Meet Alvie

A former professional baseball player™ Alvie fell into an unhealthy lifestyle after retirement and knew he had to get his life together. Years of feeling dissatisfied with his life, combined with partying, caused his weight to skyrocket to over 300 pounds, culminating in a health scare that resulted in surgery but ended up being a wake-up call for Alvie.

“When I woke up from surgery, I decided then and there that I was going to finally make the changes I desperately wanted to for so long,” he says.

“I visualized my name on that wall and how much of an honor it would be, and it literally gave me the chills.”

Meet Kristy

Dr. Kristy, DC, is a practicing chiropractor who fell behind on her own health taking care of her family and patients.

Meet Evelyn

Evelyn is a legal secretary who’s health had really deteriorated and weight has climbed to over 400 lbs. She has been able to release over 233 lbs on her journey.

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