due to technology. Companies can advertise and accept orders right from your phone or computer. That eliminates workers who once took orders. It eliminates privately owned middleman shops that used to buy from the company at wholesale and selling at retail. It also eliminates all the people that used to work for these middlemen.  It further eliminates all the vendors who used to service the middleman small businesses like accountants, maintenance, service, printing, and others.

The opportunity of capitalizing on this situation

Many of these big companies that are skipping the middleman are also skipping traditional expensive advertising and marketing and using a better way to get in front of their customers. They do it by word-of-mouth advertising, the best way to gain a customer. Think about how you gain information about a product or service. It’s probably from someone you know and trust. If you need a good auto mechanic, you ask your friends. If you find a great deal at a store you call up your friends and share the news. If you need a recipe you go to a trusted person on Pinterest, using your smartphone, and download a great chicken dinner idea in less than a minute.

Word-of-mouth advertising is something you do and uses probably several times a month. But have you ever been paid to share a great deal with someone on a product you love? Probably not.

What if you shifted your thinking a tiny bit and could get paid for the referral? That would earn you some extra money. But here is how you really make this work to your benefit (your children’s benefit too). After you share your good results by using a product with your neighbor she orders it for herself. She also loves the product! She has her own circle of friends and she tells them. Now she gets paid too, like you did, for sharing it with others.

But so do you on her referrals!

That’s right, as your neighbor, who you shared it with, shares and gets paid, you get paid again. Now, let’s amp it up just a notch. Each time the big company sends them more product, you get paid again and again and again. That’s how time freedom works. Share it once with your neighbor, teach her how to share and she also transfers the process to others, you’re paid over and over on the one share. What if you duplicated that to another neighbor? Or family and friends? Or a stranger you met at the gym or on an airplane?

Change your thinking and be a home based business entrepreneur in the evolved economy

There is nothing at all wrong with working a job. It’s honest labor. You can learn a lot and meet new people and it pays the bills. However, let’s also be real. It will never pay for you to be home with your kids on the terms you’d like or it will never pay for your big dreams.  Moms all over are learning this and at least willing to check how just using and sharing a product with others can earn them extra money. In fact, 74% of the home based business entrepreneurs are women.

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