FB-Pic-TempletA lot of people are marketing on social media and are struggling to make their MLM business work.  I’ve explored many MLM companies and thankfully I found the one that made me a top earner and I wanted to share with you what helped me make my decision.

WHAT OTHER NETWORKER MARKETING ASSOCIATES  SAY MOST OF THE TIME (if you do one or more of these things as you market then you definitely need to read this blog)

1. “Mike, this is the greatest thing ever. This company has developed a product that will revolutionize the _______ field and it has the BEST pay plan ever!!!”

2. “This one’s different and you should check it out!”

3. “The pay plan is killer, if you sign up someone for $30 you make $200!!” RED FLAG

4. (This is my favorite) — “If you sign up for FREE you’ll have thousands of people placed under you and it’s FREE!!!”

5. “We are in pre-launch and the company will soon come out in full force. You’ll want to be in at the top.”

This is WHAT SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS DO to understand the opportunity

Successful entrepreneurs look for a few key things and ask themselves the right questions that allows them to develop successful businesses.

  • Is it the right time?
  • Has it been done before?
  • Is there a demand?
  • What competitive advantage do I have?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • Who are the principals?
  • Do they have a unique product/service that meets a demand?
  • How long will the demand last?
  • How will I be supported in growing my personal development and professional skills needed to succeed?

Let’s address #1 and #2. I’ve talked to so many people that are in the latest and greatest company with only a limited product offering that claims to be the greatest product ever developed. All of those products are probably excellent but one product can’t solve issues and many  companies swear they can. Did you know that about 90% of all start up MLM’s die in their first twelve months?

Has the World’s Greatest Product been developed before? of course in someone’s opinion! Is it the right time? Most people might argue no especially if they have a limited product offering with no diversification. They are ripe to have a better product developed and steal their market overnight. Look what happened with the simple music CD. It died overnight with MP3 players.  Is there competition? There are many companies in each industry category working to capture market share. It will pay to understand the market you are most interested in. Is there a competitive advantage? It has to be BIG to distinguish itself from all of the rest. This is why some MLM’s in some categories are extremely hard for people to build. All network marketing companies can be built if you work hard, but sometimes it’s better to work smart, not hard. How long have they been doing business and have they passed the $25o million test? There are only 4 MLM’s in the history of the 10,000+ companies that have ever been created that continued to grow past $250 million in sales in their domestic market. If a company passes that test then 1) it is the right time,  and 2) they have proven they have a competitive advantage regardless if there are many competitors.

What about #3?

If a company is paying out more than it takes in it can seem like a great thing, IF you think about immediate gains only. Network marketing is NOT about quick gains, it’s about cash flow. Don’t you want to build a long-term relationship with your team so you never go broke? There are almost 2,000 companies that start annually and only a small percentage survive the first year.

Many of these companies seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread, but in reality in a few years they will be shut down because they paid out to much and didn’t have the capital to see them through the building phase.

What do you care? — Your team will be disappointed at you for bringing them into a bad company, and you just lost your residual income. That’s spells: BUMMER! Plus, if you find another company and want to stay in the profession, the odds of being able to go back to those you disappointed and enrolling them in your new company will be small.

How about #4:

NOTHING for free will make you rich. A lot of these companies trick you into thinking if you sign up for free you’ll be a millionaire, that’s just not the case. Every business has a start up fee, whether it’s franchising, small business or network marketing.

A lot of times they allow you to sign up for free and then hit you with a many different fees later after you’ve built a nice downline.  Sometimes it’s thousands of dollars or you lose your downline. I’ve seen associates in other companies have to purchase $3,000 of unwanted product (inventory) to earn a $4,000 bonus. They end up with $20,000 of inventory in their garage and the price of keeping it will be more than the reward of buying it.

The final problem with #5:

If you believe the pre-launch hype you are being taken advantage of like so many other “get rich quick” schemes. Why would a company want you to work hard enrolling people on a “promise?” As a former CPA who consulted with many businesses, risk and reward are the reasons for all decisions made. Pre-launch MLMs don’t want to take the risk of losing their capital if it doesn’t meet their investors demands and have no problem shifting ALL the risk to you. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You have a lot to lose. You lose time that you could have been building  a legitimate downline and you risk losing credibility with those you enrolled if the company never launches. What happens when it fails the $250 million test and you can’t recruit anybody else because the market is saturated. They will want you to go build internationally in another pre-launch situation all over again. Pre-launch people are posers to our profession. They are recruited with false hopes and expectations. Promises don’t pay your car payment. Only earnings do.


The reason is because most people don’t think like entrepreneurs. If you’re currently in a company, ask yourself the nine entrepreneurial questions to understand why it may be harder for you to build than the people that got in at the beginning.

Ask yourself these questions and seek answers and make sure you have a strong plan to build a profitable organization. Find a company that works for you and understand your plan of attack!

To your success!


If you’re looking for a solid company that will answer all of your questions with facts and not sales hype, that has a

  • solid product reputation based on millions of success stories,
  • has perfect timing,
  • has a culture and compensation plan that promotes your personal development and teaching you the skills to become a professional network marketer, and
  • passes the $250 million test, please contact me and I’ll be happy to share my knowledge with you.

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