FB-Pic-TempletThere is such a powerful force in the universe that seems to constantly drip negative and pessimistic views and one of them is for Isagenix associates to believe they must have a superior product experience before they can share the opportunity with others. If you have that belief this article may help you overcome it and be more proficient at building your Isagenix downline.

Lets set up some psychological truths.

  • Your thoughts become things
  • Your thoughts flow from your beliefs
  • You can change your beliefs

Your thoughts become things

This truth is profoundly simple. Your thoughts literally are physically manifested in your life. They control your destiny in life. Your creator gave you two great gifts; eternal life and free choice which is your right and privilege to think and act any way you want. What you don’t control is the consequences of those thoughts. Your creator did not and will not fill in the blanks for you, i.e., it’s up to you to use the second gift of thought to create the life you want.

Look at a simple analogy of the a farm field. Picture in your mind a beautiful piece of land with rich black nutrient dense soil. Then answer this question, “Does the soil care what seed is planted?” The answer is no and that soil will grow any seed that is planted. You could plant a perfect corn seed and the soil would grow a tall healthy stalk of corn with thick green leafs and ears of corn with full perfect kernels.

The soil will also grow a seed from a noxious weed. I hope you get my point.

The field is our life that the creator prepared for you to plant any seed you wanted. You can plant, through your thoughts, a great abundant life and your creator will grow it because your creator doesn’t care what you plant. Or you can plant, through your thoughts, a life of misery, struggle or heartache and because the creator is worthy, is compelled to give you what you think and unconsciously want.

Your thoughts flow from your beliefs

The quality of your thoughts flow from your beliefs. If you believe that you’re not able to conquer your fears, your thoughts will flow supporting that notion; “I’m not good enough”, or “That would be way to hard for me.” Constantly and at least daily if you exam the beliefs you have you’ll recognize the source of your thoughts and hopefully make positive changes in your beliefs.

You can change your beliefs

The second greatest gift next to eternal life is your free will or some call it free agency and the right to create any thought. With that gift you can change your beliefs in the blink of an eye and with that new, productive and abundant thought will flow. So if you had the belief that “you’re not able to conquer your fear” and you changed it to “I love challenges because of how much they make me grow into the person I deserve to be” you can see what thoughts might flow. If you used to say, “That would be way hard for me” you would have received this result, you’d never change and yes it would be to hard for you. You would never grow past your current level because “thoughts become things.” Yet with the new belief this thought would flow, “I love a hard challenge and I will take part and succeed!” That thought would also become its equivalent thing! You wouldn’t care if it was hard because you would take part and conquer yourself and achieve that which you want.

Isagenix Beliefs

Hopefully the background I’ve shared will allow you to see that the belief of, “I must have a superior product experience before I can share the opportunity with others” will yield thoughts that would actually manifest itself; you wouldn’t share with others. Some thoughts that you may have had as a result of this false belief are:

  • If I only had the results I’ve seen with others I could then have confidence to approach others,
  • They will not want to join and use the products if they see that I did not have stellar results, or
  • I expected better results and others will have a false expectation too so I don’t want to disappoint them.

Any thought like this will yield its result, i.e., because “thoughts become things“, you won’t share with others and they will never get a chance to experience the product and you’ll never move closer to time and financial freedom.

That belief is bogus. As I’ve taught, because of the 2nd great gift from our creator, you can change your belief in a blink of an eye. This belief is the truth;

Sharing the gift of Isagenix with others will set them free physically and financially.

Notice this new and truthful belief is not about you.  It’s about others. It’s about serving others.

This correct belief will flow better thought from you. You’ll have thoughts about sharing the opportunity and giving eduction and seeking understanding. You’ll begin to believe that there are no good or bad experience, just learning experiences. Your prospects will have confidence in you because you’re making the experience about them and not you.

I hope this helps. Please message me any comments or experience you are having.

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